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  2. Unfortunately my use case is I also want folders on my fav bar to also have this feature. This build sorta forgot about that bit so still waiting on a usable build.
  3. sc302

    Server Advice

    That was my very last post or second to last. Glad you got it sorted
  4. patseguin

    Server Advice

    Thanks for everyone's patience! I'm pretty knowledgeable in building gaming computers and I go all the way back to Commodore 64. When it comes to Servers though, I am a noob. Turns out I was going about this all wrong. I was creating a new domain on the new server and having all kinds of problems. I had a local IT company come out and the guy spent about 2 hours here. He said the right way to do it is join the new server to the existing domain, promote it, and demote the old server. I can't believe I was so stupid not to think of that. We're all good now. I just have to install Filemaker server and my other apps and I'm golden. I want to thank everyone in this thread who devoted so much time to trying to help me out.
  5. Indeed. Now, I'd like the option to increase the size of the icons on the bookmarks bar to make them easier to scan/read. Yeah great idea! I love having more room on the bar with icons only. If we can set the icon size, I'd love it! FUnny how something so seemingly minor is such a welcome feature.
  6. Samantharob

    Is my forehead big ?

    @FloatingFatMan it’s more when my hair is up in I tight ponytail
  7. Teslas are ugly though with their low front, looks like ducks.
  8. Not necessarily. There are plenty of higher-paying white-collar jobs that will be far easier to automate than many lower-paid manual jobs. Yes, such as Wall Street.
  9. I work automating software developer process and implementation. I know that it will hurt people (and it already is hurting people, we started reducing working seats), and I have my doubts, ethical doubts. However, yesterday, I have trouble with a developer (he was self-entitled to preach some nonsense). The awful truth: most people are douche. So f that. Anyways, a good worker that it's honest and compromise with the job, he or she will always find a job.
  10. Edge Dev isn’t Chrome. Nor is it based on Chrome. Have you tried the same test with Chromium?
  11. goretsky

    question about SSD's, HDD and MB controllers

    Hello, I did a bit of searching, and it seems the Z97 chipset was the first Intel chipset in the Z-series to support booting from NVMe SSDs. There were a couple of message threads I cam across where people talked about modifying the BIOS for Z77 motherboards to add NVMe support, with varying results: [in German] Personally, I would be very hesitant to do this to any computer other than a spare, since a failure could leave one with a non-working motherboard. That said, I myself did make use of a modified BIOS (or UEFI as they are now called) firmware from the last message thread where support for booting from an NVMe SSD drive was added to my X79-based motherboard. It is certainly possible the owner of the thread could modify a copy of the ASUS Sabertooth Z77 motherboard firmware for you, but you would likely need to do some testing, and there is always the possibility of ending up with a non-working motherboard. Regards, Aryeh Goretsky
  12. Why is still promoting the 50 GB plan now that it has been bumped up to 100 GB, or am I misunderstanding something?
  13. Yeah, because that billionare CEO needs another 100 million dollar yacht. Maybe people should strive for more than demand a lot for a little. Entitled society does not make things an easier. $15 for flipping burgers and people wanting more money without working for it and being lazy. Only a matter of time before things were automated and he robots taking over. It's not greedy to ask for more money, but it's definitely greedy to expect someone to put in 40 hours and to have to work an extra 20 to 40 on the side. If you haven't had to work 80 hours week I'd expect you to not understand. It leaves no time for you to do any living. That may be fine when you're trying to build a business from scratch, but when that time and effort pays no long term dividends, there's little motivation to do that work. I'm not saying that they should ask for more money, I'm saying that if it's that unprofitable to pay them a living wage than the only shameful thing here is the fact that it took so long for them to automate the job away. Occasionally I have worked a week if the job calls for it but that is not the norm for me. I worked hard earlier in life and am good at my job. I also manage my money well so I do not have to work 80hrs a week.
  14. It's a parady on the typical anine hero trope where they have to keep training to get stronger to fight the next bad guy who's even stronger than the last one. The main character is already the strongest from the start, so the formula is flipped on its head. I understand that it is supposed to be a parody. But that runs its course after one episode. I got exactly one laugh out of it, when he said "I trained so hard my hair fell out."
  15. Nick H.

    Nick H.

    The original Gameboy had 8KB of RAM. That seems pretty crazy to me. o_O

    1. Daniel F.

      I know right! that's less than most scientific calculators have! (64 kb)   

  16. Im confused. We use a webapp at work where in Chrome we can resize columns, but in Edge Dev we cant?
  17. Today
  18. again? lol. It makes a big difference - if digital zoom is to be included in the article title, pop '50x zoom' into P30 article titles
  19. goretsky

    Windows 10 1903 not available

    Hello, On one system where I wanted to install Windows 10 Version 1903, I got the aforementioned warning about USB external media being attached to the system. Where the USB flash drive in question was the one I made with the Windows Media Creation Tool. I ended up creating a temporary directory on the C:\ drive (C:\WUPDATE) or something like that), copying the contents of the installation media to the subdirectory, ejecting the USB flash drive, and running the Setup executable from the temporary subdirectory to upgrade the system without any issues. After installation completed successfully, I was able to delete the temporary subdirectory I had created. You might want to give that (or something similar) a try and see if that works on the computer. Regards, Aryeh Goretsky
  20. Hello, I think the idea is that OneDrive is essentially a backup service (or file locker) for your data files. In the case of Microsoft Office, though, would guess that Microsoft's reasoning is that you should be used the web-based components that come with your Office 365 licenselike for your email and not the Outlook executable program. Regards, Aryeh Goretsky
  21. ARM is not even near Pentium or Celeron let alone i5 might want to check again; the ARM/Snapdragon 8cx chip is definitely in the i5 range from all the benchmarks I've seen; there just aren't any machines out using the chip yet. Based on what, marketing or evaluation sample reports? Bollocks is it anywhere near. Maybe if the i5 is undervolted and running in it's lowest performance mode. "i5" is pretty broad in this sense, we're talking the mobile version, so the U series of the i5. As with any x86 variants, the mobile versions aren't 1:1 with their desktop versions, so not every i5 is created equal. You don't have to believe the claims, we'll find out soon enough. The trend has long been set though, ARM keeps gaining in performance while the x86 mobile side of things hasn't. The only big change we've seen of late is that U series intel chips are finally going to get 4 cores across the board instead of 2 core/4 threads we've had.
  22. Just a update, installed Hellblade fine, game started fine. I'll play some of it later tonight when I have free time.
  23. Steven P.

    Rogue ads when using my Android phone...

    Yep that does look like our advertiser. I will report it and direct them to your findings. BTW I choose only to display inline ads on mobile, no popover or redirect crap, so this truly is a rogue ad and poor filtering/checks from my advertiser.
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