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  2. Wondering if Microsoft will come up with a surface laptop/book with these 45w processors. Their current line up with the ULV series chips work terribly for anything professional over basic usage.
  3. And with MS dropping support for their Laptops they can definitely push this to go ahead with Linux/Android. Huawei has a lot of software and hardware experience/resources (and sufficient patents infringed) to not depend on US companies to stay afloat. But they'll face some serious business hits.
  4. A private jet produces 3 metric ton of carbon per fly. In comparison, 100 grams of plastic does nothing, it is a drop in the ocean.
  5. Huawei and most Asian OEMs have their own AOSP based ROM which is exclusive to Asia and work well without Google services. Huawei current problem is not being able to do business outside their Chinese home, where people would want Google Play services. Their only options now is to a)keep pushing thier Color OS/whatever they call it, and have users install Google Play separately (which is possible and something many do).
  6. Using MCT, it took about an hour to finish. New light theme is not very good. New option to select Light for apps and Dark for Windows itself is pretty useful. Gonna install it on a weaker machine tonight to see if the new seperated Start menu increases perf.
  7. UNESCO Heritage Sites should have military protection, esp if the taliban are destroying history they don’t agree with.
  8. seeprime

    Huawei's laptops disappear from the Microsoft Store

    I understand that, due to privately owned Huawei's strong links to the Chinese government, the US government is concerned about future firmware updates that could install backdoors, not about the lack of existing ones. It does seem a bit paranoid, and more like a Trump style negotiating tactic to squeeze more trade concessions out of China.
  9. How do they disgust you? For started, ugly woman. Aren't you just an edgelord! Well done! What is your definition of edgelord?. Saying that a woman (or an avatar in this case) is ugly is not edge unless you are a snowflake, so everything is offensive (and against you). What I see: fat arses and ugly haircuts. And the funny part is everybody could see it, including you.
  10. Leave the colors, I use it on my phone and it bugs me every time that Pc and Mobile are not properly aligned
  11. Wish they add proper notification support
  12. TrekRich

    Huawei's laptops disappear from the Microsoft Store

    This. I'm personally never touching a Huawei device after the Nexus 6P fiasco. Their customer service is absolute trash. The last android phone i had was the nexus 6. Then i went back to iPhones, what happened with the 6p? Battery drain and bootloop issues. First came the battery drain - the 6P would drain quickly and once it reached anywhere from 20-40% battery, it would just die. It was a classic case where Huawei blamed Google, and Google blamed Huawei. Then came the bootloops. It was an absolute ###### show, and a miserable consumer experience. There is a class action lawsuit where 6P owners can receive up to $400. Link: damn man, i was going to get one! glad i got an iphone instead!
  13. Market fragmentation means nothing unless you have supportability which is limited to the latest model. From someone who constantly states that the updates don't have any value to you, this should be a good thing. Update when you need it or require it, and that's fine. The support of Windows 10 versions is there and definitely workable for old versions (to a point) and you don't have to update. 1809 was not a failure.
  14. Raphaël G.

    GNU / Linux Desktops: 2Q 2019

    Still Ubuntu 19.04
  15. Where the hell did you read that law? Any company that needs to open backdoors to any government is doomed since no one in their right mind would buy these products. The law only stipulated that when required, they need to give the government's security services insight into the source code, but not to create backdoors, so stop spreading false information. Oh to be this naive.
  16. Mobius Enigma

    Apple refreshes its MacBook Pro with ninth-gen processors

    PS Someone in RL corrected me that on Youtube they go by "Linus Tech Tips"
  17. Today
  18. Mobius Enigma

    Apple refreshes its MacBook Pro with ninth-gen processors

    Throttling is simple: If you want a powerful machine, then you mustn't pick a slim notebook. Slim notebook = slow machine. It's as simple like that. True... The point here is that there are PC equivalents to the MacBook that are just as light and thin, and yet provide the proper thermal cooling design to run the newer processors faster under load. So if someone is wanting to use Photoshop or do 3D rendering - skip the Macbooks. If they MUST have a Macbook - they would save money buying a slower CPU model that can maintain 'faster' core speeds. Not only is it cheaper, but it runs faster under load. (Remember the single core performance between the i5, i7 and the i9 CPUs is not much different.)
  19. Excellent. i was waiting for that feature.
  20. The default theme as not changed. It is the exact same theme as you currently have? On a clean install, the default is white.
  21. Icon looks awful. Blue on blue?
  22. Sims 4 is good enough, except for the fact that you have to throw hundreds of more dollars at DLCs to get all the content Until Sims 5 comes out, then you have to buy the DLCs all over again! It does have some good new things; though I feel they missed a lot of opportunities where they could have improved some core aspects of the game from Sims 3 to make it more solid and have the base game have a longer market life.
  23. The default theme as not changed. It is the exact same theme as you currently have?
  24. Throttling is simple: If you want a powerful machine, then you mustn't pick a slim notebook. Slim notebook = slow machine. It's as simple like that.
  25. PGHammer

    Firefox Quantum 67.0

    Says you! Maybe you need a reality check! The most used browsers out there use the blink or the webkit rendering engines which are practically the same so most web developers no longer care about their websites working on firefox. And at a 5% market share steadily dropping, Firefox is not going to change anything!!! Plus, fiascos like the armagg-add-on earlier this month, do not help it's cause. Really could care less about market share as it means nothing to me and if developers are that lazy, then I simply won't use their site. Every site I have ever visited works perfectly fine in Firefox. That "armagg-add-on" you speak of lasted 1 whole day. Whoopee!! Don't bloat my browser up with addons anyway, so, minimal effect. And even odder yet, despite having the Chrome beta, the Edge beta, and even Edge Canary (in addition to Edge itself as my default) my go-to browser is (brace yourself) Firefox Quantum beta. (How the heck did that happen?) The why it happened is because I use my desktop for gaming and streaming - and it has a *wireless connection* currently. That means I leverage EagleGet, Flash, and IDM - while they are supported across all my browsers, they still work the best in Firefox - not Chrome or Edge.
  26. I actually make use of this bug. I pull GitHub repos to this local folder (rather than the OneDrive folder) so that way I avoid the OneDrive syncing.
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