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  2. We are in the decade of no accountability. It can't possibly be his fault he didn't read. It's obviously Neowin's fault. HOWEVER that said, the ad does appear to be intentionally misleading in his screenshot by saying you get 12 apps, not 12 courses. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.
  3. Son_of_Dad - it must do one OR the other; however, it cannot afford to do both (priced above the competition *and* fall behind them). The other question is will the partnership with theUnCarrier remain intact in the US (and not just due to the planned merger with Sprint; their own 5G plans aren't known).
  4. um, you didn't realize they were courses? Please note ... this response is coming from me as a member as I have nothing to do with Neowin deals/etc.
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  6. Believe me, I have read through the TOS and this post abides by the TOS, probably a great place to start if you're new to this website. Look at this picture [attached] a FOMO tomer with an ad for 12 apps. And those 12 apps are the entire Adobe Creative Suite. I was so thrilled I bought 2! Then, I realized that they confused the word 'Video' with 'Apps' and I didn't buy 12 Apps x2, I bought a video series about an industry that I have no real interest in x2. I don't know about the rest of you but for my first experience with Neowin and I can't believe how Neowin handled the refund request.
  7. Wild that they decided to equip it with a 1060 but crippled it with an ULV series CPU. Seriously someone at the the Surface team needs to make better decisions: the books & laptops should have Intel HQ series chips option to not bottleneck the graphics, and/or mx250 series GPUs that are more economical and mobile like ULV CPUs. The Surface Go needs a 1920x1280 screen and an LTE option. Go & Pro both 'must' get a USB 3.1 Type C w/ thunderbolt & charging - it's high time. And the surface studio definitely needs desktop class CPU/GPU chips instead of being a crippled gaming laptop with a hugeass touchscreen.
  8. Having had the original Surface for 2 years, then a SP4 for the past 2.5 years, I can say the surface line is solid. The SP4 with an i5/8gb/256gb config is an ideal balance between power/storage/portability. Added a 256gb microSD for on the go back-up/file history. I dock the machine both at home and office with 28" displays, wireless mouse/kb. Only minor gripe now - no USB-C.... Was looking at the Surface Book 2. It's a beautiful device but have read the battery configuration (part in base, part in removable display) can be tricky. It has USB-C. Cheers
  9. Remember, everything is a conspiracy, especially if you're the only one whose eyes are open to the truth. Just speculation and it not baseless considering the other ways Microsoft had tried forcing Edge in other ways (Cortana searches only opens up in Edge, testing Mail only opening links in Edge, extra warning when switching from Edge to a different default browser, etc.).
  10. Samsung acknowledges Galaxy Wearable app sign-in issue, fix underway by Jay Bonggolto Samsung has finally recognized the complaints of several users of its smartwatches who have been lamenting for several days now over a widespread issue with signing into their accounts via the Galaxy Wearable app. The affected users have taken to Samsung's community forum to report the problem, which impacts the Samsung Gear and Galaxy Watch Active watches. The app works to help users set up and connect their Samsung smartwatch with their phone. However, according to the posts on the community forum, the login issue occurs when users attempt to sign into their Samsung accounts on a non-Samsung phone such as the OnePlus 6T, Pocophone F1, Google Pixel phones, and Xiaomi Mi 9 SE, among others. Instead of logging them in, users are being stuck on a white screen. While users can still use their smartwatch even if they have not logged into their Samsung account, their access to the full functionality of the wearable device is limited. For example, they can't download apps and watch faces, restore the watch's default settings, or back up their device, among others. A Samsung representative says the company is looking into the matter and that it is working on fixing the problem. There's no clear timeline, though, on when the fix will be rolled out. Source: Samsung Community via Android Police
  11. if it helps i'll also be old at 47y/o... I guarantee that I wont be seeing that movie...
  12. I love the idea. In fact, I paid for the option on my Garmin. Unfortunately, the service is at the maintenance whim of the local agencies. Here in southern California, half the cameras aren't working correctly and if you don't contact Caltrans (or whoever the local company is) and tell them the camera isn't working, it stays that way. they don't even seem to care to maintain the feed.
  13. Yep goes all the way back to at least the Radeon HD 7 series cards.
  14. Thanks for the warning. That’s what my laptop has.
  15. "AMD Radeon VII may experience screen flicker in multi display setups on desktop or while applications are running." I have this problem since I bought a AMD graphic card. It's not a VII issue. This should be in the specs of every graphic card, since they apparently don't know how to fix it.
  16. Hm... What about Core 2 Duo T7200? Because I can not install that update via Windows Update.
  17. This is why I love Samsung Pay. Works whenever stores try to do this crap. it's a nice concept but the question is how long Samsung will continue to include the special chip required to make it function in their devices. they seem to limit it to flagship devices (S range) now; they even removed it from the latest Galaxy watch for some reason and just left normal NFC
  18. This is why I love Samsung Pay. Works whenever stores try to do this crap.
  19. I heard about this recently and I think it's still a Prime exclusive offering.
  20. If you haven't already, I would suggest a restart (not a shut down)
  21. wait...people actually go into a JCPenny to buy stuff? I always thought this was a "try before you buy on Amazon" place.
  22. I work in the credit industry and can tell you this is not true. The retailers often don't have to do anything other than upgrade their software since they're mostly using POS Systems. Even most stand alone terminals can be downloaded with an updated app; and those that can't are moved to a No Download or even End of Support status. It's the POS/Terminal Vendors that have to do the Certifications and keep their apps in compliance. the Retailers just have to verify they're up-to-date. Again; EMV Contactless support should have been added/enabled at the same time as general EMV if the Vendor was smart. then they could have just disabled the legacy protocol once the mandate arrived. that's how MOST vendors handled it. If they already have the equipment for it then there's really no reason the software shouldn't have supported it ... edit: another thing; EMV itself is not mandated but it's starting to get even more expensive to NOT support EMV than it is to upgrade and support the current standards due to some of the fees being put in place by the card acquirers (Visa/MasterCard) to push EMV compliance Everytime you mentioned POS... Just replace with Piece Of Sh... and it's basically the same thing, it won't change the meaning lol (I know ...I know, it stands for Point of boring) lol I honestly do the same thing everyday in my head
  23. lol, or customers will just use their plastic card or cash. Just like they do when Apple Pay/Google Pay isn't available. So dramatic. "Oh, I don't go there, my phone doesn't work with them, even though I have my wallet/purse"... said no one ever.
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