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  2. No doubt using an icon that look like an IE icon did not help, but the other reason was because Edge is so naff, it is slow, it don't work with some sites and the UI is awful i tried it for a few days and got fed up of it and went back to Cent.
  3. it's listed on the download page as not being enabled yet as well if you look at the features section edit: i'd imaging they're tweaking it so it uses Windows 10's integrated spellcheck first then auto switch to the browser spell check if that's unavailable.
  4. How do you even use the internet? Firefox can sync between desktop and mobile as does Google Chrome. Heck, even Safari can sync between macOS and iOS. How does syncing data provide them with anymore data than they already have for goodness sake? If you save bookmarks , password (or even use any extensions) in your browser you are already giving them data. Based on your comments I assume you only run an obsure version on linux that you have reviewed the code and compiled yourself to ensure no telemetry of any kind. You only use open source applications that you have reviewed as well and only access the web with an onion browser and a European VPN. You cant possibly use a mobile device because that is no way to stop the data leaking there regardless of platform. Maybe loosen that tinfoil cap a little bit. you can use the internet without all this synchronising, my bookmarks are backed up to NAS drive every few days, but backed up to another internal drive everyday, not that it really needs to be everyday as I do not add bookmarks everyday. Not all of us want to sync between computer and mobile, i certainly don't have any need to, if I need to copy something from my mobile I use a USB cable, remember them? I would love a browser that don't have any synchronising, I turn it off on my browser.
  5. Loads fast, gets right into the action, has a good look to it, and it's FREE, can't beat that.
  6. That channel is just looping last weeks FH launch. Next FH flight won't be until June (earliest).
  7. ya Good thing I didn't know that, as it wouldn't have been nearly as suspenseful to watch!
  8. So this is a bit off topic but I've been using the canary builds since the start, does spell check work for anyone else on neowin? Or anywhere? *edit* NVM, checking their inside forums it's listed as not working atm.
  9. It was live on the 11th of April i believe.
  10. Then why does it say it's live?
  11. Dual speakers? Would take that with a pinch of salt as it would be the first OnePlus device with stereo speakers. That has been a gripe with reviewers for quite some time.
  12. You don't need a lic for acronis - just download kingstons oem version for cloning to your new ssd While including the CD use to be how it was done, now you just download the software from the ssd makers site.. Pretty sure all the major makers provide this software for free on their sites. etc.. etc.. etc..
  13. Never really liked Ubuntu much as I thought it was way to bloated with useless stuff. Have used Lubuntu regularly up until switching to Mint a while back. Do still have Lubuntu on one old laptop though.
  14. Err have you missed something as this happened days ago?
  15. It will become FacelessBook.. after all the harvesting, insecure or monetized data-collection, user tracking, lack of security on digital assets, lack of accountability, lack of acknowledgement and only the ability to rectify critical security breaches at a snails pace.
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  17. Still another mechanism adding to the problem of distracted driving.
  18. Falcon Heavy (****ing Heavy as I call it) launching in 3 mins.
  19. About 2.3 billion people. Not sure why tho. There is no alternative to it, that's why. so somebody or a group of somebodies should create one; you could have said the same thing about MySpace back in the day before Facebook was around.
  20. Those who are either just too lazy to delete their account and use other methods, or they are just plain stupid.
  21. jesus christ; Facebook has had so many slip ups these last few years I'm surprise they're not being threatened to be shutdown at this point ... O___O
  22. Still, again...why do otherwise smart and intelligent people still keep using facebook?? There are still more secure and personal ways to communicate with other human beings.
  23. Solving world hunger is nowhere near as easy as throwing money at it. The will to do it is the first thing required.
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