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  2. The following year, "Introducing Prime Time, because it's Prime.... all the time."
  3. PsYcHoKiLLa

    Is my forehead big ?

    10 posts on a tech forum, all about a forehead? What an amazing time we live in !
  4. Tell me a career field that's immune to automation. At the rate the tech industry is going, any given career field has a limited shelf life.
  5. My wife is exactly the same right now, she has tried 3 times and failed 3 times The only thing i can put it down to is nerves as both me and her instructor agree she is a very good driver. I would not have her drive my car if that was not the case Just try again, keep your chin up and be confident
  6. FloatingFatMan

    Is my forehead big ?

    How can we possibly tell from that? Everything is proportional to everything else, so really, we need a picture to be able to tell if you have a Vegeta forehead or not.
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  8. Hey So, I am getting totally fed up of these driving tests, I have now failed 3 times! 1st time, I was all in a panic so decided to stop before the end of the test. 2nd time, I failed for lane discipline, because I cut a corner (oops) 3rd time, I failed for touching the curb whilst reversing around a corner. (But whether or not the examiner should have been asking me to do that maneuver in the road he did is very, very questionable!!!) I am getting fed up, having to pay out daft money for tests and lessons, only to keep on failing for silly reasons. I'm yet to pull out on anyone, or run a light, or even get minors for poor observation/signalling or the like, it's all just daft little things. SO frustrating! My instructor is also getting fed up of my failing it seems, because he just can't work out what is going wrong when the test comes, and why I haven't passed already. At the moment, I am so close to just giving up and calling it a day, I'm honestly not used to failing anything, and driving would make family life a million times easier, but at this rate I feel like it might never happen! I need some motivation again, because I cannot face going through it all again. So... just wondering how many attempts it took you guys to pass, and any driving stories you might like to share? Cheers!
  9. Withy14

    Windows 10 Superseded updates

    Hi, sry for late response. Yes it is for Windows 10. The point is that on Windows 10 it no longer returns superseded updates. I have tested it on existing installations as well as fresh installs so I am fairly positive that it is not environmental issue. Example - I install Windows 10 1803. In past the script returned me like March cumulative update, May, June etc., now it just returns only the latest cumulative patch. On Windows 8.1 and bellow it is working correctly. Please note that it is not an issue in script. I am just suspecting that Microsoft did this change intentionally.
  10. Indeed, Oppo, OnePlus and Xiaomi have really been releasing some nice phones this year. It will be a hard sell if other manifactures launch a flagship with a notch later this year.
  11. Organic waste stream is composed of waste of a biological origin such as paper & cardboard, food, green & garden waste, animal waste and bios lids and sludges.
  12. Greetings from a fellow Amazonian! I'm at MAN3 in UK, and it is going to be really busy, but I find that's the best time to shine! I'm on my way up to Robotics, hoping to start RME apprenticeship soon Running my business alongside nights at Amazon is a challenge but keeps me busy!
  13. dustojnikhummer

    The closed beta for GOG Galaxy 2.0 is now live

    I like to think I was one of the first but no luck for me
  14. TIL you can't buy a Kindle book using Kindle app on iOS.
  15. It's not nothing, it actually includes support for new development APIs and systems, developer support and application review support, bug fixing in the API and customer support. Does apple spend anywhere near that much on that? No. But please don't try to write it off as running the app store and an application development system costs nothing, that's complete guff. Oh really, does it? They wouldn't have to do so if they did not force app developers to use their proprietary APIs.
  16. It uses IE to do this... You know you can just disable it yourself, right?
  17. This is while I buy books on Amazon in Kindle form I also de-DRM all of them.
  18. AMD Surface Go would be awesome! No, I don't want ARM one.
  19. Circaflex


    The new Childs Play was absolute garbage

  20. This is the right move! The Trump Administration's continual flux of regulations and impediments to global commerce directly impedes carriers' abilities to properly honor their own commitments to their global customers. In the Huawei P30 instance, the EAR meant that federal regulations prohibited the transport into the US (even though it was a private courier activity as opposed to a commercial import/export business) and FedEx would have been held criminally liable should they have sent the product into the US due to circumstances of the EAR. This case WILL bubble up to the SCOTUS [eventually] because it is a matter of obligating private entities to enforce government regulations at their own peril... especially if due process rights are not permitted in the EAR (thus rendering EAR unconstitutional if that were the circumstance). There are several constitutional questions available, and maintaining due process is a reasonable expectations for the Commerce Dept to accommodate. In English: the current EAR does not allow carriers to use their own judgment on shipments whilst directly penalizing carriers for not using their own judgment on shipments. The "due process" is the legal way of saying there's legal avenues to debate/argue whether a decision was appropriate or not (aka "a fair trial").
  21. That would be golden, after fighting a hard boss for half a hour, barely staying alive, Saitama just shows up and takes them out. Then the game makes fun of you.
  22. It's a parady on the typical anine hero trope where they have to keep training to get stronger to fight the next bad guy who's even stronger than the last one. The main character is already the strongest from the start, so the formula is flipped on its head.
  23. I got.. Version (Official build) canary (64-bit) yesterday. How many dev channels are there? I'm still really enjoying this browser none the less! I still have issues with what I know of as the bookmark bar ala' Chrome, the icons for the bookmarks are broken. they work, but they are all messed up looking... mmkay, did a look see and its called the "favorites bar", the icons for the individual book- favorites are broken graphically. Not all but many
  24. The practice itself is not inherently evil. It is not the name of a rigidly defined and strictly enforced practice anyway. It's all on the manager. BTW, what do you mean by "missing the internet?" Are you referring to the browser wars?
  25. Does it run x86 applications as well as x86, and does it run every single x86 driver? If yes, I'll buy it; if not, I won't.
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