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  2. I used the heck out of Media Center once I learned about the XBOX 360 was my "Plex Before Plex"...
  3. TrekRich

    Google Fit is now available on iOS

    And I am sure you wear a tinfoil hat too. tripple lined
  4. Dark Mode on only for select users right now. You want it on add this at the end of Target Line in Chrome shortcut: -force-dark-mode If you have custom theme you may want to disable or uninstall it, chromes default theme in Dark Mode looks pretty awesome.
  5. Functions & Formulas Training - Free Excel Webinar by Steven Parker Request your free on-demand Webinar today, before this offers expires. What's it about? Join Microsoft Certified Trainer, Kyle Pew, and Founder of MyExcelOnline, John Michaloudis to learn the must know excel formulas to advance your Excel skills. During this free Excel Formulas Training you will learn: The most popular Excel Formulas that get asked during interviews & ones that you NEED to know A proven step by step guide to creating Excel Formulas in SECONDS The limitations of using a VLOOKUP and why INDEX&MATCH is better 3 TIPS that the Excel experts & MVPS use that will enhance your Formula knowledge You will also be able to download the Excel workbook used in the training so you can follow along & practice You don’t want to miss out on this free Excel Formulas training! How to get it Please ensure you read the terms and conditions to claim this offer. Complete and verifiable information is required in order to receive this free offer. If you have previously made use of these free offers, you will not need to re-register. While supplies last! >> Functions & Formulas Training - Free Excel Webinar << Offered by, view other free resources. Limited time offer Not for you? That's OK, there are other free eBooks on offer you can check out here, but be aware that these are all time-limited offers. If you are uncomfortable sharing your details with a third-party sponsor, we understand. Or via our preferred partner: Private Internet Access VPN service is discounting their subscription plans right now, get in on the action here #PIA #VPNs — Neowin (@NeowinFeed) November 8, 2018 How can I disable these posts? Click here. Disclosure: A valid email address is required to fulfill your request. Complete and verifiable information is required in order to receive this offer. By submitting a request, your information is subject to TradePub.coms Privacy Policy.
  6. Dark mode arrives in Chrome 74 for Windows, but you may need to enable it manually by João Carrasqueira With the increasing popularity of dark mode growing across apps and services, Google started working to implement it in the wildly popular Chrome browser last year. The feature recently made its way to the stable channel on macOS, but Windows users have only been able to do it in the test releases. Today, though, Google rolled out version 74 of the Chrome browser to the stable channel and it finally includes support for dark mode. For some users, at least. A user in the Chrome community forums reported that their browser wasn't switching to dark mode automatically after the update, to which a community manager responded saying that the feature is rolling out to some users, but wider availability will be coming soon (via The Verge). If you don't want to wait, though, and you're not interested in joining the testing channels for Chrome, you can force the browser to run in dark mode by making a change in the browser's shortcut properties. To do this, you'll need to right-click on the desktop shortcut for Chrome and go to "Properties". In the properties window, you'll need to add "--force-dark-mode" at the end of the "Target" text box (after the quotes, too). Once you've done this, the browser should start in dark mode the next time you open it using that shortcut. If you have also pinned Chrome to your taskbar, you'll need to unpin it and pin it again once you've made the change to the shortcut target. This also won't work if you run Chrome directly through the executable file.
  7. DevTech

    NVIDIA Power Setting

    Preliminary report: This might be just yet another endless example of "Tech VooDoo" I'm not seeing any difference of any sort with that setting. Smells like the "Knob That Goes to 11" on Primal Tap.... Will investigate further...
  8. Microsoft should open source Media Center, even though its not been updated for the last decade it's still a very polished package. I've recently moved over to Kodi with MediaPortal TV-Server as the backend. TV wise WMC is still more intuitive and user friendly to setup after all this time, however Kodi is far more advanced when it comes to organising your media library.
  9. Brandon H

    Dragon touch x10

    after googling I see several complaints that Google Play services don't work correctly on the Dragon Touch tablets. you should be able to get around this though by downloading the Nova Launcher APK directly and installing it after enabling 'allow unknown sources'
  10. DevTech

    Looking to replace my monitor soon, are BenQ's good?

    "I don’t consider either brand a premium brand" - You have described my point. 1. Just about every brand has high quality monitors 2. Just about every brand has junk monitors Hence, as I have tried to explain in a few posts in this thread, there is NO "premium brand" other than a fantasy in the mind of the beholder... A tech-aware buyer (i.e. people in this forum) just needs to find out what Display Panel a monitor is using inside it and then he knows what is going on. The Panel might be made by BOE or by TCL or by LG Display (three state of the art 4K Panel Manufacturers) and the particular model number of the Panel being used will determine the quality. TCL (Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology (CSOT)) LG Display BOE Technology Group (you would never tell from their website that 1/4 of all LCD Panels on Planet Earth comes from BOE) The Logo Decal glued to the plastic frame on the outside of the monitor is just a game of "dress up" - the incredibly complex tech and quality level of a modern LCD Panel will NOT be determined by that eye-catching little chunk of a plastic logo known as BRAND.
  11. So its this? Damn it, Jian Yang.
  12. Bumble set to introduce AI to warn you before opening lewd pictures by Paul Hill The dating app Bumble is set to launch a new feature in June powered by artificial intelligence that will help users avoid unexpected, lewd pictures. The app already blurs out images by default but will present a warning message in future if the image is deemed to be inappropriate by the AI. When Bumble receives the new feature this summer, other dating apps which belong to the same parent group will get the feature too; these apps include Badoo, Chappy, and Lumen. The new feature is dubbed Private Detector by Bumble and will give users the ability to view, block, or report the image to moderators. The tool supposedly has a 98 percent accuracy record so there’s little chance that anything will get through unsuspectingly. In conjunction with this feature, the Bumble CEO Whitney Wolfe has been working with with the Republican State Representative, Morgan Meyer, to draft a bill that would make it an offence to send revealing images online. Those caught breaking the rule face a fine of up to $500 if it becomes law. Justifying the bill, Meyer has said: “Something that is already a crime in the real world needs to be a crime online.” The tool could give Bumble an advantage over its biggest rival, Tinder. Currently, Tinder doesn’t allow matches to send any pictures whatsoever. If users know that they can send images on Bumble but also be protected from lewd pictures then that could be another selling point that Bumble uses to increase its userbase. Source: The Verge
  13. Why is it a mess? Unplug your USB storage, and the install works fine (and seems to be working ok for some regardless). They've already said it's fixed it in an upcoming build.
  14. Bruinator

    Dragon touch x10

    Hi, I have nova launcher on my pc and I would like to place it on my new tablet. I know how to do it on my android phone but not my tablet. Can someone help me with this plz? thx
  15. Copernic

    MediaInfo 19.04

    MediaInfo 19.04 by Razvan Serea  MediaInfo supplies technical and tag information about a video or audio file. MediaInfo provides details about a both video and audio details, including tag information. Links are provided to Web locations for download of most video codecs and applications. File data is exportable in a variety of formats including CSV, text and HTML. What can I do with it? Read many video and audio file formats Different methods of viewing information (text, sheet, tree, HTML...) You can customize these views Exporting information as text, CSV, HTML... Graphical Interface, or Command Line, or DLL Integration with MS-Windows shell (drag 'n' drop, and Context menu) Internationalization: any language display on any version of your Operating System Localization capability (but volunteers needed) What information can I get from MediaInfo? General: title, author, director, album, track number, date, duration... Video: codec, aspect, fps, bitrate... Audio: codec, sample rate, channels, language, bitrate... Text: language of subtitle Chapters: number of chapters, list of chapters What format (container) does MediaInfo support? Video: MKV, OGM, AVI, DivX, WMV, QuickTime, Real, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, DVD (VOB)... (Codecs: DivX, XviD, MSMPEG4, ASP, H.264, AVC...) Audio: OGG, MP3, WAV, RA, AC3, DTS, AAC, M4A, AU, AIFF... Subtitles: SRT, SSA, ASS, SAMI... MediaInfo 19.04 changelog: USAC: DRC effect types, Sample peak level, True peak level, Program loudness HDR: SMPTE ST 2094 App 4 (including HDR10+) support HDR: move HDR10, Dolby Vision and SL-HDR meta to specific generic "HDR Format" lines Matroska: SMPTE ST 2086 (HDR10) support Matroska: FieldOrder support HEIF image format support AV1: support of AV1 in MP4, HEIF, IVF MOV: Add a lot more countries to AppleStoreCountry field internal list MXF: Fix memory leak when fully parsing big file with acquisition metadata HEVC: more HEVC profiles (Multiview, Scalable, Screen Content...) AAC: better handling of corrupted streams AAC: better handling of unknown channel layouts AVC in MP4: better support of corrupted streams B1101, AVI: fix crash with some invalid streams B1101, SMPTE ST 337: fix crash with some invalid streams Matroska: chapters timestamp were not display if chapters have no name MXF: Fix false positive truncated file detection when there is no Random Index Pack AAC: channel layout typos (Rls instead of Lrs, Lr instead of Rb) ProRes: correctly show color space if alpha plane is present MPEG Audio: some VBR files use "Info" Xing header, so we ignore the difference between "Info" and "Xing" I943, MPEG-4: wrong display aspect ratio in some corner cases (32-bit release only) I1096, OGG: assign METADATA_BLOCK_PICTURE tag to cover Download: MediaInfo 19.04 | 5.5 MB (Open Source) Download: Portable MediaInfo 19.04 32-bit | 3.2 MB Download: Portable MediaInfo 19.04 64-bit | 4.5 MB View: MediaInfo Homepage Get alerted to all of our Software updates on Twitter at @NeowinSoftware
  16. The days of cash are numbered and shops that don't adopt contactless payments are going to be left behind, IMHO. Contactless is starting to take over so you're better off getting on board now rather than being forced to later. What a load of bull, granted the use of cards have gone up and by all accounts are used on more payments than cash, so we are told, but is that true or is it just another load of bull made up by the card issuers? Cash will still be around long after you and I are six foot under. We have a market in the centre of our city, they don't take cards and yes I know that they can have terminals that can connect to the mobile phone network, we have a coffee bar outside that does it. but no one in the market s does, so you use cash. Where i get my hair cut, they don't accept cards, they have a notice by the desk, we don't accept debit or credit cards and yet it don't seem to affect their business, normally plenty of people in there when I go there. i like it because there is not appointment needed. We have an indoor market and as far as i know, no one there accepts cards, my local chippy don't, they are having a make over,, so they may do so when they re-open, but I will still use cash. i don't have a contactless card, i told my bank to send me a normal card and they did. Why do you think i should follow the sheep? IO do things the way I want to and if that does not fit in with other people then that is just too bad. I tend to avoid self scans as well,] Except it isn't bull though is it, as you yourself say card transactions have increased and they will continue increasing. A cashless society isn't a question of if but rather when.
  17. GTR707

    Google Fit is now available on iOS

    And I am sure you wear a tinfoil hat too.
  18. In my experience so far, I haven't had either of those issues. Also, as I noted in last year's release, the Microsoft Store hasn't shown me any ads so far, even in the 2019 version. I actually quite like it.
  19. An MS really expects Windows-7 users to move to Windows-10? These constant screwups is hardly an endorsement to move from a reliable OS, albeit getting old, to a newer less reliable OS.
  20. This wasn't that bad.. Kinda liked it..
  21. Brandon H

    Dragon touch x10

    I don't own one but what's your question? We may still be able to point you in the right direction
  22. BudMan

    How to disable Windows 10 updates permanently

    Onedrive is not the OS, and hello is 1 thing.. That is a FAR CRY from
  23. The Windows Media Center SDK is now (unofficially) on GitHub by João Carrasqueira The Windows Media Center wasn't exactly the most popular feature among Windows users, but many still mourned its death when Microsoft announced it wouldn't be keeping the feature around for Windows 10. Soon after that announcement, some users even found a way to get it running on the then-latest version of the OS, so it's clear that there was some love left for the software. If you, too, miss the days of Windows Media Center, you may take some solace in knowing that its SDK has been uploaded to GitHub, as reported by The Register. The SDK was uploaded by Charlie Owen, a former Microsoft employee who left the company in 2014. The description for the project reads: Preserving a bit of history for the diaspora that created Windows Media Center (the 'eHome' team at Microsoft) since the actual installer has gone missing from the original download link. As for what you can do with the SDK, there's not really much to it. Windows Media Center is dead, and there's not really a lot you can do with it. You may find it interesting, though, to learn more about the ins and outs of what used to be a fairly unique part of Windows. If you'd like to take a look at the Windows Media Center SDK, you can head over to the project page on GitHub.
  24. Bruinator

    Dragon touch x10

    Does anyone have one? if yes, can I ask you a question plz?
  25. because only devices with SD cards and/or SD card readers are affected and most of them are Surface or devices with built-in storage
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