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  2. Son_Of_Dad

    New Windows 10 Mail and Calendar app icons leak online

    So they separated the two elements of the Outlook icon big deal.... As for the Calendar icon the comments already here sum it up. How is that representative of a calendar though?
  3. Mojang and Nvidia announce ray tracing support for Minecraft by Pulasthi Ariyasinghe Microsoft's block-based sensation Minecraft is getting a visual upgrade on Windows 10, as today in a joint announcement, Mojang and Nvidia announced official real-time ray tracing support for the game. See the video embedded above to check out the smooth visuals and some comparisons. This implementation uses path tracing to simulate how light moves throughout the environment. Ray tracing support will arrive as a free update at a later date to the Bedrock edition of Minecraft on Windows 10. Of course, an Nvidia graphics card from its RTX line will be required to make use of the technology, at least for now. Looking forward, Microsoft specifically mentioned it plans to expand the technology for "future platforms that support DirectX Raytracing." This is probably pointing towards the next-generation Xbox console, codenamed Project Scarlett, which is also supposed to ship with ray tracing optimized innards. Alongside all this, Mojang also announced it's implementing a new graphics engine to Minecraft Bedrock named Render Dragon. This will bring visual and performance enhancements at some level to all platforms, depending on their hardware. These announcements arrive a week after Mojang canceled the Super Duper Graphics Pack for Minecraft, a premium DLC for Windows 10 and Xbox One consoles that was aimed at greatly enhancing the game's looks using shaders and other improvements. The developer said it wasn't "happy with how the pack performed across devices" as the reason for the axing.
  4. The punisher 1911

    Decompiling apps that are out of date

    I'm wondering, has anyone decompiler an apk file and reverse engineered an app? I have an app that isn't ever updated and hasn't been in years. I've emailed the author in Taiwan with no response for 50 times now. I know the ethics are shady but I really need to change the directory this app saves files to
  5. The mail one is fine, but calendar... Yech. Really looks like a generic placeholder logo, not a calendar.
  6. Two things I hated with Chrome: 1. It drains the battery of my laptop at a flick of an eye. 2. Does not allow DNS over HTTPs (at least not easily by a setting in the flags).
  7. New Windows 10 Mail and Calendar app icons leak online by Steven Parker This morning, Microsoft Italian enthusiast website Aggiornamenti Lumia posted a tweet showing off high quality versions of two new icons that are supposedly coming to the native Calendar and Mail apps in Windows 10. New mail and calendar icons look good — Aggiornamenti Lumia (@ALumia_Italia) August 19, 2019 The Calendar image in particular looks rather like that of the Your Phone app icon, which was updated in May, and if you combined the two new icon images, you would get something similar to the new Outlook Mail app icon. We've uploaded the images, which you can view in all their glory below. The Aggiornamenti Lumia website hasn't posted anything about these icons on their own website yet, so it's unclear when the icons will show up, perhaps in an upcoming 20H1 Insider build. Microsoft usually rolls out changes like this to Insiders first, and in this case most likely via a store update. We'll keep you updated as we learn more. Source: @ALumia_Italia on Twitter
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  9. dipsylalapo

    Canadian Travel SIM

    They're the same and don't cover Canada. I had a look with Bell and Telus in Canada and even for something as little as 2GB on a 30 day plan is 45CAD, which again is nuts. I have a feeling, that it may just be that expensive there and I'll be reliant on downloading stuff before hand and using public WiFi spots.
  10. dipsylalapo

    Canadian Travel SIM

    It's what I used to do with PAYG. Travelling outside of Europe I could pay 3p/MB which was great. I'm now on contract with Three, but Canada isn't part of their Go Roam destination and they charge £6/MB
  11. Nick H.

    Canadian Travel SIM

    I could be wrong, but doesn't he mention in the second paragraph that he is already with 3, but that they don't offer any packages that cover Canada? Or are 3 and Three different providers?
  12. Its been working out pretty well for them since 1975. But of course, Microsoft with all their knowledge of the OS business, that they own 80% of, should to defer to you, Mr guy from the internet, about how they should run their company and what they should produce. It’s a long time since Microsoft had anywhere near an 80% share of the operating system market. In April 2019, Windows had a desktop market share of 79.24%. - oh noes, teh end of teh worldz! To be fair, I thought Windows Desktop market share was a lot higher.. They should open source it and focus on the Cloud. Smartphones and other basic computing devices have eroded it some. Desktop OS share, not overall OS share
  13. Human.Online

    Canadian Travel SIM

    Mate, I see that you're in the UK like me. What I do is this: Go to a 3 store Get a monthly sim that has unlimited data It allows you to take your data to many different countries as if you were at home Have holiday Call and cancel the monthly plan Not sure if Canada is on their list, I know the USA is...
  14. dipsylalapo

    Canadian Travel SIM

    Hi all, I'm travelling to Canada next week and currently don't have a way to use my phone when I'm there. I'm from the UK and want a cheap way to stay online so I can search for places to eat, directions etc. I normally use my Three SIM abroad, but they don't cover Canada. Most other UK mobile operators don't either, even with Travel packs. I had a quick look online and there doesn't seem to be a cheap way to stay connected. Most travel SIMs come with very little data (<1GB) for 40/50 CAD, which seems pricey. Anyone travelled there before and know the best thing to do?
  15. Tesla relaunches its solar-panel business with new rental options by Stergios Georgopoulos Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced in a series of tweets the relaunch of its solar panel division, which now includes three new no-contract rental packages. Since acquiring SolarCity for $2.6 billion in 2016, Tesla has made several strategic changes which resulted in the company losing market share. It ended the deal with Home Depot, halted door-to-door sales, and focused on direct sales in its retail stores and online instead of leasing equipment. Hoping to revitalize its struggling solar power business, Musk announced today that the company is returning to a rental model that includes no upfront costs. There are three new system sizes that customers can choose from. The small panel array is 3.8 kW and costs $7,049, the medium is 7.6 kW and costs $14,098, and the large option includes a 11.4 kW system and has a price tag of $21,147. With the new lower Tesla pricing, it’s like having a money printer on your roof if you live a state with high electricity costs. Still better to buy, but the rental option makes the economics obvious. — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) August 18, 2019 Customers have the option to rent their preferred system for a monthly payment that includes installation costs as well as support and maintenance. They also have the ability to cancel the contract at any time, though they have to pay $1,500 if they want to have the system removed from their rooftop. Tesla says it makes no profit from uninstalling the panels. For now, the rental option is available to residents in six states: Arizona, California, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey and New Mexico. Additionally, Musk said that Tesla Solar will be available to customers in Europe some time next year.
  16. I always thought nobody played Rust. It was just one of those games we all had in our Steam library for some reason, from some sale or bundle long, long ago. Right up there with Broken Age and Mini Metro. It's slowly growing in popularity. You kind of either have to go all in or not at all to get anything out of it, it's not a particularly casual game. Think it's hit the top 5 PVP games a few times of the last 6 months or so on Steam.
  17. Cheers for the suggestions, i'll certainly take a look
  18. I like the idea. A phone-sized device that turned into a tablet-sized device. It sounds good in theory. BUT... I'm not sure I could go back to a plastic screen. Especially a soft plastic screen. Look at pictures 5 and 6... the wavy screen would drive me insane. You know how DVD cases have a plastic sleeve covering the paper insert? I imagine that's what this screen feels like.
  19. A double sided plastic screen? I think I'll stick to one or two non-bendable devices with glass.
  20. Cumulative updates will be a thing like they have for the past 4 years. But at least they are small, normally or i can wait for 12 months before I install them.
  21. just need to add it to Cortana now and other stuff. Cortana, edge, etc is too integrated into Windows to be an optional feature anytime soon. Tbh I don't find it perfectly useless, it's nice to have a basic assistant features with voice support, if only it didn't have to be a telemetry program. No it is not, I got rid of cortana no problem at all, by renaming the folder and it will fail to start, it does muck up the search in that it don't work, but I can live with that. normal Windows file search still works fine. There used to be a way that we could turn cortana into just search, but Ms stopped us doing that LTSB version of Windows 10 don't have Cortana. I am not bothered about Edge, it is not running in the background all the time. i see no point in Cortana even as a search, because it uses Bing.
  22. Same. And it's really, really ironic because the servers are effing HOSTED on 'nix. Facepunch are simply bad devs. That's the bottom line. Servers and game clients are massively different. Also, dropping support for the client is clearly due to lack of demand, but there is plenty of demand for Linux servers. Lack of demand ... not so much. Most of us Linux Gamers dual-boot with Windows only because we're forced to. Seriously, we dislike Windows for a lot of reasons. Not because it's Microsoft -- truly, no issue with Microsoft at all (I'm a customer of Office 365) -- but because of the ecosystem. Seriously iffy code isn't much on my list of stuff to complain about either, tbh. It should be, but it isn't. That's not my purview. What I will gripe about are Devs who won't put in the effort. "Linux is too hard", blah blah. It most certainly is not "too hard". The problem with Facepunch's Dev Team is that they won't hire one capable person that's actually a Linux Specialist. ONE. That's all they'd need to keep it afloat on 'nix. And EAC not being functional on Linux is horses**t. Seriously, there's no reason for that at all. (That's not a projection on you, @sphbecker.) So "clearly" isn't a word I'd attribute to Rust on 'nix when saying "lack of demand". It's Facepunch punking out of something they know damn well can work fine they just don't know how.
  23. just need to add it to Cortana now and other stuff. Cortana, edge, etc is too integrated into Windows to be an optional feature anytime soon. Tbh I don't find it perfectly useless, it's nice to have a basic assistant features with voice support, if only it didn't have to be a telemetry program. Cortana will be axed in a year or so (my guess), because of that separated app. EdgeHTML will stay for WinStore apps but browser will be replaced by Chromium. Cortana should never have been put into Windows in the first place or at least make it so it can be disabled.
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