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  2. NickEclipse

    1903 v145 and SoundBlaster Z

    Oh, one last thing. I was on Release Preview setting on Windows Insider Program. I now set it to Fast, and got a new update coming in called Windows 10 Insider Preview 18898.1000. We'll see if that one fixes things. But I highly doubt it.
  3. DavidPneumonic

    Justification for Gaming Chairs

    Thanks neufuse. The cap is $500 a pop. After a bit of deliberating we've reasoned out that gaming chairs apparently offer better value than regular office seats (yay!) - BUT provided this is on the lower end of the price spectrum. The general understanding is that standard office chairs promise better value if you are looking at products on the higher end of the price spectrum. There are quite a number of options that fit the bill, as can be seen here on PC Gamer or Tech Radar, but only a couple of stand-outs for us. One in particular that seems to be convincing everyone is the SecretLab Titan - solid and comfortable all round, with multiple ergonomic features and doesn't stray too far even by the standards of a trendy office (Black colour option). And it comes just a handful of dollars under the budget. Anything to stretch that dollar 😁
  4. yea, even though the Navi was a tease ... not sure how much of a "tease" it really was. At least from the presentation ... it was the less interesting product since it didn't come with a $$$. IMO, they should have at least included a price and then unveil the full Navi lineup at E3. Anyway, I would assume that they will try their best to undercut Nvidia ... so this particular 5700 will be around 200-300 (pure assumption on my part). Now, what does Nvidia do after the RTX 4xxx lineup, with respect to naming? That Ryzen 9 3900X though ... looking forward to reviews/benchmarks and possibly replacing my current i7-3770k with it. Either that or the rumored 16 core that may be unveiled at E3.
  5. It looks like Office 2010 icons on Mac I don't get why they degraded Office icons to such extent. On one hand they tried to go for minimalism of the shape to absurd length, on the other hand they added shadows and different color shades, which makes it a total mess and big step backwards in every way. I still think the Office 2013/16 icons (Windows and Android) were the best.
  6. Today
  7. Leaked Ubisoft Pass may be new game subscription service similar to Origin Access by Pulasthi Ariyasinghe Ubisoft may be trying to replicate EA's success with subscription programs with a service of its own, as some users had discovered a listing on the Ubisoft Store named Ubisoft Pass Premium that hints at something of the sort. Although the placeholder product has now been wiped, it was found on a newly setup "Ubisoft Subscription" section of the store, making it less likely to be a case of product mislabeling. No other information about Ubisoft Pass Premium was uncovered from the page other than the name. However, assuming this is a subscription service, the Premium label at the end could be implying there will be two tiers available. This practice will be familiar to Origin Access users, the EA monthly subscription service on PC has a $4.99 standard as well as a $14.99 Premier tier, with the latter offering unlimited access to brand new titles from the publisher even before their release dates. As such, if Ubisoft takes this route, we could see a standard Ubisoft Pass offering older games by the company like Rainbow Six Siege and Ghost Recon Wildlands - among all its classic releases - while Premium bundles up much newer and upcoming titles such as Anno 1800, The Division 2, and Ghost Recon Breakpoint. With Ubisoft's focus on 'games as a service' titles for some time now, this venture could be a good fit for the company. Still, we have to wait until an official announcement by Ubisoft to confirm any of this. If there is an announcement coming, Ubisoft's E3 2019 presentation would be a good place to keep an eye on. Via TechRapter
  8. Pretty good lineup, the only one missing is the rumoured to be announced later, the 16 core Ryzen 3 3950X. Even without it Intel has nothing to counter this at the moment. What is staggering though is the price of the 12 core chip.
  9. I like connectivity everywhere but I don't like to pay another bill each month.
  10. Nvidia announces the launch of 25 new laptop models powered by Turing GPUs by Jay Bonggolto At Computex 2019, Nvidia has revealed that 25 laptop models from a wide range of partner OEMs will be powered by its Turing GPUs. Out of those laptop models, 17 are integrated with Nvidia's new RTX Studio system. The RTX Studio laptops are designed for creators in various fields including social media, digital advertising, and 3D development, being equipped with Nvidia's Quadro RTX or GeForce RTX GPUs. What's more interesting is that the Quadro RTX 5000-based systems, in particular, are the first Max-Q laptops featuring a whopping 16GB of graphics memory. Additionally, the latest laptops include gaming PCs which will be receiving some feature upgrades courtesy of Turing's real-time ray tracing and AI-assisted gaming system. Nvidia says RTX Studio laptops can deliver 100 frames per second for some popular titles like Fortnite, PUBG, and Apex Legends. The RTX Studio laptops come from Acer, ASUS, Dell, GIGABYTE, HP, MSI, and Razer. The laptops will be available from June at a starting price of $1,599. Also, nine new gaming laptops powered by GeForce have debuted at Computex. For those looking for portable laptops with high-fidelity graphics, ASUS, HP, and MSI have introduced the world’s first G-SYNC gaming laptops with 4K 120Hz DCI-P3 color displays. Meanwhile, ASUS, Clevo, Dell, and Razer have exhibited their 15.6-inch, 240Hz GeForce-powered laptops with what they claim to be super fast frame rates at the event.
  11. Don't their k series also overclock way higher than Ryzen? On the other hand, most of the ryzen line is not locked and they usually are half(ish) the price. I would wait for tests on the OC. Rumors said that the 7nm CPU's overclock way better than the last gen Ryzen. I bet that 5GHz will be possible. This is intel fans talking, since OC is the last bastion they can hold on to now.
  12. Its not just AMD, Snapdragon is also after them and it looks like Microsoft is onboard with both those companies for their own product line ups. But intel is only interested in GPUs now by the looks of it. Well ARM is still far away when it comes to competing with high end CPU's. But they certainly have a market for entry level systems to compete with Intel's mobile CPU.
  13. Nice try at a jab, but no you just use a standard HSF designed for the CPU. Above OP has a point, in reality this CPU will run on 5Ghz for a few second before slowing cores down to protect it from overheating. lol no, that's not how any of this works. What do you mean?, that is exactly how it works. Your 9900K runs only one core at max turbo boost of 5GHz. And it can sustain that 5GHz for only a few seconds.
  14. 12c/24t with a TDP of only 105W, 70MB of cache at $499 is an amazing feat. No wonder intel panicked and showed us a 9900KS although with no TDP, price and availability announcement. Makes you wonder if that i9 will ever be available except for a few test systems to counter AMD's Ryzen 9.
  15. FloatingFatMan

    The Boring Company

    I really don't get the hype with this stupid thing. All Musk has done here is built a one car metro that cost effectively the same as a mass transit metro; this tunnel cost was NO CHEAPER than any other tunneling project, despite what the half truths and hype claim. Hardly a breakthrough in either cost OR efficiency; quite the opposite in fact... The man might be good at running rocket and car companies, but ffs, leave mass transit to people who actually know what they're doing.
  16. stoo2000

    Odd formatting when quoting someone???

    Grammarly can cause this, Invision Community 4.4.4 will disable it in the editor until it can play nice.
  17. The Ryzen 3000 is looking good but the Radeon RX 5700, 10% faster than the RTX 2070 in 1 game. I wouldn't talk that up at this point, not unless it's around the same performance or 10% faster but 30-40% cheaper.
  18. sc302

    2006 dodge charger R/T at 150k miles

    If you are looking for reliability, Honda and Toyota would be the go to’s. If you are looking for fixed or repaired often look at the dodge or ford. You are looking at cars that had their fair share of abuse. Unless grandma or grandpa owned the cars chances are they have been abused. Kids like sporty/fast cars but don’t know how to take care of them. I would go with a commuter car if I were you. But if you have to have a car that sounds/looks nice and has an American muscle car name behind it it would have to be mustang, challenger, or camaro.
  19. Its not just AMD, Snapdragon is also after them and it looks like Microsoft is onboard with both those companies for their own product line ups. But intel is only interested in GPUs now by the looks of it.
  20. BudMan

    unbound DNS and Active directory

    Did you turn off rebind protection for your AD domain? If you forward to your AD dns in unbound, and it returns a rfc1918 address, unbound is not going to hand that back to the client since that would be a rebind. Unless you tell unbound that domainx.tld is a private domain, or you completely disable rebind protection... Post up your unbound.conf It prob has like the below in it private-address: private-address: ::ffff:a00:0/104 private-address: private-address: ::ffff:ac10:0/108 private-address: private-address: ::ffff:a9fe:0/112 private-address: private-address: ::ffff:c0a8:0/112 private-address: fd00::/8 private-address: fe80::/10 You can turn off rebind for a specific domain with setting it to private private-domain: ""
  21. Nvidia launches new Studio Stack program combining GPUs, SDKs, and drivers for creatives by Boyd Chan In its press conference held earlier today, Nvidia took the opportunity to unveil its new Nvidia Studio platform which aims to "dramatically improve performance and reliability for the world’s 40 million online and studio-based creatives" who rely on top-tier PC hardware to deliver their work. PCs that combine hardware, in the form of RTX GPUs, in addition to a "Studio Stack of specialized SDKs and dedicated Studio Drivers" from other solutions, will also be distinguished by a new RTX Studio badge. In support of the new platform, a total of 17 RTX Studio laptops were today announced some of which will feature the latest Quadro RTX GPUs with up to 16GB GDDR6 RAM or solutions from the consumer RTX lineup. In terms of manufacturer support, Acer, Asus, Dell, Gigabyte, HP, MSI, and Razer will have RTX Studio laptops "available starting in June" with pricing starting from $1,599, with many incorporating 4K displays and Max-Q technology. With respect to the Nvidia Studio platform, Jason Paul, Nvidia general manager of GeForce software and technology, said: "NVIDIA Studio pairs RTX GPUs, which enable real-time ray tracing, AI processing and high-resolution video editing, with studio-grade software to surpass the growing demands of today’s creators. The new RTX Studio laptops are the perfect tool for creatives who need desktop-class performance while on the go." Rounding out the software side of the equation is Studio Stack that brings SDKs, APIs, and drivers to help enable content creators to achieve "the best performance and reliability when working with creative apps", particularly those with multi-app workflows that leverage solutions from major developers including Adobe, Blackmagic, and Unity, amongst others. Those interested in getting their hands on the Nvidia Studio Driver should keep their eyes peeled for the latest version that will be made available today, boasting optimizations for software such as Autodesk 3ds Max 2020 and Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve 16.
  22. XP_2600

    unbound DNS and Active directory

    man, the AD DNS forward to there is no loops here, Again my issue simply is unbound do not forward to my AD-DNS, while it can forward to normally!
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