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  2. Mindovermaster

    DD-WRT and Asus RT-AC5300 question.

    Same. He can do what he wants. I'm just the door between him rolling back. He can always open me.
  3. Warming up the Mars with nuclear weapons is a stupid idea. Has always been, and will always be. It's all just part of Musk's usual sensationalist, over-the-top, eye-catching image. They need super greenhouse gases, not nukes. Mars needs a magnetic field, until that happens, it's all pointless to argue about anyway. Without a magnetic field it's impossible to maintain an atmosphere. Which is needed to keep the warmth on the surface.
  4. They should re-release Windows 7 SP2. That's basically what people wanted. No it's not. It's what you want. You don't want change.
  5. Not surprising, officially supporting games on Linux is a PITA, even with a multi-platform engine like Unity it's a pain. You get bug reports from people, spend hours/days debugging only to find the "super tech savvy" person decided to compile their own kernel and disable a module or change a flag that they thought was unnecessary but wasn't. With only 0.1% of players using Linux dropping support was a no-brainer.
  6. I've got tons and tons of hours into Rust, all of them on Linux, and I've absolutely loved hosting a private server and playing the game with my wife and friends. However, lately I noticed that some weird graphical glitch appeared with one of the updates where, if you look at certain textures they reflect a flickering rainbow effect. It doesn't seem to matter how far away they are either, as long as they enter your field of vision. The issue has existed for months and has gone un-patched, now I see why. I guess I'll get my refund and spend the money on something else.
  7. Is this even relevant to the topic, or did you just come here to troll?
  8. I like my Galaxy Watch, but the app selection for it is really bad.
  9. virtorio

    VR Headsets - Choices, choices...

    The Quest, with it being it’s own unit and it’s inside out tracking makes it the only headset I’m interested in. As for battery life, you can use it with a USB power pack and it will charge it while in use, that is if you’d want to be in VR for three hours anyway. PSVR has some nice exclusive titles but the hardware setup is a mess, maybe it’ll be better when the next generation of it comes out.
  10. I really do not care who the software fixes come from no matter the company as long as things get fixed. So who really cares a fix for Google's browser comes from MS? And it makes since considering the new Edge is Chrome based. I am sure more fixes will come. And lets not forget that MS, Google, and other pay people for finding and reporting bugs in their software. Sometimes the creator cannot find everything and tend to rely on outside help. This is nothing new.
  11. BudMan

    DD-WRT and Asus RT-AC5300 question.

    Its his device, he can go back to native if he so desires.. We might not get it - I sure don't Quick google for reverting that model talks about using the some asus restoration utility.. Vs just hitting the now dd-wrt gui and loading the native firmware file.. So its going to be a bit more complicated.. When using that utility your pc prob won't get a dhcp address, etc. So you prob have to set the machine your trying to restore from with static IP, etc.
  12. Mindovermaster

    DD-WRT and Asus RT-AC5300 question.

    Then, umm, don't use them? There's no reason to go back.
  13. BudMan

    DD-WRT and Asus RT-AC5300 question.

    Did you validate the go back process? It might even be that some models are one way.. But some dd-wrt has special firmware you have to flash to then be able to go back to native firmware. Would have to look into your specific model to know for sure the process of putting native back. You do understand that just having the options there, doesn't mean you have to do anything with them For most users the 3rd party is way more stable then native. Also to be honest, once you setup your wifi - when do you need to even look at it again? Its your device, and your preference - but could you give an example of this easier feel?
  14. Lets not forget that Microsoft, and others, pays people for finding and reporting bugs in their software. And really, who cares who fixes what as long as things get fixed. The users win so that is what is important.
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  16. Nick H.

    VR Headsets - Choices, choices...

    No one has any opinions?
  17. Been catching up in the show "The Expanse" First thought was the show when I read this.
  18. Jazmac

    First impressions of the stunning Honor 20 Pro

    Love this reflective stuff but it would be cool if a builder could put holograms in the backs instead.
  19. Wait, doesn't looking at a normal watch during a conversation also convey the same meaning? Yeah, people associate it with that. Anyway it would be nice if nobody looked at any devices honestly. Routinely, I just have to keep in touch with my family basically during off time and that's it, there's usually never a work emergency.
  20. Survival game Rust is axing Linux version, offers refunds to its players by Pulasthi Ariyasinghe Facepunch Studios' popular survival game Rust will axe its Linux version altogether on September 5. This announcement arrives after a previous blog post by the developer that said it was planning to split off the Linux build from the Windows and macOS versions due to the major issues and keep it in maintenance mode. But after feedback from the community, it has now decided to remove the client and offer refunds instead. Rust's Linux version sales were halted on Steam a year ago, with only existing players having the ability to continue playing. Rust's unique player numbers from the last 30 days that the developer shared show that Windows leads the pack at over 227,842 players, with macOS coming in at 2,414 and Linux at a measly 217. Facepunch looks to refund in full anyone who's played the game on Linux at least once through Steam. The number of hours played or if they also play the Windows version will be irrelevant to this offer. Of course, refunding would mean the game will be removed from the user's Steam account completely. However those interested in the refund are advised to wait a little, as Valve is apparently still working on the special refund eligibility detection. This should be up and running by the time the Linux version stops being offered early next month. The developer also recommends players to run the Linux version at least once to make sure they show up as eligible for the refund. The announcement concluded saying Proton - Valve's Wine-based compatibility tool - is an option to anyone looking to play Rust on Linux. However, this will not work with servers that have anti-cheat measures enabled, and the developer won't provide any support for it. The Rust Dedicated Server on Linux will not, of course, be affected by any of this. Via RockPaperShotgun
  21. LostCat

    MBR or GPT for new drive?

    There's no point to ever using MBR. Its' day is long past.
  22. That you noticed... I would bet good money, that in the last year you downloaded files and didn't notice the ftp:// prefix on the download.
  23. If we were going to use the best technology, we wouldn't be using TCP/IP at all. The problem will be end users and small companies that distribute content using FTP because it gets around older HTTP limitations. Users just don't realize they are using it, as the download popup is the same and seamless. In just one tiny market segment, and off the top of my head, I know of at least 4 major media distributors that still share daily content via FTP, and ironically 3 of them require people to use Chrome. Maybe Google will at least recognize IE or File Explorer on Windows as the default properly - especially after Chrome would mangle the FTP default App/Program for so many years.
  24. I would bet you have download a file via FTP, and just didn't notice the ftp:// on the download link. It is still a bit more common that people realize.
  25. People that need the option in a pinch. I still use FTP in File Explorer in Windows from time to time. FTP is so rare that I just don't mess with 3rd party clients and seldom drop to the CLI. The 'problem' with this being dropped in Chrome, is there are still sites that serve files via FTP, which most people never notice or realize, as it is just a download from inside the browser to them.
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