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    Windows 10 Enterprise vs Pro Workstation

    KMS licenses business/VL versions - which includes both Enterprise and Pro for Workstations. While Pro for Workstations includes features that Enterprise lacks, they can be installed on the same hardware (I replaced my Professional install on my desktop with Pro for Workstations); therefore, the issue is licensing - not hardware so much. 1. Games and Pro for Workstations Like the Professional version of Windows 10, you can game on Pro for Workstations without a quibble (I played the entire Anno 1800 open beta on Pro for Workstations with no issues outside of those present in the beta itself - not one issue was unique to Pro for Workstations). Basically gaming on a workstation OS is just fine (no different than was the case with Windows XP Professional, or Windows 2000 Professional for that matter). 2. Productivity apps and Pro for Workstations (Office for example) Like gaming, you aren't going to have a problem there, either - I have the Office Insider channel installed on Pro for Workstations right now. Again, there is no reason that should be problematical (productivity applications on a workstation has been the domain of both Linux and UNIX, and Windows NT Workstation before that). Again, the issue will be licensing - not hardware. 3. So - what's the beef? The "beef" with Pro for Workstations is cost - it not only costs more than Professional, it also costs more than Enterprise. Justifying paying the freight for Pro for Workstations - even in enterprises - is going to be difficult; Pro - and even Enterprise - can slot into the same seats that Pro for Workstations can, for the most part - and for less.
  3. Sad reality is that most user are not aware that there is choice, most just use whats given to them by default. Most user are not even aware that there are alternative search engines and internet browers and just use whats given on the phone and thats why Google have a major advantage because they hold the keys to Android and with that, a lot of the software thats pre installed on it. The EU is just opening peoples eyes that there is alternatives and that can only be a good thing for consumers. Anyway, what I would perfer is that no search engine or browers is installed by default and then users have to pick which one to use, that alone will likely get many of them checking the alternatives out to what Google is offering, but what they've done here is have thier own product installed by default but where you have choice of others, it's a step in the right direction but I think more needs to be done.
  4. Check event viewer, it is like a Christmas tree with ornaments, referring to various warnings and errors. That must be an issue with something you have, no errors or warnings in my system or application event log mins a few DNS timeouts which isn't Windows fault..
  5. The PS4 is already low level access so there is little point in bringing this over to that, on the PC side, this brings much of the lower level access to the hardware that consoles enjoy to the PC version of the game and overall it should perform much better once they iron out some of the early bugs. Yeah that's what I figured, but if it made development easier and more streamlined to have the same pipeline then I thought it might make sense. Brad Wardell was quoted as saying "Sony has a very low-level API already for the PlayStation 4. The problem I have with it is that if you want to make use for it you’re writing some very specific code just for the PlayStation 4. And in the real world people don’t do that right. I write code generally to be as cross-platform as I can.” Anyway it depends if it's the right fit. I don't want the PS4 version to somehow miss or delay advancements. It would make more sense for developers but I'm not sure that Sony would allow Vulkan on it's consoles whereas DX12 is on the PC and Xbox One X so that is the only option. But I suspect that overall, Vulkan, DX12 and the low level access that consoles use are not radically that diffrent from each other to help streamline the process already. Anyway, in an ideal world, Vulkan on the PC, PS4, Xbox One and Switch would be great but for the moment, it's just PC and Android but as I said above, most of these api's are getting close enough to each other that the porting process shouldn't be much of an issue now.
  6. That's what I thought until I launched The Crew 2. BSOD. There are still issues with the Anti-Cheat thing. I have gone back to 1809. That to me is a very good reason that this hasn't left the insider programme quite yet.
  7. Have they fixed Creative X-Fi sound cards, not gonna update till i know.
  8. Check event viewer, it is like a Christmas tree with ornaments, referring to various warnings and errors. Not here.
  9. Lots new here. Value across the board. Tinfoil hats suit you.
  10. Check event viewer, it is like a Christmas tree with ornaments, referring to various warnings and errors. No mention of Christmas trees or ornaments in my event viewer. Screenshot or you made it up!
  11. The thumbnail is last years FH ... but if you hit play they are looping the one from last week. Right now they just landed the center core on the drone ship. I bet a million bucks it is going to tip over...
  12. Lol, that's not even lasts weeks launch. It is last years demo Starman mission. Look at the fss and the white landing legs.
  13. MS does not even allow you to do that. Or Apple for that matter. Some things come by default and you cannot remove. People keep saying that about Microsoft but IE is a major part of Windows, Edge i guess its trying to get to that stage. Idk maybe allow me to disable Chrome. Just bugs me when theirs OEM apps that i can't install yet they keep updates themselves and i gotta look at them every time i open the app drawer lol
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  15. MS does not even allow you to do that. Or Apple for that matter. Some things come by default and you cannot remove.
  16. Circaflex


    how annoying... i moved three weeks ago and went with cox for internet, google just installed fiber this week :( why couldnt they have done this a month ago...

  17. Yeah, no native spell check yet, maybe there's some spell checking extension one can use though? I just thought about it but didn't check yet. None that offer inline spell checking, but there is one you can use that'll underline anything misspelled when you click it, better than nothing.
  18. Windows 8 will no longer get app updates after this summer by João Carrasqueira Last year, Microsoft announced when it would be killing app updates and distribution in the Windows Store for Windows Phone 8.x and Windows 8.x. At the time, the blog post stated that Windows Phone 8.x devices would stop receiving app updates after July 1, 2019, while Windows 8.x devices would get app updates through July 1, 2023. However, it seems as though plans have changed a little bit, as the blog post has quietly been updated earlier this month. As spotted by Nawzil on Twitter, Microsoft has changed the wording in the post to state that Windows 8 devices will stop getting updates for their apps at the same time as Windows Phone 8.x, that is, July 1 of this year. Windows 8.1 devices will continue to receive updates through the previously announced date in 2023. This isn't exactly surprising since Windows 8.1 was a free update for Windows 8, and the latter quickly became unsupported because of that. What's more interesting is the fact that Microsoft only separated Windows 8 from 8.1 now and not when the announcement was first made. The amount of users still running Windows 8 is likely negligible, but those still running it likely can't update to Windows 8.1 since it seems the upgrade path which was available through the Windows Store will be killed as well. We've reached out to Microsoft for clarification and will update this post with any new information.
  19. Why would anyone willing use any facebook property now?
  20. Good stuff, thought things well get interesting once a native ARM build comes out. Still, I'm sure while adding this support is nice lots of people want to see new features get added.
  21. And yet, nothing is really being done about it. My family members (people who don't read tech news) don't have a clue about any of this stuff going on. What would they do if they knew? Would they stop using Facebook and Instagram?
  22. Microsoft's Chromium-based Edge browser is now available for 32-bit devices by Rich Woods While Microsoft released the first big update for its Edge Dev branch today, it also released an update for Edge Canary, bringing it to version This isn't surprising, since Edge Canary is updated daily. The big change today is that you can now install it on a 32-bit PC. Previously, it was only available for AMD64 Windows 10 devices. Beginning with today's Canary release (, you can now install Microsoft Edge preview builds on 32-bit devices. Try it out and let us know what you think! — Microsoft Edge Dev (@MSEdgeDev) April 18, 2019 Of course, this means that you can install it on a Windows 10 on ARM PC as well, since those support x86 emulation. However, you probably wouldn't want to, since emulated browser performance isn't very good. Browsers generate code in real-time, which is hard to cache. It's probably better to wait for the native ARM64 build, which is coming. It's still only formally supported on Windows 10, although some have claimed that it runs fine on older versions of the OS. Eventually, it will also be supported on Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and even Windows 8, which hasn't been supported since 2016. There's also a version coming for macOS, although there's no word on when that's coming. If you want to download Edge Canary, you can find it here.
  23. edge://settings/help (I am assuming you are running Edge Dev) Was going to install it for the first time. The installer downloads the rest. I'm guessing you'll get the latest version for the channel you choose. Of course, I was just staying the standalone installer should be on this page too.
  24. Because you get that via a CU
  25. I hate it. I always disable the #smooth-scrolling flag.
  26. once Edgium goes final they'll probably kill the old Edge "browser" in a Windows build update. EdgeHTML will still remain in the back end though for store apps to utilize from my understanding Not sure if MS calls this Edgium officially but the name has grown on me. ikr
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