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  2. commapen

    GIVEAWAY: Win a Huawei MateBook 13 (U.S. only)

    I really like the screen on this laptop.
  3. What do you mean exactly? The default new tab page stays light. This was also a problem on old Edge so I don't expect it to be fixed soon.
  4. this is awesome! i always wanted a phone with no front camera to save the space, so this is perfect...
  5. Today
  6. Its definitely more than that, but since i can tell you are biased I wont delve any further.
  7. goretsky

    Diskeeper 18 Professional 20.0.1300

    Hello, For anyone wondering, Condusiv Technologies Corporation was formerly known as Diskeeper Corporation, which in turn, was formerly known as Executive Software International, Inc. Some interesting information about the company across its thirty-eight-year-long history can be found in their Wikipedia article at Regards, Aryeh Goretsky
  8. As much as they see other Chromium based browsers as such.
  9. Because mobile data is still expensive AF? idk where you live, but, where i live 1 sms is 30 euro cent, for 1 euro you can get 100 MB data plan here, that's 1000s of sms. Are you saying SMS or DATA is more expensive where you live? In your example, SMS is crazy expensive (3.3 SMS per 1 Euro [SMS stream] versus 1000s of SMS per 1 Euro [DATA stream]).
  10. matthiew

    Google denies scraping content from lyrics website

    Google is saying that they didn't steal the content, but they are clearly using stolen content. Google has a responsibility to ensure that the content they publish is obtained legally. A third party being involved does not absolve Google of this copyright violation.
  11. freshlawn2019

    GIVEAWAY: Win a Huawei MateBook 13 (U.S. only)

    I want to win a MateBook 13 because I need a computer. Thanks for the giveaway!
  12. MS was aware of that issue and said a fix was on the way. There were a couple of workarounds, one that worked for me. Oh and it wasn't just an external hard drive, it could have been an internal device connected to USB pins on the motherboard or in my case because I had a particular anti-cheat software installed from a game. Once I removed it, 1903 installed.
  13. The latest Edge Canary build includes some dark mode improvements by João Carrasqueira Microsoft's Chromium-based Edge inherited a lot of features and capabilities we know from the Google Chrome browser, but in some ways, it's still trying to take back some of those in previous versions of Edge. Dark mode, for example, is still under work, as Microsoft has promised that it will bring it to every section of the browser settings. Luckily, if you're in the Canary channel, you should be one step closer to the final look of dark mode in the Chromium-based Edge. Today, Microsoft rolled out build to Insiders in this channel, and as promised, every page in the browser's settings now displays a dark theme. This includes not only every sub-section of the settings, but also favorites management, history, and downloads. At first glance, nothing seems to be terribly wrong with the implementation of the dark theme, and the new look should come to those in the Dev channel with next week's build. With this added improvement, plus the fact that the browser is now available to try on Windows 7, 8, and 8.1, Microsoft is inching ever closer to its desired quality standards so that the Beta channel can go live. It's worth pointing out that the Edge Beta leaked over a month ago, and it's been getting weekly updates, similarly to the Dev version.
  14. Yesterday
  15. True, but this isn't the edge that was released on Win10 exclusively that version is on its death bed.
  16. Thanks for the info! The door is that --> way. Exactly. Idk why he wastes his time commenting BS on every story
  17. Does it work well with a controller? It does. Much better than expected. They did a wonderful job with the port. I'm actually starting to prefer the controller over my mouse. For me, it's a lot more comfortable as well.
  18. Like a fine wine, stories about Lenny Dykstra only get better as he ages. Case in point: reports that Dykstra was found dumpster diving for 9 hours outside of a Jersey Mike's sub shop in Linden, New Jersey, over the weekend. Also case in point: He was looking for his false teeth. Also also case in point: He was being helped by a professional wrestler named "Sprinkles The Clown". Dykstra told “The bread is so hard on those subs. I took my teeth out and put them in a napkin, folded it up and forget them there.” He continued: “When I went back, the workers said they threw all the napkins in the garbage. I told them there was no f---- way I was leaving without my f---- teeth.” Dykstra says the dentures are specially made with bone marrow and cost $80,000. His friend, professional wrestler "Sprinkles the Clown" helped him dig through the dumpster and Tweeted about it. They spent 9 hours searching and, early on Father's Day morning, Dykstra said he found the teeth. He concluded: “I was there for nine hours. I thought the cops were going to arrest me for trespassing. I wasn’t leaving my teeth there in the dumpster. No way was I leaving them.” Dykstra lost his teeth "after jail guards in Los Angeles beat him in his cell", according to his autobiography.
  19. its good to see those on windows 8 and 7 considering that microsoft edge was never released on those platform.
  20. >Thread cleaned a bit... Tip: Keep hitting your head against a brick wall and eventually you'll get a headache
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