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  3. Matthew S.

    MBR or GPT for new drive?

    I think you have to tweak something in the registry to after running that, unless microsoft fixed that.
  4. My windows 10 skype just got updated and I have that icon now.
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  6. Impulse was ok, but season 1 ended just as it was getting into the story. Kinda weird, probably worth waiting for season 2 before you start watching it. I enjoyed Wayne as well. I think we've all felt that way from time to time in life lol. Origin was also somewhat enjoyable, but just scraped through. Slow storyline that only works if you're into scifi in general. Youtube's original content is very lack luster. If it wasn't for Cobra Kai, I would have just dismissed the platform entirely. Easy to see why it's going free. I paid for a month, binge watched Cobra Kai, then cancelled. Really enjoyed that one.
  7. SyntheticVirusZ

    DD-WRT and Asus RT-AC5300 question.

    Yeah, I had a feeling I was going to get a lot of flack for this choice... As for reasons, I guess I don't really need those options, I like the easier feel of the stock firmware. I don't know my friend, I guess it's just a personal thing.
  8. Mindovermaster

    DD-WRT and Asus RT-AC5300 question.

    Are you mental? DD-WRT is so much better than stock firmware. There's 100 more options to tweak it. There a reason you want to go back?
  9. People come and go, I don't see this as anything big.
  10. I prefer Ubuntu 10 million times over Mint... But still using my Windows 10 =)
  11. Technically, open source software should always be better then closed software because they have far more resources working on it, but the problem is getting open source developers organised and working together on a single task, that and ease of use is normally one of there weaknesses but as we've seen with many projects, they can get their act together. But if they really got their act together, closed software would find it hard to compete with open software as all the code is shared for anyone to use whiles overall, there could be far more people working on it when anyone can take part.
  12. The performance on this one will be interesting one to watch, a lot of the other arm ones that i remember seeing where hobbled in one way or another. They had the a good fast cpu, but had 4 gig of ram. Or a slow drive. This one has all the right innards, now it comes down to the OS.
  13. You definitely didnt learn the lesson after RT, and still purchased 4(!!!) more members of that damn surface family? At least I didnt buy anything from them after the 1st mistake I did with the RT1. Yes, it took me a long time to learn my lesson. Windows Home Server, Windows Phones, etc... it's a huge list of things. But I've learned it now. NEVER AGAIN! Hahah (except Xbox...) In fairness, the Surface 3 was a warranty replacement for the Surface 2... but that still doesn't excuse the others hahahah.
  14. SyntheticVirusZ

    DD-WRT and Asus RT-AC5300 question.

    So I flashed my router with DD-WRT a while back and I sorta want to go back to the stock firmware that the router came with. I downloaded it from Asus website and updated it but when the router was done booting there was no change, it was still the DD-WRT firmware... I was wondering if there was any way to go back to the stock firmware or is it a done kind of thing? Thanks for any help guys and girls!
  15. Unboxing Huawei's China-exclusive, Snapdragon-powered MateBook E by Rich Woods Exclusive to China, Huawei's new MateBook E wasn't announced in the United States. I only found out about it when I talked to the Windows on ARM guys at Microsoft's Build 2019 developer conference this year. Naturally, that was one of the first things that I looked for when I came to China. After all, we knew almost nothing about it, other than that it's one of just three PCs to use a Qualcomm Snapdragon 850. And this thing is a beauty. Unlike the two other Snapdragon 850 machines, this one doesn't make compromises. While the Samsung Galaxy Book2 has a beautiful QHD Super AMOLED screen and 4GB RAM, and the Lenovo Yoga C630 has 8GB RAM but a mediocre FHD display, the MateBook E has both a QHD display and 8GB RAM. It also packs 512GB of storage, making it the only Windows on ARM PC to do that. Improvements over the previous generation MateBook E include Huawei Share, allowing you to tap your phone against the keyboard to transfer files. The CPU is also an upgrade, from a seventh-generation Y-series chip. It also seems to have a better camera on the back. Check out the unboxing video below: Make sure to subscribe to Neowin on YouTube! It's the best channel in the universe!
  16. They should re-release Windows 7 SP2. That's basically what people wanted.
  17. GPU Temp in Task Manager is just as useless as anything else. We need ability to display GPU temperature on screen all the time. I use Notepad++ anyway.
  18. Reliable devices with foldable screens are at least 5 years into the future.
  19. Wait, doesn't looking at a normal watch during a conversation also convey the same meaning?
  20. Doesn't say what effect this will have on the new Chromium Edge? Or, is that Edge Chromium? They do mention those other Chrome based browsers though.
  21. They do. Lenovo uses the system update application & Dell uses the Command Update application to deliver firmware/driver updates. Lenovo & Dell believe in testing though & I've used their updaters on 1000s of machines in the Enterprise. Works flawlessly. Most Surface devices have been blighted with firmware issues, especially the Surface Books. It's completely unacceptable. Ah, testing! Maybe that's the key. Maybe if they had some kind of 'insider' program for testing early stuff. But they have all the configurations of hardware in the lab, this isn't like clone PCs, so their QA should catch this... Havent you heard? Microsoft already fired their entire Q&A depertment in around 2014. A couple hundred (thousand?) people were laid off. Since then, there is no such thing as Q&A in Microsoft. Everything is tested by you and those glorious sounding insiders. That are in reality thousands of 14yo gamer Joe's, who have no sht idea how to properly report software bugs and issues. The result you can already see in the past 4yrs, called Windows 10 servicing disasters every 2-3 months. Thats what the industry accepted as collateral damage. But hey Nutella says: at least we no longer need paid testing people, so their salary also goes to my pocket as yearly bonus, yayy! Weird because years ago (not that many years actually) they made a bunch of noise about software QA and TCO and all that... Under the bridge now I guess!
  22. Solution, Don't look at watch when you are with people. It's very simple. Right, I don't, hence why "I stopped using mine for social reasons" except when doing sports or exercise for those features. But like I said it's a little dumb when everyone else peeks at their phone even more often than I did my watch.
  23. I dunno, I'd like to see the undo/redo behavior changed up a little. But other than that... Yeah. However, I'm sure the next update will be syntax highlighting. (Jk... Kind of)
  24. So many changes which Microsoft shoved down our throats since Windows 8 have been rolled back. After 2-3 years. windows 10 will have feature parity with Windows 7 with added store.
  25. Impulse was ok, but season 1 ended just as it was getting into the story. Kinda weird, probably worth waiting for season 2 before you start watching it. I enjoyed Wayne as well. I think we've all felt that way from time to time in life lol. Origin was also somewhat enjoyable, but just scraped through. Slow storyline that only works if you're into scifi in general. Youtube's original content is very lack luster. If it wasn't for Cobra Kai, I would have just dismissed the platform entirely. Easy to see why it's going free.
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