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  3. You are talking about ware. You have apparently done 26 TB of writes to your drive, which is about 20% of its life, so you have about 80% left before you start losing capacity. If that is about 2 years, then you can probably expect to keep the drive a total of 10 years, which seems pretty reasonable. Yeah, just about any decent SSD type of device should crack at least 100TB of writes before any chance of failure occurs from writing data to the device as just about anything modern should be rated for a minimum of 70-75TB and that's on the smaller capacities to. so those 1TB range SSD's should go WELL beyond that before failure occurs from writes.
  4. Yeah, I generally prefer Newegg over Amazon in general for computer tech stuff. plus, it's not like Amazon needs any more $. but anyways, while it would be nice to get a 1TB range SSD for around $100 I just can't see there being enough of a benefit for me to upgrade from the Samsung 850 EVO 250GB I have had for 4 years this month. because all I would really be getting is more storage space (basically I would be paying $100 for about 750GB more storage space from what I currently have and I simply don't install/use enough games for me to justify the costs) since the 850 Evo is still a strong performer in the standard SATA based SSD market.
  5. No need to make yourself appear credible by citing computer experience. It’s an older, low powered machine. It is expected that older OSes run better on it. I got a i3-2120 CPU, 8GB of RAM, a good SSD, and Win10 runs fine. there is no way I would use Win8 over Win10 especially after Win8's initial release pretty much gave that OS a bad rep due to it's interface not being suited for desktop/laptops and then it never recovered as people generally seem to go Win7 or Win10 as I don't see much reason for Win8 right now.
  6. So what are people using now instead of Windows 2 Go
  7. Android 9.0 Pie update slated for Samsung Galaxy M smartphones early next month by Boyd Chan Towards the start of this year, Samsung launched the Galaxy M10 and M20 smartphones in India having been "inspired by millennials", featuring the company's Infinity-V displays, and in the case of the M20, a rather generous 5,000mAh battery capacity. However, these handsets, in addition to the M30, shipped with Android 8.0 Oreo rather than Android 9.0 Pie, leaving users one version behind. Now, it appears that users can look forward to Pie in the near future, with an over-the-air (OTA) update slated for release on June 3. The update will also include One UI, Samsung's take on a minimalistic user interface experience, supplanting the previous "Samsung Experience" which had itself replaced TouchWiz. The refreshed interface has already found its way to a plethora of other smartphones in the Samsung stable, including the Galaxy S9 and S9+, in addition to the Galaxy Note8 and Note9. One UI is also expected to improve performance on Galaxy M handsets. The news may be welcomed by users, as Samsung had previously indicated that the operating system and user interface updates would be made available in August 2019. This would see the update's release take place two months ahead of schedule. Source: Samsung Community (India) via SamMobile
  8. did I not read that they were expecting about a 25% failure rate for this lot? But so far they have 100% online, nice.
  9. And? What do you mean “and?” Microsoft teased such functionality then withdrew it. Stardock teased it and delivered. It’s a nice piece of ui functionality than people seem to want.
  10. charlesanderson

    Hello Everyone

    My name is Charles Anderson, and I have just joined this group. I am looking forward to holding discussion with u all. Thank you
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  12. What was the time line again with W10M/PC sms integration? Cortana could give you notifications of SMS's to your PC, then Messaging app was fully functional, then Cortana could send sms, then Messaging was dropped for Skype, then Skype was dropped, then Cortana stopped getting sms notifications, then Cortana could no longer send sms? That last piece was killed server side back in Feb(I went looking at some threads on it). Some of this information is being conflated. Cortana still can send SMS messages to a WM10 device, and if you use an older APPX of Skype, users can still sync SMS and use it with WM10, just as they did when WM10 was released. As for 'notifications' - just Bluetooth pair your WM10 phone to your computer - Cortana will still share and display phone notifications on the PC, and allow interaction and responses to the notifications in the Action Center. I wouldn't expect these features to continue to work forever, but probably at least until the end of the year and the EOL support for WM10 ends.
  13. The Messaging App was not something used directly. The core was and is used by Skype to provide SMS syncing. I doubt any WP/WM10 user ever even noticed that messages could appear in the Messaging App, as it was NEVER the UI used. PS - the Messaging App hasn't displayed or allowed access to SMS messages for Sync since like 1803 or 1709 - so this isn't technically a new change.
  14. "Starting with what's already been removed, there's the sync capability of the built-in messaging app. The app was already nearly useless since the death of Windows 10 Mobile, but now it can't sync any messages from your phone anymore, so there's even less reason to use it. Of course, you can use the Your Phone app to sync that content now, so not much of a loss." Tip for the last few WM10 users - if you still want the Skype SMS integration features, go grab the Skype App (appx) for WM10 and install it on Windows 10 - hit Settings, and sync it to your WM10 phone. (Don't let Windows 10 update the Skype App, and use the Desktop App install if you need any of the newer Skype features.)
  15. George P

    GitHub acquires Dependabot; Launches GitHub Sponsors

    This all sounds good to me, if people want to try and paint this as a negative for Github and devs then I don't know what to say. This whole MS bias is 20 years out of date at this point, move on.
  16. MS has identified the issue, a fix should be out. For now you can just run it as admin. I'm on the newest Canary build and haven't run into an issue so far.
  17. Ya, just from the few posts here so far and half of them had the Edge get messed up! Way to go MS with your auto updating everything so automatically! Luckily I hadn't been on this machine in a while and even though I just had my Edge get updated, I'm still on the previous version to this update! While it downloads the update, you actually have to restart it for it to update, if it's open. Otherwise it won't just update on it's own. I always get a notification to restart to update on Canary.
  18. Head's up if you have a high quality Creative X-FI Titanium audio card and update to 1903 Windows will not update the device driver automatically (as of the time of this post) and will not spew out an error. It will say the device is working normally but there will be NO SOUND. The solution is to manually update the driver from a Reddit link where apparantly Creative has pledged to be more responsive to driver updates and will monitor Reddit for user issues. Once you update the driver from there, it will show as a Microsoft driver and it most importantly will MAKE SOUND WORK AGAIN!
  19. I think they're rolling out a updated version now that's fixed the problem. I'm on Canary not Dev, so I didn't run into the crashing bug.
  20. Link your android, iphone phone needs to go. Matter of fact, the whole settings app needs to be deprecated. It sucks. They keep adding more and more to the settings app, it's not going anywhere. If you don't like the UI layout that's one thing, but the app doesn't suck. Control Panel is on the way out and I hope many of the legacy 9x era dialog boxes go as well.
  21. From what I understand the Xbox app is either going to get reworked or dropped with it's individual parts being split off and put into other things. I expect, for example, and light stand alone Xbox messaging app. The store stuff should be part of the MS Store app as well. That leaves other things, which they can keep in a new app, which can act as a Xbox gateway and a way to control your console from your PC etc. You could still remove apps but they're not going to remove it from the get go, Xbox is expanding as a platform to other devices more and more.
  22. Its actually not complete crap, just doesn't have a lot of (valid) use cases. It can't scale well at all, 5 or so concurrent users is about all you can have. For small things, Excel is easier and faster, but bigger things, Access limitations will probably hold you back too much. You can use Access as a front-end for an SQL Express server, but the level of effort there is well beyond what is reasonable for an MS Office application. I think a lot of people never noticed what Access and the paradigm of Access datasets did well and at the time (1992) changed 'access' to database systems for small developers. Prior to Access, there was no way to create a multi-user database, with granular locking and transactional consistency without a database server or creating a user application or interface inside the database software. Anyone remember teaching a user how to use DBase or Oracle - before they could be taught how to use the 'solution' running on top? - It was a mess. Access is a BIG reason companies like Oracle HATED Microsoft, as Oracle made a lot of money by training users how to use Oracle for solutions deployed using their database. (Teams of employees were sent to Oracle to learn to use their Database UI in the 80s and early 90s, and the costs for this training was insane.) In the 90s, a VB, C, C++, Delphi, Etc. developer could use the ODBC or Borland's DB interface to a simple Access file and get 95% of the features of full database server solution. All with a custom Application with a custom interface built in native software without any regard to the underlying database. (Access was key to ODBC and new low end and server less database technologies.) This was big, as a software product, like a POS application, could be deployed for a tiny business with no additional costs, and simply use an Access file located on a network share as the main database technology. I myself, have no love for the Access UI, nor have ever deployed it for end users; however, the technology underneath was industry altering.
  23. They weren’t there to begin with. They get downloaded. That said, I’ve never had that happen on an enterprise install. I don't think he's using the enterprise sku? It could be Pro with just a domain join?
  24. DevTech

    Are these temps too high?™-H100i-GTX-Extreme-Performance-Liquid-CPU-Cooler/p/CW-9060021-WW The Corsair software will tell you the pump speed and the fan speed and also the fluid temperature which appears to be 65 while the CPU is 87. The MAIN THING that makes water cooling SO much better than air cooling is that the CPU temp gets LOCKED to the fluid temp and NEVER varies. #1 - the difference between the 65 and the 87 means the connection between the WATER BLOCK and the CPU is bad and the thermal paste is unlikely to account for that. Most likely you have sprung one of the fasteners holding down the water block, although a fresh coat of Arctic Silver is always a good thing. #2 - the high fluid temp is either bad pump or LEAK IN RADIATOR, or most likely bad ambient input temp. If you mounted the radiator inside the case per typical stupid instructions you are trying to cool the CPU with HOT AIR inside the case. As an experiment, open the case and use a house fan to blow cool air on the intake fans to the RADIATOR. If the fluid temp drops to ambient, then that's a big issue to deal with, which is EASY TO FIX by reversing the RADIATOR FANS to blow cold air from outside the case across the RADIATOR and into the case.
  25. It really is, I played it last year on my Xbox, think I got it free from Games with Gold at some point?
  26. You're absolutely right. Good looking icons, hideous tiles. It could be worse, like a small image on a silly white background with rounded corners for the icon. Reference: See iOS...
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