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  2. DaveLegg no longer working?

    Apologies, I got distracted working on some other bugs. This will be fixed over the weekend
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  4. Still using a 3T and OnePlus' best days are behind them
  5. slack did the same... and I miss teams a lot compared to slack
  6. more than 50% of my apps on windows 10 are UWP ... try again
  7. And the ignorance from the old guy continues... +1
  8. of course... if it was Cortana on windows, everybody was already screaming
  9. If the grand endgame is to have the Mac line running iOS at some point in the future then good luck with that. Everything MS gets hated on for trying to do or doing with Windows, Apple is doing, though very slow, with macOS and iOS. I think the goal is like you say, they want to control the hardware 100%, so if they can get off of x86-64 and on to their own SoC' it'd only help to boost their margins and revenue even more.
  10. Yeah, i hate to say it but I think you're asking for too much there. I somehow doubt they'll bother to make a BSD driver.
  11. As a pwa developer, the opposite is happening. Ms, google, apple, etc are all pushing pwa development harder than any other type. The web is becoming more than just for browsing and consumption. He knows that, he is just bashing it because he thinks it’s an MS only thing. Pretty spot on, and it's silly at this point. Besides, PWAs, from MS's point, can just be part of it. They've allowed for PWAs to mix with UWP for more native OS integration. For an example, I'd like to point out Xpotify. So really his whole comment is off. A dev can start with a PWA and then, if they want, extend it even more by adding UWP into the mix.
  12. Can't be bothered to care, enough leaks have come out that I basically know this one is a definite pass. at 300 with the first one missing a lot of features was not only understandable but warranted. At 500 it's no longer financial constraint it's poor design decisions: Glass with no wireless charging, No headphone jack. Mechanical moving parts. Definitely not even water resistance on this one. Halfway high refresh rate. At this point the only good thing about it is the near stock android, but considering the lag to the release of updates it doesn't seem to do much good.
  13. It'll all be fine once Apple finally joins the club and has a dark theme for iOS, then the icons will be fine.
  14. Maybe due to the use of McAfee. As for Windows-7, it remains a very viable OS--most especially with the constant update screw-ups in WIndows-10. Alas, what ever happened to a simple to use, reliable OS? How viable depends on what you want to do. Some newer hardware isn't supported, or is supported in a limited way. Newer apps out there might also be using newer APIs that aren't there so you'll be stuck running older versions of them till you upgrade. So while I understand this stance, let's not pretend it's an option for everyone. If business moved faster with it's rollouts of updates 7's market share would've been even lower than it is.
  15. Copernic

    Start10 v1.7

    Start10 v1.7 by Razvan Serea Windows 10 has brought back a start menu, but the focus is heavily on apps, which are preloaded and pre-organized and are viewed as tiles rather than in the simple list of programs in Windows 7. The start menu is there, but consumers may feel the brunt of this app-focused layout. Start10 returns the familiar start menu to Windows 10, and allows for additional look and feel customization with just the couple of clicks of a mouse. Start10 brings a more familiar look and feel to the Windows 10 start menu. The new start menu in Windows 10 has a very app-focused layout, and Start10 helps users with a familiar Windows 7 style layout, and also offers additional customization with just a few mouse clicks. Start10 also maintains the familiar “folders” metaphor. Right now in the Windows start menu everything is listed in alphabetic order, which can make the start menu quite long, whereas in previous versions of Windows applications like Word, Excel and the other Office applications were found in the “Microsoft Office” folder on the start menu. In Windows 10 the search bar has been taken out of the start menu and placed on the task bar. Start10 allows you to have the search functionality back in your start menu. Changes in version 1.7: Improved skinning support Compatibility with Windows 10 1903's light theme Start10 is only $4.99. For more information about Start10, please visit Disclaimer: Neowin's relationship to Stardock. Get alerted to all of our Software updates on Twitter at @NeowinSoftware
  16. cool, I've had nothing but good luck with newer drivers. remember folks, i'm still stuck on a Celeron 4920 with onboard graphics ;D what could go wrong?! but on a more serious note, I really wish Intel would officially make a driver for FreeBSD for the UHD 610 - 630. my windows keep turning black and I can't see anything so I have to keep rebooting.
  17. It doesn't make much sense to build a game at this early stage of development, first you make sure you have enough of the engine ready that can do what you want it to do before really focusing on the game otherwise you will end up replacing much of the game you've made. A lot of developers know this but they don't have the problem of the game being on the market for gamers to play with whereas in this case, they kind of have to do the game back to front because of the backers wanting to play the game. Early stage of development? Am I missing something? Yes game "publishers" are releasing games before they are fully ready but they always have a gameplay in there - Forever in development is not better than rushed out games. The problem is that you rarely get to see games at this stage of development, if Star Citizen was developed by a publisher in the normal sense then we would likely not of heard a thing about this game yet. Look at CDP Red with that Cyberpunk game, that game started development around the same time Star Citizen did and yet we have little to show of that game apart from what they wanted to show us. Big games take time to develop and more so big games that are trying new things out and I suspect Star Citizen is far more grander then that Cyberpunk game is. I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt and see what they can deliver, if they fail then I don't lose much but if they deliver on even half of what they promise, that could be a game changer for games and gamers that have been following the Star Citizen project will know what I mean by that. Beside, most triple a games are rushed out before they are ready and in many cases are cut down with dlc contents being added in later to inflate the price of the game. In the case of Star Citizen, they have around 500 people working on the game over 4 studios with a budget once you cut out the fluff far higher then what GTA 5 had and that budget keeps going up and the best part about it is that there is no publishers to say what they can and can't do. IMHO you have a "drank the kool-aid" attitude about this. While this game CAN be technically impressive, it is a glorified pyramid scheme entirely because it had no real gameplay that players can engage with in an ongoing way. Real games can survive a multi-year development cycle when the game is actually playable and is refining and building on that. Take Minecraft for example. It was a hit before it ever reached 1.0 and people were playing with others. As such it could absolutely afford a multi-year beta cycle. This "game" offers you the ability to buy ships. The number of people working on it doesn't matter, the impressiveness doesn't matter. The point is that we paid money now we want to see the result of that payment. They move the goalposts so often that it's a joke every time we hear the new roadmap. It won't matter. The burger you ordered 2 years ago was inadequate and we're re-engineering the feed that will allow the cow to grow to a better food source. We predict you'll be fed in 18-24 months time. Enjoy the table in the meantime, and please buy more of our trays! They'll make the burger look real nice! The point that there is no real gameplay in this tells me that they haven't figured out where the goalposts really are yet. Every other major MMO ever conceived knew this right out of the gate. Not to mention the single player game that should also be coming. It's not a "game" that deserves praising. It deserves CLOSURE. Quote: ... it is a glorified pyramid scheme" Fun how the same people with little to no education about game development and Finance are throwing words which have zero connection with reality. Pyramid sheme- ponzi scheme=scam. Just another soft way to say it. This is crowdfunded. This is a project with 4 studios and 500 devs. Do any readers work for free during 6 or 7 years? The answer is No. Does developing two Triple-A takes time starting from scratch? The answer is Yes. Project scope moved mid-2014 for 2 Triple-A with backers approval and never ending support (with more backers every year) since then. Last but not least. SQ42 Beta is in 5 quarters. Not 2025 or never. Amazing from an amazing team and community indeed. And if you are looking for Triple-A released "in time": Fallout 76 and Anthem were. Guess why this project got more support and backers every year...
  18. Windows 8 was the only (consumer aimed) version of Windows I have not used since Win95. I did try the early betas for a while, but quickly went back to Win7, until I bought my ThinkPad Yoga with Win8.1, which of course is on Win10 now. What a horrible mess it was. Great concept, but poorly executed (and probably released too soon). Actually still have a laptop from 2003 that runs an early Windows 8 Developers Preview, because after that they required SSE2 Instruction Set. Still had the start button, but it's got that funny "Start Menu" that basically was the "Charms" side menu.
  19. Same boat for me. N4, N5X, ..? I'd love a smaller (than these) Pixel like that one that was mocked up recently, or seriously considering the Nokia 7.1. It's hard when people use them for different things, but I won't compromise on the camera. So my ideal phone would be a 4" Pixel 4 with the same camera, at least 4GB RAM, decent storage, but I could drop the CPU down a bit.
  20. Robert_Leo1

    Website blocking via Hosts file

    If you are trying to block website through host files then make sure that your host's files haven't been saved with wrong names.
  21. Raze

    Mp3tag 2.95

    Works great and can even change .mkv tags. (in a limited way)
  22. As a pwa developer, the opposite is happening. Ms, google, apple, etc are all pushing pwa development harder than any other type. The web is becoming more than just for browsing and consumption. He knows that, he is just bashing it because he thinks it’s an MS only thing.
  23. Higher price tag and specs which really don't live up to the OP ideology
  24. an announcement of an announcement? Yeah that's news, thanks Neowin.
  25. You also can't post from the Windows 10 app unless you have a Surface (and possibly one or two other approved devices). A very strange decision...
  26. I wonder what they will come up with for the OnePlus 7. Can't wait.
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