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  2. Thirty Five friggin' Raptor engines??
  3. I hope you got either Nord of PIA. Pretty much the only completely safe ones. Proton.
  4. Whether you do or don't make your source code public has no bearing on the security, or lack thereof, within your application. Code is not inherently more secure if it's proprietary, it simply means that there's a smaller group of people allowed to actually review the code, so issues may get missed, take longer to get fixed, etc. I mean hell, Microsoft literally deleted users' files on accident with an official update to Windows 10, that's a pretty big oopsy from one of the largest vendors of proprietary software in the world. Security issues are caused by bad code, and that can affect everybody regardless of how they do or don't license their source code.
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  6. If Microsoft hasn't actually made a working prototype, they'll have one or more serious court battles in the years ahead. If they did, they'll likely make some nice coin from it.
  7. These players often use the same open-source vulnerable libraries 🙃
  8. An attacker can exploit the issue by enticing an unsuspecting victim to open a specially crafted multimedia file with the vulnerable application. => Don't open multimedia files from untrusted sources! 😉
  9. I think Pot Player is great when playing .mkv files and the like which is primarily what I use it for. who still uses DVD's on a regular basis?
  10. "The Running Man"....
  11. It is also a tablet-focused platform, which causes something to be designed only for touchscreens, something only for the mouse. Inconsistency is one word to describe Windows 10.
  12. I hope you got either Nord of PIA. Pretty much the only completely safe ones.
  13. the BBC would be better off just having a subscription service for anyone who wishes to pay from outside the UK to access it. would be a lot cheaper than setting up a whole new service every few years. as for ITV I think they've tried a few times now to introduce a subscription viewing service, started with ONdigital, that collapsed. they tried to get subs to remove ads for online viewing of catchup. an exclusive content channel on a Sky, this is a channel that's now closed as well i think. I think they'd both be best keeping this brit box offering a rest of the world exclusive service. can't mind the last time I sat down and watched an ITV channel for more than 5-10 min.
  14. MPC-BE is the best and here's why. It has live scene preview on seek bar upon hovering like YouTube. It has all the codecs built-in via LAV Filters. Supports all common subtitles formats. Supports bookmarks and multiple monitor handling for fullscreen playback is superb. Supports multiple audio tracks in same video file or external audio track. Can natively stream and download YouTube videos in user-specified format. For those who still play DVDs, can skip DVD ads and menus & go directly to main title. The UI is awesome, it supports global hotkeys and the usability is far superior to VLC. You can customize the UI a lot: And it uses the same decoder for the next-gen AV1 codec as VLC. MPC uses all Windows-specific technologies introduced after Vista like DirectX Video Acceleration (DXVA-HD), Windows Audio Session API (WASAPI Shared and Exclusive Modes), DirectShow’s Enhanced Video Renderer (EVR) with custom rendering options. It supports advanced third party video renderers like madVR. It supports DirectX Pixel Shader-based resizing and processing (e.g it can de-interlace/denoise video on-the-fly using shaders). It even has a GPU acceleration indicator if your graphics chip has a fixed-function hardware decoder for H.264/HEVC etc).
  15. TCA

    Desktops Thread: 3Q 2019

    Been sorta forever-ish. Just the laptop after a clean up... icons are token white wallpaper: didn’t know I even had it until yesterday 😂
  16. If more people were smart they would find alternatives to Adobe that they don't have to keep paying for. Serif affinity suite have photo, Vector graphics and DTP covered, plenty of video editors around, Audio creation, there is plenty around for that as well, the only thing is after effects, but to be honest, Hitfillm offers most of that, even the free version is pretty good. True people have to use different software and they don't have the cloud rubbish, but maybe that is a good thing. Adobe software is bloated,. Typical nonsense statement about paid quality software. I am not an artist of any kind Video, photo or Vector graphics but I know many smart people who are using Adobe product on daily basis from creating software prototypes . Design websites and editing photos using photoshop . Creating animations using after effect and editing videos using premier. They make at least hundreds of thousands of dollars a year . Why would they waste their time using buggy free ###### tools or any other inferior free products to do the same thing. The entire suite is $70 per month which is worth of less than half an hour of their work.
  17. LoneWolfSL

    Weekend PC Game Deals: Discounts from space and beyond

    I actually played this through game pass PC, had to force myself to stop hours later when I realized I wouldn't get anything done at that rate. You might never get to sleep
  18. Worst scam ever with +500 employees delivering quarterly patch and a Beta in4 quarters. The proven scam are those Triple-A from publishers which are reskinned of their past games sold with multiple DLC's, subscription, loot boxes and bringing nothing new year after year... They are good at one thing: increase shareholder profit while delivering very little to gamer communities. Still, it could easily be a money-laundering scam. We simply don't know.
  19. So, I downloaded and installed PotPlayer. I don't like the way it handles the play of DVDs when they are on a hard disk in .ISO format.
  20. It definitely had an impact on me: I bought A VPN.
  21. Broughton

    Transporting HDD drives and portable drives

    I cannot help but feeling this topic blew out of proportions to the point of NSA countersurveillance for a few drives. I run drives for an MSP. Static bag, foam wrap and some cardboard gets it there functional.
  22. Mesud

    is cleaner safe

    Someone wrote that it is cleaner harmful to the computers Is it not right
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