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  2. bguy_1986

    What Mobile OS is better

    Windows Phone!
  3. warwagon

    What Mobile OS is better

    Apple - timely security updates
  4. Claudia Fields

    Your favorite android apps? Recommend me!

    actually sticky note is my favorite..Because I keep forgetting things that are really important
  5. GT_289

    GIVEAWAY: Win a Lenovo ThinkBook 14s (U.S. only)

    This right here sells it to me: "it feels light but with a solid build quality" I would use it mainly when traveling.
  6. Well no ###### if you ignore the folder from sync, it wouldn't be on your local PC.. Why would you be putting stuff in your sync folder that you don't want sync'd? The ignore rules are for stuff that is in the cloud from source A, that you don't want on source B.. Just at a loss to why you would store stuff in a "sync" folder that you do not want to sync? Don't do that! There is a difference between backup app that backs up stuff in folder A, expect for xyz.. And a sync app.
  7. Fortnite turns back on with a new map, boats, fishing, and more by Pulasthi Ariyasinghe The most popular battle royale game in the world is back. Following the cataclysmic black hole event that transpired recently, Fortnite Battle Royale has returned with a fresh revamp of many things, including a brand new map, leveling system, weapons, and gameplay mechanics, among others. Epic has dubbed this update Chapter 2, with seasons rebooting from scratch alongside the widespread changes. The map boasts 13 new locations to drop into, many of which can be glimpsed on the launch trailer above. Water is now a vital element, with players being able to swim, motorboat across, and even fish for loot. There's a new focus on teamwork and supporting also, as a healing bazooka for quick bandaging and the ability to carry knocked down teammates are now things. Other additions include hiding spots like haystacks and dumpsters for surprise initiations, as well as dynamic elements such as gas tanks and barrels scattered across the map that deliver explosive results when needed. Epic is also promising an upgraded and streamlined combat experience to top it off. Moreover, alongside the game, the battle pass system has gone through a revamp that aims to reduce the grind and offer players additional ways to level up. Head over to Epic's dedicated Battle Pass page to get a full rundown. The patch notes for the massive update haven't been released yet, but the servers are now online and active, inviting everyone to check out the new coat of paint. Fortnite Chapter 2 is now playable for free across Windows, macOS, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, as well as Android and iOS platforms. It seems this is the season for new battle royale maps, as Respawn's own popular shooter Apex Legends replaced the original map with an ice and fire flavored one just earlier this month, three seasons into the game as opposed to Fortnite's ten.
  8. For example, NextCloud does not let you ignore folders, if you ignore a folder it gets deleted on your Local Machine. I do not want that.
  9. What a champ! I was a little sad when I heard the news of it being shut down due to completely manufactured reasons.
  10. Today
  11. Until then you can use corded alternatives: That does not look like the chiclet style keyboard they are selling in this laptop
  12. spikey_richie

    What Mobile OS is better

    Android since 6.0 on a Galaxy S2, before that I was on WinCE on an Omnia. Never had an iPhone, but my wife has one and gets frustrated with it.
  13. Eh? You are wanting a keyboard that changes languages on the keys? They have existed but were very expensive. 1500-2000 USD.
  14. Adobe Acrobat Pro DC 2019.212.20047 by Razvan Serea Adobe Acrobat Reader DC software is the free, trusted standard for viewing, printing, signing, and annotating PDFs. Its the only PDF viewer that can open and interact with all types of PDF content – including forms and multimedia. It’s connected to Adobe Document Cloud – so you can work with PDFs on computers and mobile devices. Adobe Document Cloud is a revolutionary, modern and efficient way to get work done with documents in the office, at home or on-the-go. At the heart of Document Cloud is the all-new Adobe Acrobat DC, which will take e-signatures mainstream by delivering free e-signing with every individual subscription. Document Cloud includes a set of integrated services that use a consistent online profile and personal document hub. With Adobe Document Cloud, people will be able to create, review, approve, sign and track documents whether on a desktop or mobile device. Businesses will be able to take advantage of Document Cloud for enterprise which provides enterprise-class document services that integrate into systems of record such as CRM, HCM, CLM, and CMS, adding speed, efficiency and transparency to getting business done with documents. Adobe Acrobat Reader DC new feature highlights: Work with PDFs from anywhere with the new, free Acrobat DC mobile app for Android or iOS. Select functionality is also available on Windows Phone. Use the new Fill & Sign tool in your desktop software to complete PDF forms fast with smart autofill. Download the free Adobe Fill & Sign mobile app to add the same option to your iPad or Android tablet device. Save money on ink and toner when printing from your Windows PC. Store and access files in Adobe Document Cloud with 5GB of free storage. Get instant access to recent files across desktop, web, and mobile devices with Mobile Link. Sync your Fill & Sign autofill collection across desktop, web, and iPad devices. Adobe PDF Pack premium features includes: Convert documents and images to PDF files. Use your mobile device camera to take a picture of a paper document or form and convert it to PDF. Turn PDFs into editable Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or RTF files. Combine multiple files into a single PDF (web only). Get signatures from others with a complete e-signature service. Send, track, and confirm delivery of documents electronically instead of using fax or overnight services (tracking not available on mobile). Store and access files online with 20GB of storage. Download: Adobe Acrobat Reader DC 2019.212.20047 | Other Languages | 169.0 MB (Freeware) Link: Adobe Acrobat Reader DC Home Page | Release Notes | Screenshot Get alerted to all of our Software updates on Twitter at @NeowinSoftware
  15. Until then you can use corded alternatives:
  16. Human.Online

    What Mobile OS is better

    Last time I jailbroke an iPhone (was a 3G) it was a chore to keep the damned thing up to date. iOS update? It's no longer jailbroken. Still the case?
  17. Copernic

    SecureAPlus 6.0.1

    SecureAPlus 6.0.1 by Razvan Serea  SecureAge SecureAPlus combines application whitelisting and antivirus components to protect your computer from known and unknown malware more effectively. It does what other conventional antivirus cannot do – it can block any new and advanced malware regardless of how they try to evade detection. It even alerts you when risky programs are attempting to run to prevent any accidental installation that potentially can harm your computer. Hence, SecureAge SecureAPlus is the next generation antivirus that truly protects your computer without taking any chance. The 12 engines that the SecureAPlus Universal AV uses are Emsisoft, Avira, Sophos, McAfee, Microsoft Security Essential, ESET, Bitdefender, AVG, Norman, Quick Heal, Total Defense and Clamwin. SecureAPlus Freemium comes with a ONE-YEAR FREE LICENSE but users can also join the Referral Program to extend the license and to even earn a free perpetual user license. What's new in SecureAPlus 6.0.1: ClamAV v0.102.0 Bug Fixes: ClamAV version number was not shown properly in Windows XP. Modifications: Improved fileless malware detection. Updated German translation. Changed the phrase from Enter custom scaling between 100-200 to Enter custom scaling between 90-200 Download: SecureAPlus 6.0.1 | 201.0 MB (Freemium) View: SecureAPlus Home Page Get alerted to all of our Software updates on Twitter at @NeowinSoftware
  18. Are you sure? because Last Time I checked that option was Selective Sync and it was not letting me Keep the files on my local machine (like OneDrive)
  19. All of those services allow you to exclude folders from sync.. Nextcloud can do it as well - I can not think of a cloud service that doesn't allow you to exclude stuff from sync. The other option is just don't put the stuff you don't want to sync in the path of your online cloud service.. You have say c:\mega sync, if you don't want stuff to sync - why would you put it under c:\mega? Comes down to the simple user: hey doc it hurts when I do this doc: then don't do that
  20. Hello. I have been using MEGA for years. MEGA has the option of excluding specific folders/files of uploading and it even supports wildcards (for example: *.ini, which will ignore all files with the extension ini.) and also gives you 50GB for Free account. I am using MEGA for both my Desktop & Laptop Windows 10 PCs. Unfortunately, MEGA has stopped working fine for me. For whatever reason, it has been creating duplicate folders and that fills up my Cloud Space. My actual files is around 30GB and when the problem started my Cloud Folder is around 60GB. I contacted support but they haven't replied yet. Other Cloud Services I tried: OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive Only MEGA gives me the option of excluding File/Folders. The reason I'm using MEGA is because I have configured my programs to use MEGA folder instead of AppData (with Symbolic Links) and with that I can continue my work on my other PC without changing anything but some Applications have temporary files and I do not want to be uploading the Temporary Files, Just the options and that's enough. EDIT: The Problem it seems it is not in the Desktop I'm using, it's in the Cloud, The Online Folder. I have tried uninstalling MEGASync, deleting it's settings, changing it's folder and the problem wasn't fixed.
  21. Iconic Aussie talking clock returns - it's George but not as we know him... by Boyd Chan A bit over a fortnight ago, Australia bid farewell to one of the longest surviving telephone services in the form of the talking clock service, which was last reachable by dialing 1194. The service, colloquially referred to as "George", enabled people to phone up and find out the current time but, in recent years, its usefulness had declined given the popularity of electronic devices that can automatically obtain the time from network time servers. During its 66-year lifespan, the service has been voiced by two people, with theatre critic Gordon Gow having been the original voice starting in 1953 followed by ABC broadcaster Richard Peach when the legacy mechanical system was phased out in favour of a digital replacement in 1990. This platform endured until it was switched off just minutes before its official termination time of midnight on October 1, 2019 "due to impending 'incompatibilities' with upcoming network upgrades". Now, George is back, according to the personal website of Ryan Munro, a developer from Melbourne, Australia. Munro, having heard the news of George's impending demise, decided to help preserve a piece of Australian history by recording all of the words spoken by the clock to recreate it in JavaScript. Having to deal with disconnections after one or two minutes, he called a total of 66 times to capture all of the requisite audio to bring back George in an online incarnation at While this may evoke nostalgia for some, Munro notes that this JavaScript version "uses your device's time, and so shouldn't be relied on for being an accurate time of day". However, if you're interested in hosting your own version of George, or tinkering with the source, you can grab a copy from the GitHub repo here. Via: EFTM
  22. Razer should make a standalone affordable Bluetooth keyboard with these technologies instead of bundling it with an expensive laptop.
  23. It desperately needs some kind of audio out jack and is getting beaten by Amazon Echo devices exactly for this reason.
  24. Anarkii

    What Mobile OS is better

    True, but every mobile OS's have them. I personally think for ease of use, and UI - the customisation offered by jailbreaking iOS is fantastic
  25. Microsoft announces SQL Server IoT 2019, Windows ML container, and more for IoT by Hamza Jawad In May, Microsoft released the Robot Operating System for Windows 10 IoT Enterprise. In the same month, the tech giant also introduced IoT Plug and Play as part of its new intelligent edge offerings. More recently, a cross-Azure IoT collaboration with IoT Messaging was unveiled to simplify location and spatial intelligence usage. Today, during a keynote at CEATEC Japan, Microsoft's Partner Director of Program Management for Intelligent Edge Operating Systems Ian LeGrow explained the firm's plans regarding the Windows for IoT environment. Essentially, LeGrow unveiled new offerings for customers, including a new solution from Smart Tower, Windows ML container, SQL Server IoT 2019, along with more intelligent edge capabilities and hardware options. As far as hardware is concerned, general availability has been announced for Windows 10 IoT Core Board Support Packages (BSP) for the NXP i.MX family of processors. These include the i.MX6, i.MX7, i.MX 8M and i.MX 8M Mini application processor families. Through this move, Microsoft is aiming to provide a wider variety of industrial-grade silicon choices for IoT project engineers which enable them to better utilize the Azure IoT platform. Furthermore, the aforementioned new solution from Smart Tower combines the power of Windows 10 IoT Core, NXP, and Azure IOT. Choosing the Windows IoT platform for this helped Microsoft reduce development costs and marketing time. Essentially, the solution focuses on the improvement of reliability for public infrastructure such as cell towers, offering advantages such as reduction in downtime. The Azure IOT Hub has also been leveraged for better management and connection of devices across the whole network. Moving on, LeGrow also highlighted support for Azure IoT Edge on Windows 10 IoT Enterprise and Windows Server IoT 2019, something which was announced earlier this year. Through seamless integration with IoT Edge runtime, advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms can be moved to edge devices from the cloud. With regards to machine learning, the new Windows ML container is now also available as an insider preview. Arriving at an on-disk size of a mere 350 MB, the GPU-enabled inferencing container is aimed at providing businesses an efficient platform to develop enterprise-grade IoT solutions. The new container is designed to address AI-inferencing workloads built using the Windows ML API. And finally, Microsoft has unveiled SQL Server IoT 2019, dubbed the "binary equivalent to SQL Server 2019". It will be licensed through the OEM channel, and combine with Windows Server IoT 2019 to offer a database platform that focuses on mission-critical data analytics. Although an exact date for its release has not been specified, it will still be available in some capacity before the end of the year. With the flurry of announcements made at CEATEC today, it certainly looks like Microsoft is granting plenty of attention towards the future of Windows for IoT. If you're attending the event this week, you can visit Microsoft's A012 booth to check out the aforementioned solutions firsthand.
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