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  2. Microsoft patents system that automates a personalized travel diary for you by Hamza Jawad In recent months, several interesting patents filed by Microsoft have been published. These include a dynamic UAV delivery system, a bandwidth-conserving browser plug-in, an artificial speech-generating device, and more. Now, a different piece of tech that may not pique everyone's interest has been patented by the Redmond giant. The patent in question revolves around an automated travel diary generation system, which identifies trips made by its users and forms coherent paragraphs describing these travels. For those who are unaware, a travel diary is a journal that is used to summarize various encounters and experiences that may befall travelers during their journeys. Microsoft believes that in its current state, maintaining a travel journal can be a tedious task - one that may lead to events not being properly recounted due to people's imperfect writing or memorization skills. This is the sort of situation where the company feels an automated travel diary generation system can come in handy. The system could include a trip content generator that is configured to describe trips made by users based on their personalized writing styles. Not only will the generated sentences form coherent paragraphs automatically, they could also be combined with visual content, such as images, videos, and emojis, providing an interactive graphical user interface (GUI). The GUI could enable users to view, update, and modify the generated content to their liking, while system models may also be retrained based upon user feedback. This sort of travel diary may be implemented through hardware, software, or both. The content generation system may also comprise a content mining engine or a trip identification engine that may be operated to receive signals from a variety of sources to identify visits and trips. These signals may then be routed to client or server computing devices depending on their types. Notably, the visits or trips may not necessarily be limited vacations, but could also be extended to include work-related and social events. Interestingly, the system could incorporate digital assistant functionality from a standalone application, or one that is part of the client computing device. As such, it may be configured to accept various forms of input from the user, including voice commands and the like. Upon reception of the input, the personal assistant could offer numerous services such as answering queries, providing directions, locating nearest restaurants, and other travel-related utilities. The various aspects and functionalities described in this patent are not limited to a single type of device, but instead, they may operate through desktop computer systems, wired and wireless computing systems, mobile computing systems, hand-held devices, multiprocessor systems, microprocessor-based or programmable consumer electronics, minicomputers, and mainframe computers. The travel diaries generated upon conjunctional or detached working of any of the described implementations could then be shared with other users. Although an automated travel diary may sound like a quite intriguing concept to avid travelers, do note that there is no guarantee Microsoft is working on, or plans to work on it, and the patent merely grants the company legal rights over the proposed design.
  3. Rainbow Six Siege Operation Phantom Sight's operators and map rework get detailed by Pulasthi Ariyasinghe Sticking to tradition, Ubisoft unveiled the next seasonal update (Operation) coming to Rainbow Six Siege during the Pro League Finals tournament today, detailing the new operators and the map rework players can expect to receive soon. The first of the two new operators arrive from America for the defending side. Warden is a Secret Service agent that makes use of his special Glance Smart Glasses for seeing through smoke and resisting flashes, may they be from grenades or other operator abilities. Glaz and Ying players should see the similarities. To not make him overpowered, Ubisoft has made it so that he can't always keep the gadget activated, as the glasses have a charge that players will have to manage while using them, and the powerful seethrough smoke functionality only works when standing still. Then we have Nokk, the new attacker who heralds from Denmark's Jaeger Corps special operations force. Wielding the HEL Presence Reduction gadget, this operator can stay hidden from all cameras and remove footstep noises while its in use, a hybrid of Vigil and Caviera powers. As for downsides, just like Warden's gadget, the HEL has a charge that needs to be kept in check while in use. Although Nokk can become "invisible" to cameras, the effect glitches out and gives a glimpse of her position if she is doing an action that's not "moving at normal speed or slower, crouching and moving, or reloading or swapping weapons." Operation Phantom Sight doesn't come with a new map, but it will have a Kafe Dostoyevsky rework to make the classic map more viable for competitive play. This has involved polishing up existing bomb sites while adding new ones, new rooms and pathways to make use of, as well as more destructible surfaces, among other changes. See the video below for a full rundown on both the operators and the map rework. Ranked is also getting a major revamp with this update, finally ditching its beta tag. Pick and Ban is officially becoming the main mode for ranked, and there is a new "Ranked Hub" for players to get details on how they are performing and even compare their current stats with the previous season's numbers. Rainbow Six Siege test servers will be updated with Operation Phantom Sight on May 21 for more testing, with a public release coming once Ubisoft deems the season ready.
  4. Tim Cook speaks about his journey to Apple, climate change and more at Tulane Graduation 2019 by Namerah Saud Fatmi Apple CEO Tim Cook addressed the Tulane University graduates this Saturday at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana. He delivered the commencement speech at the graduation ceremony in which spoke about many important real-world issues. He related his journey to Apple to the young graduates, hoping to inspire them to take risks and work hard in life. During his speech, Cook asked the graduating students to be bolder and do better than the generation before them. The CEO also received an honorary degree as part of the inauguration ceremony. Tim Cook described how Steve Jobs managed to convince him to quit his safe job and work for Apple instead - the company that was close to going bankrupt at the time. Cook said: “In 1998, Steve Jobs convinced me to leave Compaq behind to join a company that was on the verge of bankruptcy. They made computers, but at that moment at least, people weren’t interested in buying them. Steve had a plan to change things. And I wanted to be a part of it. I wasn’t just about the iMac or the iPod or everything that came after. It was about the values that brought these inventions to life. The idea that putting powerful tools in the hands of everyday people helps unleash creativity and moves humanity forward.” Quoting a popular idiom about work that says if you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life, Tim Cook called the saying nonsensical. "We can build things that help us imagine a better world, then make it real," he said. "At Apple, I learned that that is a crock. you’ll work harder than you ever thought possible, but the tools will feel light in your hands.” Speaking to the graduates, the CEO made the bold statement that his generation has failed their generation. "In some important ways, my generation has failed you. We have spent too much time debating, we have been focused on the fight and not focused enough on progress," he said. At this point, Cook changed the tone of his speech and directed his efforts towards the topic of climate change. He talked about how climate change is affecting entire communities situated in coastal areas, who are left with no options but to move: "This problem doesn’t get easier based on who wins an election. It’s about who has won life’s lottery and has the luxury of ignoring this issue, and who stands to lose everything. The coastal communities, including some right here in Louisiana, that are already making plans to leave behind the places they've called home for generations and head for higher ground." In his closing statement, Apple's CEO encouraged the young graduates at Tulane University to create a better tomorrow and asked them to be grateful for what they have. “Be motivated by your duty to build a better world. Young people have changed the course of history time and time again. Now it’s time to change it once more. I know the urgency of that truth is with you today. Feel big, because no one can make you feel small. Feel brave because the challenges are great but you are great. Feel grateful, because someone sacrificed to make this moment possible for you." he said. "Here in this stadium, I can feel this courage. Try something. You may succeed, you may fail. Make it your life’s work to remake the world. There is nothing more beautiful than working to leave something better for humanity.” Cook concluded. Source: CNBC, Apple Insider, 9to5mac| Image via Emily Kask (The New Orleans Advocate)
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  6. Google silently killed custom ‘My Case' program with Pixel 3a launch by Namerah Saud Fatmi Back in 2016, Google launched a customizable phone case service for its Nexus smartphones called Live Cases. Initially, it offered customizable phone cases that came in several kinds, such as places on Google Maps, photos, and artworks. Later on, the service expanded to cover the Google Pixel family and a unique new feature was introduced: the custom-built phone case came with an NFC companion live wallpaper. Users could use NFC to pair with the device and sign in to the Live Case app with a Google Account to access live wallpapers. With the announcement of the Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL at its I/O 2019 developer conference roughly two weeks ago, Google quietly shut down this custom case program. Aside from images and artworks, the Live Cases web application allowed users to print Google Maps locations on a case, which could be customized using several different tools, special effects and colors. Eventually, the NFC feature was removed by the time the Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL came around. Live Cases was not available for Google Pixel 3. Instead, the Mountain View-based tech giant started the My Case program which still offered customizable phone cases but without companion wallpapers. It had similar features such as the option to edit and print places from Google Maps, artworks and photos. Two types of cases were available under this program; the “Slim Protection” variant for $40 and the “Dual-layer Protection” version for $50. Reportedly, My Case was still live a few days prior to the I/O 2019 event but the service was removed completely from the Google Store after the launch of the Pixel 3a. According to a note posted on the support page for Pixel phones, My Cases and Live Cases are no longer sold by Google and users are redirected to the Google Store to purchase cases for their Pixel phones. The Nexus support page also says the same thing. Source: Google via 9to5google
  7. Mindovermaster

    Diagnosing faulty Ethernet controller

    I'd load up Ubuntu USB on your system and test it. See if it is a hardware fault or software. (don't install it, just run off the USB) Try doing a speedtest, or try downloading a large file.
  8. Mindovermaster

    Warranty void if removed stickers?

    Technically, companies are not allowed (though they still do it) to say "void warranty" on anything. In the US at least, that I know of... Don't worry about it, if you are picky about it, take the "void warranty" sticker off. This way, the company can not say "you broke the sticker" (technically, you didn't 😛 )
  9. Jim K

    Warranty void if removed stickers?

    I would be hesitant in removing the sticker (especially if it contains the serial number). Even though the FTC said yadda yadda ... I would go by whatever the manufacture says on their website. Looking at Samsung it appears they are saying "nope, don't remove it" ... while ASUS updated their warranty information with the following ... /shrug
  10. I would rather they work with the largest browser in terms of marketshare and bring that performance to it because that's where the compatibility comes which is the most important feature.
  11. Whilst it would be nice for anonymity, the whole purpose of a fair trial is to hear the charges against you and the evidence, so if this changed you wouldn't be able to see anything? You'd basically be sent to jail without being able to challenge it? So in theory if someone upset the police then one of the people on the force could conjure up some evidence and get that person locked up without them being able to challenge it?
  12. Raze

    Warranty void if removed stickers?

    You're correct about the FTC - For myself I remove them, however some of them are self-destructing and tear easily and can be very difficult to remove cleanly.
  13. I'm sure that support will come in time. Probably targetting performance numbers first and then general availability.
  14. U-series performance has greatly increased in the last year or so. Have you tried an 8th gen i7? To elaborate, the U-series is capable of matching the performance of some non-U chips as long as it remains in its energy consumption/time and thermal envelopes. Different OEMs issue different settings to their devices, so be aware that an i7-8550U in a Lenovo device may not match one in a Dell device, or even a different model. Regardless, for sprint-type usage you're not really compromising on performance. Buying a "U" thin-and-light to run a video conversion server will surface considerable shortcomings, but that's like classifying dogs as some kind of bird and being disappointed that they don't fly well.
  15. I wasn't sure the other Smart Displays would get those Nest specific updates. I'll be happy to see their cameras in the Nest app.
  16. Due to falling NVMe drive prices, I've been doing a few upgrades lately. I couldn't help but notice that the ones I received are decorated with a "Warranty void if removed" sticker glued right onto the memory chips. Are these stickers still legal (or were they ever, and other shady warranty caveats like requiring registration)? IIRC the FTC recently started reminding a limited set of hardware manufacturers that they had to remove this stipulation from their warranties. Basically, is it safe to just remove the sticker?
  17. Jim K

    Diagnosing faulty Ethernet controller

    It appears that Dell released an updated driver on the 15th of this month. Have you attempted to install the latest driver to see if your issue goes away. If yes, have you tried disabling the Killer Network Service to see if your issue is resolved? With that said, I kind of doubt it is hardware ... it is probably driver/software related. When you get "disconnected from other players" ... does that also mean you lose all internet connectivity?
  18. Strange that they didn't develop and test it first for Intel GPUs since those are what most people have.
  19. Hi everyone, I have a new Aurora 8 PC from Alienware and am having some issues with connectivity while hardwired. I noticed the problem while playing Warframe when I would randomly get disconnected form other players. I updated drivers and filed tickets with Warframe to try and fix the issue. After a couple of weeks of failing, I disabled the "Killer E2500 Gigabit Ethernet Controller" and enabled the "Qualcomm QCA9377 802.11AC Wireless Adapter". I have been using the wireless adapter for 3 weeks and have had no random drops so I am pretty sure the Ethernet controller is to blame. Problem: How do I prove this issue to Dell so they will cover a replacement under warranty? Since the drops are random in nature, I can't exactly demonstrate the difference... Proving this to myself even took 3 weeks of running on the wireless card. Any advice would be appreciated.
  20. You can be light and fast and be poor at multi-tasking. Most people do singular tasks on a computer. This is plenty performant for the right consumer. Most people do at least 2 tasks on a computer since copy/paste exists!
  21. The adaptive collaboration hub for software engineering - Free eBook by Slack by Steven Parker Claim your complimentary eBook for free today, before the offer expires. What's it about? Slack is used in pretty much every department and discipline, but software engineering is where it all started, and is still the source of a lot of the user love that keeps us coming to work smiling. This e-book is a quick introduction to some of the ways Slack helps developers. We hope it helps explain why software engineers seem to like Slack so much. How to get it Please ensure you read the terms and conditions to claim this offer. Complete and verifiable information is required in order to receive this free offer. If you have previously made use of these free offers, you will not need to re-register. While supplies last! >> The adaptive collaboration hub for software engineering - Free eBook by Slack << Offered by Slack, view their other free resources. Limited time offer. Not for you? That's OK, there are other free eBooks on offer you can check out here, but be aware that these are all time-limited offers. If you are uncomfortable sharing your details with a third-party sponsor, we understand. Or via our preferred partner: Get a discounted Private Internet Access VPN subscription plan via Neowin #PIA #VPN #PrivateInternetAccess — Neowin (@NeowinFeed) May 13, 2019 How can I disable these posts? Click here. Disclosure: A valid email address is required to fulfill your request. Complete and verifiable information is required in order to receive this offer. By submitting a request, your information is subject to's Privacy Policy.
  22. adrynalyne

    HP Chromebook 14 review: It's not made for multitasking

    You can be light and fast and be poor at multi-tasking. Most people do singular tasks on a computer. This is plenty performant for the right consumer.
  23. The Mozilla Gfx Team blog has been an interesting read for quite a while now. I still feel it's a shame that Microsoft chose to go with Chromium over pouring their resources into Firefox development. Webrender's pretty good, and getting better quickly, but it's still nowhere near the black magic that Microsoft put into their rendering engine. Scrolling smoothness and touch latency was perfected back in Windows phone 7, and they haven't dropped a frame since.
  24. How to enable Webrender in the current Firefox release build.
  25. Mozilla will begin to roll out WebRender to Firefox users with version 67 by Paul Hill Mozilla is planning to roll out WebRender to 5% of stable users with the release of Firefox 67. According to Mozilla’s release calendar, Firefox 67 will begin rolling out on May 21, so some lucky users should see the performance increase that WebRender will bring in just a couple of days. WebRender, also known as Quantum Render, is one of the new components that has been built using Rust. Back in 2017, Mozilla launched Firefox Quantum, but WebRender was not ready at the time. Writing in a blog post, Lin Clark explained: “With WebRender, we want apps to run at a silky smooth 60 frames per second (FPS) or better no matter how big the display is or how much of the page is changing from frame to frame. And it works. Pages that chug along at 15 FPS in Chrome or today’s Firefox run at 60 FPS with WebRender.” According to the Firefox 67 beta release notes the WebRender feature has only been tested on desktops running Windows 10 that are equipped with an NVIDIA GPU. It’s not clear at this time whether the feature will come to older versions of Windows or other platforms at this point. Source: r/Firefox (Reddit)
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