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  2. You need to have a sit down and talk with your millions of friends then
  3. sc302

    is cleaner safe

    What kind of cleaner? Ccleaner is safe you probably don’t want to dump a gallon of bleach on the mother board.
  4. Cartoon people have four digits (3 fingers 1 thumb) so it's clearly not a cartoon /s
  5. A lot of the time, apple are not first to the market. This. Apple launches the feature years after everyone else with a new name for the technology and calls it revolutionary. How long did it take Apple to add wireless charging, iPhone 8?
  6. ISO format and straight up .VOB/.IFO files in a folder are going to take up the same space. I suggest giving the latter a try. When I backed up my collection, I avoided using ISO and left the folders with the files as they were on DVD.
  7. The front looks like a Galaxy S8 (which is a good thing btw) #galaxyS8owner
  8. devnulllore

    Monitoring VGA temps

    Is it possible to under-clock this card to see if I can get it to run cooler? It seems to only jump over 73c while playing Shroud of the Avatar even with all the graphics turned down.
  9. Latest Google Pixel 4 renders hint towards the inclusion of new sensors, no notch by Hamza Jawad Its that time of the year again when leaks and rumors regarding Google's upcoming flagships start appearing more steadily. As the month of October - when the tech giant usually launches its Pixel phones - approaches, there has already been an official Pixel 4 reveal, hands on photos of someone apparantly using the handset have appeared, and a number of renders of the phone have surfaced online as well. Now, not only have new renders for the upcoming device appeared, courtesy of iGeeksBlog and OnLeaks, but leaked images of what are reportedly screen protectors for the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL have been released by Twitter user @UniverseIce as well. Most of the observed design changes have already been reported on, including the removal of any form of a notch, and a much larger top bezel that sports a dual front-facing camera setup. However, the screen protector photos highlight something that went largely unnoticed during the appearance of renders in recent weeks - the rather large oval-shaped empty space on the front panel. Presumably, the apparent cutout could be due to the presence of facial recognition sensors, something that wasn't present in previous iterations of the device; even though this is quite likely, perhaps Google might be going for a bigger surprise this time around - unlike when the Pixel 3 was released. Aside from the aforementioned feature, there isn't anything particularly different from previously released renders. Both versions of the device are expected to feature glass backs, along with in-display fingerprint sensors on the front panel - with the apparent exclusion of a physical sensor. In any case, one can expect rumors regarding the Google Pixel 4 to continue in the coming months, until it is launched. Source: iGeeksBlog, Ice universe (Twitter)
  10. adrynalyne

    HP Envy 13 (2019) review: HP proves its design chops

    Matte is terrible for a touchscreen. Does matte work decently with a digital pens / stylus? Dunno, considering I’ve not seen matte touchscreens. I’d be concerned they would be damaged by such devices if they do exist.
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  12. devnulllore

    Monitoring VGA temps

    Looks like I spoke too soon. Ran Neverwinter and it ran fine and cool not topping 65 but when I ran Shroud of the Avatar I hit 93 on the one with the bad fan. I think it's time to upgrade.
  13. The patent was filed in 2018 but the idea could be old and was only recently found in a drawer so they decided to submit it to the patent office now. PS - The USPTO is the worst web site that you could ever hope to visit.
  14. Wait, you removed it because of this article stating that there's a security flaw that they will fix in the next release? I'm guessing the most dangerous use would be streaming media from unscrupulous websites. Not consuming local content. I'm leaving it installed. There are no known instances of the vulnerability having been exploited, The upcoming update will fix it. I don't see the need to react and remove it, unless like warwagon, one uses another player already.
  15. Microsoft BOB™ 10

    Lenovo ThinkBook 13s unboxing and first impressions

    Photos of the touchpad and keyboard would be nice for those who don't want to watch the full 19 minute video.
  16. They do not have 250m at their disposal, they are spending the cash as fast as it comes in. Not surprising given the size of the studio. In 2017, they ended the year with 14m cash, which when you look at their outgoings means they have 2-3 months of reserve cash before being broke." rel="external nofollow"> 14m cash in bank sounds great, but with nearly 500 staff, 2 studios, rent, software, hardware, servers, it's just a drop. $250 million is total funding they have secured which they receive periodically in tranches of $40-50 million each.
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  18. Our graphics designer is the only person licensed for photoshop, I use Krita instead and while playing around we even found features in Krita that arent suported out of the box by PS but can be obtained using plugins
  19. I hope you got either Nord of PIA. Pretty much the only completely safe ones. Windscribe - I know it's five eyes, but it's perfect on everything else and a lifetime license was about £60. I think people get too paranoid about this, given that the *only* reason I bought it was so my ISP would stop sending me nag letters, which is the worst they're going to do even with *full visibility of my activity* If my govt wants to go through the motions to catch one guy downloading some US TV shows for personal use I think that's more an indictment on them. They're too busy trying to 'solve' internet pornography these days 😂
  20. You said this laptop is missing a IR camera for Windows Hello. Could you please name few laptop models which have an IR camera? Does Windows Hello require IR camera or a normal webcam will do?
  21. Hi Nick, Nice review. You are wearing a wrist band? something happened to your hand? Which Laptop has better camera privacy solution: Dell or HP (like Envy 13 2019 has a button that kills the camera driver) or the Lenovo Thinkbook 13s (Reviewed here)?
  22. Why didn't you write that in the first place. So a hacker needs to catch someone while using a vulnerable app at least once to exploit it. That's all I wanted to know; thanks. I did know about dropping off payloads for further access. Sorry. It's just common logic from a programmers perspective. Nobody from the outside can do anything unless the program is active, i.e. running. The same principle can also be applied to websites that will do whatever they can for you to actively click a button. Just looking at the website cant enable them, but once you hit that okay button you've just given them permission to enter your system.
  23. Why didn't you write that in the first place. So a hacker needs to catch someone while using a vulnerable app at least once to exploit it. That's all I wanted to know; thanks. I did know about dropping off payloads for further access.
  24. ? If attackers can get access to VLC they can drop off a payload (a program) to allow them connection back again. Just one scenario. This also isn't the first security breach in VLC which is why I switched in 2016.
  25. How did you come to the conclusion that was my point? I was merely wondering how application vulnerabilities are exploited; and no, I do use the programs that I install, but I don't keep them running all the time for no reason. Doesn't matter if you have them running all the time. One time is enough.
  26. How did you come to the conclusion that was my point? I was merely wondering how application vulnerabilities are exploited; and no, I do use the programs that I install, but I don't keep them running all the time for no reason.
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