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  2. UK: Campaigners call for anonymity in revenge porn cases and better police training by Paul Hill Calls have been made to give victims of revenge porn anonymity when they go to report their case. Campaigners have also suggested that just being threatened with revenge porn should also be a crime. In England and Wales, sharing private or sexual images of a person without consent has been a crime since April 2015, similar laws were introduced later in Scotland and Northern Ireland. As it stands now, those who come forward to police to report a crime are not given anonymity because it’s categorised as a communications crime. Sophie Mortimer from the Revenge Porn helpline has said that revenge porn cases should be classified as sexual offences so that anonymity can be given to victims. As smartphones have become more widespread in society, the number of revenge porn cases has increased dramatically. Figures from 19 police forces in England and Wales reveal that the number of cases being investigated had jumped from 852 in 2015-16 to 1,853 in 2018-19. In the same timeframe, the police forces that were asked for data revealed that the number of people charged under revenge porn laws had decreased by 23% from 207 to 158. Campaigners say that police need more training on the issue. Research by the University of Suffolk suggests that just 5% of police officers asked were properly informed on revenge porn laws. Speaking to the BBC, Mortimer said: “It's all very well changing the law and making these things illegal, but if the frontline services don't understand what the law actually means then you've only done half the job.” The legislation around revenge porn is continually evolving around the world as lawmakers come to terms with what can be done with technology. Proposals for changes to these laws such as the ones outlined above will likely become more frequent in order to better address the issue. Source: BBC News
  3. Google brings refreshed Smart Display UI to the Nest Hub by Jay Bonggolto Image via 9to5Google Google unveiled a refreshed Smart Display user interface (UI) earlier this month at its I/O conference, with the new design having been initially demonstrated on the Nest Hub Max. The fresh UI is now reportedly rolling out to other smart display devices including Google's Nest Hub (formerly the Home Hub). The latest change introduces a more personal feel to how the background looks when users begin to swipe through the cards for various apps like YouTube and Google News. For example, the bright wallpaper is now being replaced with a blurred version of whatever is on the Ambient Mode, including your photos or the clock. It should be noted that this applies only when the first tap is made; the white background returns as users swipe through the succeeding cards. While the Ambient Mode or Photo Frame remains the default home screen, the dedicated weather forecast is now gone. Thankfully, the detailed forecast can still be accessed in full-screen view by tapping the weather icon. The time and date have become noticeably larger than before, though they have been relocated to the bottom-left corner. In addition to the Nest Hub, the update is also expected to hit other Smart Displays manufactured by Lenovo and JBL as part of the new Google Home firmware version 1.39154941. The update is said to be part of Google's groundwork for the Nest Hub Max, which will display Duo messages and reminders on the home screen using facial recognition. Source: 9to5Google
  4. Kashaar

    TidyTabs 1.4.1 [Update]

    I use this app daily at work. I never tried the Stardock's one thus I cannot compare. This one has a tiny memory footprint and no performance impact. It seems to me to does not pollute your system with anything special. The free version allows you to use up to 3 tabs per window on a single screen/desktop. Every time you start the app, you can use it as if it was registered for one hour if I recall. Lately I spent my days on apps which do not require such tool such as Visual Studio, VS Code and ConEmu. I still use it to dock PuTTY windows and some File Explorer windows most notably. (You can tell it to group some app windows systematically). Here is my one and only catch with this app though: you cannot drag'n'drop to another tab, which kind of defies the purpose with File Explorer windows (at least, I did not find how to) ; I would have expected a tab to activate when I was waiting with my cursor over it for some time so I could finish my drag'n'drop operation in the newly activated window, which does not happen. You can still do that through the task bar though. EDIT: added task bar comment.
  5. Can you remind me last time this motto had a real life scenario? I'm quite sure was after Christ, but I can't remember the exact year. Azure vs Amazon. Anyways, Microsoft is still a patent-troll company but right now it is using a paper-company to do that. For example, Microsoft is still committed to screwing Linux and it is still collecting royalties from Linux partners. what about? and again what exactly about?
  6. LOL you're funny one ... so go to google cloud F. no AWS? F. that too. I do not bite into cloud. Don't get me wrong, I don't judge anyone going Cloud. I see no reason to. On premise is the best way to go about. For example...I don't use One Drive or similar. I have my local NAS. Is there a chance I lose that, yes there is but I am willing to take that risk rather than paying $9.99 to Microsoft or anyone else. I have NAS and its backup, good enough for me. My idea of computing is that at any point I can disconnect Internet and my computer will still be usable and all my files accessible. I have a control and not someone else. I still believe in physical media and still use VHS, DVD, Bluray. ok so suggest worldwide services companies to go on premise, I'm sure they'll appreciate your idea
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  8. Every MS app on Windows is steaming pile of garbage. Buggy to the max and sluggish to the core. On a different note, the outlook icon could have been Orange though.
  9. This has never worked for me and still doesn't after the May update.
  10. U-series performance has greatly increased in the last year or so. Have you tried an 8th gen i7?
  11. Like anything mechanical, environmental factors are going to determine that heavily. The actual mechanism looks well built, but if you work in a gravel pit and like to use face unlock, this may not be the phone for you. A desk worker that flashes a few selfies now and again may have no problems for years and could realistically expect it to outlast the replacement battery installed after the first one fails of old age. Being among the first of its type, I'd expect good odds on the pop-up mechanism actually being a little over-engineered. It takes time to find out how to walk the line of minimum viable spec.
  12. If you're coming from a Nexus, you might want to consider the Pixel 3a. It's 5.6" vs the 6.6" so would fit your hand better. Also hearing the battery life is holding up pretty well (think someone was saying a solid 2 day phone). Stock Android and the camera being solid. Oh, and no curved edges lol. That's the only thing that kills me with this OnePlus model is accidental touches. At least Samsung came with an option with the S10e this year. I've considered the 3a as well, but I'll see how the 4 turns out first. I've been burned by a rash of bad Pixel 3 phones; repeated repairs/replacements to the point that I've cut a deal with my carrier to leave the latest failed one in the box until the 4 comes out under one of their special "wow, you have the worst luck" programs. For now, I've upgraded to a used Pixel 2. Honestly, the beefy bezels, notification light, superior display, and metal construction make it feel genuinely better phone. It's nice to not have that wacky DSP on the speakers too even if it reduces the absolute max volume, but I'm sure I could have figured out how to disable it on the P3 if I had one that lasted more than a couple of weeks. All of the Samsung phones have sadly become nonstarters for me. I'm a compulsive tinkerer, need root, and the Exynos variants with proper network compatibility are tough to find around here. Sad story, because I really liked my S7 on LineageOS. Never did get that audio driver in-mic call bug completely sorted though... kernel debugging is tough business - hat's off to those with the dedication to make a proper hobby or career of it.
  13. This browser will make a good dent in Chrome when it comes out. Its Chrome like enough for people to just use it. That depends, if the UI starts to look like the original Edge, then people will not bother with it. A lot of people may just use chrome because they think that the strange E icon is for IE and not for a different browser, so they may never have even tried the original edge, so why would they try the new one? Some people use chrome because it links into their google account. I think the main reason why MS is changing to chromium is more to do with business, some sites will not work with the original edge. Myself i will stay with cent, I see now reason to change and other people i have talked to say they will stay with the browser they use. Just been to the cent website, and it looks like adware. I am sure its not, but its the impression that the site gives me. Don't know where you got that form, but nope, no adware. I would not be using it if it was I can tell you. The site could look better though! TBH, I have never been to the site until you said about it, i saw a review of cent and downloaded it from File hippo. I don't disagree with you, all those partners down the bottom looks like they are something to do with advertising. Yes, it could be better.
  14. Microsoft BOB™ 10

    OnePlus 7 Pro unboxing and first impressions: It's a real flagship

    Would really like to see how the mechanical pop-up camera stands the test of time. Say 2 years from now.
  15. I disagree, HP servers are the best made I've owned many dell servers and 1 HP server. In all my years I can say that the HP smart array is the worst named product, it could be better named the crap array, or slow array, or stupid array (stupid because you actually thought it was a good idea to buy that?). It's slow, the performance is dire, you need to PAY EXTRA for RAID 6 and 'degraded performance boost'. The management CLI tool is abysmal. In comparison dell PERC (rebadged LSI) is fantastic, great CLI utility, great drivers, great hardware where all features come unlocked, can't fault it. I replaced the stupid array in my HP server with a PERC, boom performance jumped right up. Then we get onto software updates, HP are so shoddy you get updates for what 2 years now after buying a server then need to pay more if you want software updates longer than that? Software updates including drivers and BIOS. HPE are absolute scum. Which is why I asked about *age* - I have heard of/had lemons from companies other than HP - in fact, HP replaced Dell - after a run of bad Dell desktops from their Dimension line - and I mentioned a bad ASUS notebook that I actually own. I wouldn't buy any of Dell's or HP's consumer line. Latitudes, Elitebooks, and even Probooks aren't bad. Some of the PERC controllers aren't great, either. H200 is one. I do like that I can stick a DVD in and upgrade all firmware on the Dells. I use HP too, but it was a joke last BIOS upgrade for it. Had to license something just to get the ability to do it on the Gen 9 we have. Luckily it was free, but took a few days to go through process. Since 2014 the mfs at HP made BIOS updates depend on active service contract, otherwise you cannot download the firmware file. Since that time I boycot HP purchases whereever I am in the position to do so.
  16. U-series CPU and the word "performance" are mutually exclusive in the same sentence
  17. "Another suggestion UNESCO gave was for the teams building the software to be better balanced. It pointed out that today women only makeup 12% of AI researchers, represent just 6% of software developers, and are 13 times less likely to file an ICT patent than men. A section in the publication recommends that this gap can be closed with gender-equal digital skills education and training." Because the field of AI research at this level of the game is so rife with talent that businesses can afford to pass on people to ensure their teams are diverse based on whatever today's concern is.
  18. Having the assistances defaulted as female is just based on our culture... If they don't like it well sorry that's just the world we live in... Most "assistants/secretaries are women... Instead of yelling at Google/Amazon/Microsoft... Fix the gender bias in the workplace... If it's such a problem... What I do think is that we need more options with customization. I like what Google did with the different voices of male, female and some even androgynes and British / Australian accents... I think we need more control over the name, gender, voice, and accent of our assistant... What the default it doesn't matter... If it's female... ppl will complain.. If it's male ppl with complain.. if its neither it will be disrespectful for ppl who are non-binary... Let the default be whatever the companies want but let us customize more completely...
  19. Yep." rel="external nofollow">" rel="external nofollow"> Waay too much hype about 5G. It seems that the telecom industry is trying to sell a product and using whatever as long as they accept the check. I’m sticking with 4G for awhile. It’s good enough I think 4G is more than good enough. It streams everything just fine. There would need to be some major tech and I do mean major in order to get me to believe this is anything what I think it is... a bunch of telecom BS hype to sell a service to do skit we already do. I reckon so, too.
  20. Matthew S.

    What is thie on roofs I found on google earth?

    Solar water heater
  21. Sylar0

    What is thie on roofs I found on google earth?

    Not solar panels?
  22. Zag L.

    What is thie on roofs I found on google earth?

    Perhaps a solar water heater?
  23. Was looking at random places on Google earth. This French territory Island in the Indian ocean called Reunion mostly all the houses have this on the roof. Anyone know what it is?
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