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  2. Just upgraded all of my PCs today in place. The home server is on 18.04 LTS so it'll stay there until the next LTS release. Seems to be working fine so far, haven't noticed any problems.
  3. I hate churches You're allowed, I hate mosques. Lol, I don’t like either but still celebrate Easter and Christmas
  4. I can understand someone not wanting to upgrade from Windows 7 to 8.1 or 10, but why would anyone not want to upgrade from 8 to 8.1?
  5. Amazon Music's free tier is now live exclusively for Alexa devices by João Carrasqueira Amazon Echo Dot​​​​​​ Over the weekend, it was reported that Amazon would be launching a free tier for its Amazon Music streaming service. Now, the company has officially announced the service. Starting today, users in the United States can get access to a "selection of top playlists and stations" for free through an Alexa-enabled device. As with most free tiers for music streaming services, this experience will be supported by ads, and you also can't just play any track you'd like. You can start playing a station based on a specific song or artist, or play a specific genre of music, for example, but you can't choose a specific track to listen to whenever you'd like. If you want to listen to any song at any time, you'll still need to subscribe to Amazon Music or Amazon Prime. While the move isn't surprising after the original announcement, it is interesting to note that the launch is happening on the same day as Google is doing almost the same exact thing with YouTube Music and Google Assistant. What's more, the two companies also announced today that they would be making amends, bringing YouTube TV back to Fire TV devices and Prime Video to Chromecast and Android TV. If you'd like to get started with Amazon Music's free experience, you can simply ask Alexa things such as "play the Imagine Dragons station" or "play 80s music". If it gets your interest, you can learn more about the paid tiers here.
  6. Creative needed to provide the update, and supposedly they (Creative) have. only some of the creative x-fi cards like "x-fi titanium" got updated drivers in late March 2019. others like "x-fi titanium hd" and "x-fi xtreme music" did not as creative have yet to make new drivers for those
  7. i've tried it and i can say it's pretty good, fast and good-looking! But i will still not move away from my beloved Firefox, as i find everything i need there. Not to say that i really don't like Chrome, because Google!!!
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  9. Yep, I still remember the news of them hiding the start button and was thinking "Are you CRAZY!!?!?! Are you really that disconnected from the average user?!?!" aaaand guess what, it was a disaster.
  10. If you still use Windows 8, people should stop giving you tech support. AH Windows 8 was so horrible. 8.1 was better but 8 (puke)
  11. They can keep developing developing developing developing for Win 8.1 and 10. No OS is supported forever, and most people have moved on to 8.1 if not 10 by this point. Both upgrades were free after all.
  12. I was just crawling up and around Notre Dame last week in that game, comparing it to a chance I had to thankfully visit the real thing last summer. I love the AC games for their virtual art/architecture history tourist aspects.
  13. There have been three updates since it went public.... Edit: whoops. I’m on Canary.
  14. It doesn't make much sense to build a game at this early stage of development, first you make sure you have enough of the engine ready that can do what you want it to do before really focusing on the game otherwise you will end up replacing much of the game you've made. A lot of developers know this but they don't have the problem of the game being on the market for gamers to play with whereas in this case, they kind of have to do the game back to front because of the backers wanting to play the game.
  15. but what about all the Developers Developers Developers Developers?!
  16. adrynalyne

    Windows 10 Enterprise vs Pro Workstation

    Uh, considering Enterprise is volume licensed, no...Pro for Workstations is not more expensive than Enterprise because it can be purchased retail.
  17. Thats why most publishers and developers play it safe and keep giving us the same old crap over and over and yet us gamers complain about it. The irony is that when someone does try to do something new, people complain about it taking too long, can't win with thoes people. In truth, trying new things always takes longer to do and cost a lot more money and what they are trying to do with this game seems far more impressive then I've seen with any other game so far.
  18. It's in Alpha. Like an actual alpha not a marketing one, means it's not anywhere near finished nor polished. that's the point though; it's been in "alpha" for almost a decade now (publicly available since 2013) development started back in 2011 really kind of sad that it hasn't matured more We should remember that for the first year or two, they more or less had a skeleton crew working on the game and with that, there was no way they could of pridicted they would bring in this kind of money which changese the scope of what kind of game they can give us. Add to that, they have more or less rewriten the game engine to get it to do things that it couldn't do before. All of that takes a lot of time and money to do, most games that are being developed, already have a game engibe in place and all they really do is some minor tweaks to get it to do what they want whereas Star Citizen is trying to do many knew things we just don't see in other games, at least not on this scale and thats why it's taking so long to do.
  19. adrynalyne

    The Windows 10 May 2019 Update is now available on MSDN

    That's what I thought until I launched The Crew 2. BSOD. There are still issues with the Anti-Cheat thing. I have gone back to 1809. That to me is a very good reason that this hasn't left the insider programme quite yet. If MS waited for third parties to fix their stuff before ever releasing, it would NEVER go out.
  20. Creative needed to provide the update, and supposedly they (Creative) have.
  21. PGHammer

    Windows 10 Enterprise vs Pro Workstation

    KMS licenses business/VL versions - which includes both Enterprise and Pro for Workstations. While Pro for Workstations includes features that Enterprise lacks, they can be installed on the same hardware (I replaced my Professional install on my desktop with Pro for Workstations); therefore, the issue is licensing - not hardware so much. 1. Games and Pro for Workstations Like the Professional version of Windows 10, you can game on Pro for Workstations without a quibble (I played the entire Anno 1800 open beta on Pro for Workstations with no issues outside of those present in the beta itself - not one issue was unique to Pro for Workstations). Basically gaming on a workstation OS is just fine (no different than was the case with Windows XP Professional, or Windows 2000 Professional for that matter). 2. Productivity apps and Pro for Workstations (Office for example) Like gaming, you aren't going to have a problem there, either - I have the Office Insider channel installed on Pro for Workstations right now. Again, there is no reason that should be problematical (productivity applications on a workstation has been the domain of both Linux and UNIX, and Windows NT Workstation before that). Again, the issue will be licensing - not hardware. 3. So - what's the beef? The "beef" with Pro for Workstations is cost - it not only costs more than Professional, it also costs more than Enterprise. Justifying paying the freight for Pro for Workstations - even in enterprises - is going to be difficult; Pro - and even Enterprise - can slot into the same seats that Pro for Workstations can, for the most part - and for less.
  22. Sad reality is that most user are not aware that there is choice, most just use whats given to them by default. Most user are not even aware that there are alternative search engines and internet browers and just use whats given on the phone and thats why Google have a major advantage because they hold the keys to Android and with that, a lot of the software thats pre installed on it. The EU is just opening peoples eyes that there is alternatives and that can only be a good thing for consumers. Anyway, what I would perfer is that no search engine or browers is installed by default and then users have to pick which one to use, that alone will likely get many of them checking the alternatives out to what Google is offering, but what they've done here is have thier own product installed by default but where you have choice of others, it's a step in the right direction but I think more needs to be done.
  23. Check event viewer, it is like a Christmas tree with ornaments, referring to various warnings and errors. That must be an issue with something you have, no errors or warnings in my system or application event log mins a few DNS timeouts which isn't Windows fault..
  24. The PS4 is already low level access so there is little point in bringing this over to that, on the PC side, this brings much of the lower level access to the hardware that consoles enjoy to the PC version of the game and overall it should perform much better once they iron out some of the early bugs. Yeah that's what I figured, but if it made development easier and more streamlined to have the same pipeline then I thought it might make sense. Brad Wardell was quoted as saying "Sony has a very low-level API already for the PlayStation 4. The problem I have with it is that if you want to make use for it you’re writing some very specific code just for the PlayStation 4. And in the real world people don’t do that right. I write code generally to be as cross-platform as I can.” Anyway it depends if it's the right fit. I don't want the PS4 version to somehow miss or delay advancements. It would make more sense for developers but I'm not sure that Sony would allow Vulkan on it's consoles whereas DX12 is on the PC and Xbox One X so that is the only option. But I suspect that overall, Vulkan, DX12 and the low level access that consoles use are not radically that diffrent from each other to help streamline the process already. Anyway, in an ideal world, Vulkan on the PC, PS4, Xbox One and Switch would be great but for the moment, it's just PC and Android but as I said above, most of these api's are getting close enough to each other that the porting process shouldn't be much of an issue now.
  25. That's what I thought until I launched The Crew 2. BSOD. There are still issues with the Anti-Cheat thing. I have gone back to 1809. That to me is a very good reason that this hasn't left the insider programme quite yet.
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