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  2. So a Ubisoft game, then. Pretty much... When I play Watch Dogs 2 on my high end gaming PC it sounds like it's gonna take off, it really seems to get pushed to its limits.
  3. I'd agree, and I really don't like the practice. But gamers generally feel like they don't have an outlet to express rage (or adoration, I guess, but rage 99% of the time). Steam reviews are one of the only places a common gamer can express themselves in a way that makes a dent in anything substantial.
  4. Well, the game was bombed when it was released due to its crappy PC port: glitches, bugs, and even high-end PCs crawled to a snail when running it.
  5. Probably they wanted to go hardcore and made some tight integration within the OS that probably requires a lot of rewiring in the current code (likely to break a lot of stuff). I think that's why they went with Edge's integration... Now that Edge is no longer a UWP (as the article mentioned), they're probably scratching their heads right now as what to do...
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  7. Directory Opus. MS won't come close to what that beast can do. My workflow is crippled without it.
  8. Groupy is pretty good, if you tried it you will see how good it is, sure it has it faults, some software will not work with it, but then i expect sets would have that problem. My other problem with Groupy and it is not a fault of groupy is that if you have a browser and some other things in the group, you have to be careful not to click on the wrong set of tabs. But again you would have that problem in sets.
  9. Clearly you haven’t tried it. Since the beginning of modern OSes, people have installed additional applications to extend OS functionality. This should come as no surprise to anyone.
  10. MightyJordan

    The Big Wrestling Thread!

    And we've got an official word...
  11. The Quick and Easy Way to Orchestrate and Manage Kubernetes - Free Guide - NO IT'S NOT! just some BS infographic. Feels like Neowin is in desperate mode with these "offerings".
  12. Jim K

    XBox One App Issues

    // @Trxine67... split out from 5 year old thread and created new one. Please don't bump really old threads. See below as reference to subject.
  13. Why are all these people saying groupy, groupy. Why can’t Microsoft do that if stardock can. Why should that have to exist. Why is everyone so accepting of garbage and patching with a third party apps. Get it together.
  14. Trxine67

    XBox One App Issues

    Stupid Xbox 1 just started this bs. Using the Anime Tube Unlimited and it randomly switches to Microsoft Edge. Watching Naruto and the stupid net opens. Controller just lying here no button pushing. Never happened before about an hour ago. Just performed a re-start hopefully it stops.
  15. Too bad it didn't survive long enough to get its first renaming. :'(
  16. It seems a lot of people have zero idea what "review" means, or know but don't care. Steam has to exclude these reviews, just like they do with unrelated, off-topic negative ones.
  17. 12 years?!?!?! What are we paying those guys for?
  18. Implementing Sets was going to change the way applications load files to be more like OSX. I.e. if you loaded a file into Notepad that was already loaded in another Notepad window then it would just bring that window to the front instead of opening a new one. This was so that you could save and restore sets with ease. I suspect it was the consequences of that change more than anything else that brought it all to an end.
  19. Have you updated it to Pie yet? I did my 3t a few days ago.
  20. I expect they will do little if anything. The iOS home screen layout is part of the brand. It may be boring but everyone knows how it works and normal people are happy with it. It’s mostly normal people who buy iOS products and you don’t want to get them confused with a big change. That's too bad. I'm kind of stuck in the Apple ecosystem, but am always yearning to have Android's home screen capabilities.
  21. As bad as this is, better now than when crew are on it...
  22. Wired is superior to wireless as a rule. I'd like to see wireless charging on a OnePlus as a convenience measure but if it doesn't come right away, for me at least, it's not a major show stopper. ( I'd like to see them do more with the Digital/Analog Converter since I listen to music from Bluetooth phones quite a lot and not too many compete with the pure sound I get from my iPhone 8 Plus. ) I'm sure they have a road map for devices they can afford to build, meaning features but all that is based on the cost of materials. They can hand have made the OnePlus water resistant as we've seen in plenty videos but "IP certification" costs money and to keep costs down, they did not get the certification so we don't get those costs. But for what it does have in terms of processor, memory, screen, and design, to me it's worth the money they get for it.
  23. Weird that that they were at T-9 before the RUD. Also,
  24. It is on Android!
  25. Stardock already did it in a nifty software called Groupy. and it works amazingly. Minimum memory consumption and most applications behave well. Strange that Microsoft could not bring this feature into the main Windows experience. I would tend to think that it was their way to push Edge and the windows store apps to more people instead of technical issues related to Sets.
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