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  2. lol, what groundbreaking new feature is coming out with the next build of Windows 10? You could flip that and say what groundbreaking new featue is coming out to any OS? Both of them are mature, it's all about little things now. Obviously. It was a question to Brony about what's so fancy about 10...
  3. Only just ordered a 6T. I don't really care about whatever's coming next in phones to be honest, just seemed like the right product at a reasonable price.
  4. fusi0n

    LG gram 17 unboxing and first impressions

    Nice review!
  5. If the grand endgame is to have the Mac line running iOS at some point in the future then good luck with that. Everything MS gets hated on for trying to do or doing with Windows, Apple is doing, though very slow, with macOS and iOS. I think the goal is like you say, they want to control the hardware 100%, so if they can get off of x86-64 and on to their own SoC' it'd only help to boost their margins and revenue even more. Except of course they have developer buy in and an already vibrant app store on iOS. They also aren't shoving a mobile centric UI down everyone's throats. There's plenty difference between what Apple is doing vs what MS did, and failed. Most of those apps are for mobile first, and the fact Apple wants you to code a desktop centric UI for it so you can have it run on the Mac is nice but doesn't mean you're going to get everyone out there to care enough to do it. And even with a more mouse centric UI, these are still dredded "mobile apps" that "no one wants on their desktop". So again, I don't see much of a difference. The problems people brought up with one can apply to the other as well.
  6. lol, what groundbreaking new feature is coming out with the next build of Windows 10? You could flip that and say what groundbreaking new featue is coming out to any OS? Both of them are mature, it's all about little things now.
  7. I don't know what game is playing Apple but we are read that PWA is coming to IOS for a couple of years. Anyways, with those new features, PWA on IOS is still a second-class citizen. And, AFAIK, PWA on IOS is still a Web App. That's why the way MS has it is best, you can have multiple levels of PWA, going so far as to extend it with UWP to make it act even more like a native app.
  8. The new icons for outlook are complete trash, no differentiation like the old icons had, they just all look bland and annoying, but then again I wouldn't expect designers to do anything worthwhilse other than make changes for the sake of pissing people off to justify their pay and existence
  9. LG gram 17 unboxing and first impressions by Rich Woods At CES this year, LG announced two new laptops: the gram 14 2-in-1 and the gram 17. The former is the company's first convertible, and the latter is the firm's first 17-inch laptop. As usual, both of them are the lightest in their class. I reviewed the gram 14 2-in-1 a few weeks ago, and now it's time for the big one. The gram 17 has some big improvements over other LG laptops that I've reviewed. For one thing, it has a 2560x1600 display, rather than the usual 1080p. That also gives it a slightly taller 16:10 aspect ratio, an odd choice considering that its convertible is still 16:9; after all, convertibles are more likely to benefit from a taller screen, since they tend to go into portrait orientation. Another improvement is that this has a full Thunderbolt 3, whereas traditionally, LG has stuck with USB 3.1 Gen 1 for the USB Type-C port. But most importantly, LG says that the gram 17 is a 17-inch laptop in a 15-inch footprint. That means that you're that much more likely to be able to fit it in your bag. As usual, there's only one configuration. It includes a Core i7-8565U - which is from the Whiskey Lake family - 16GB RAM, and a 512GB SSD. That model will run you $1,699. Check out our unboxing video below: Make sure to subscribe to Neowin on YouTube! It's the best channel in the universe!
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  12. Dell BIOS updates are pretty safe from my experience, never had an issue either from them or WU.
  13. It doesn't make much sense to build a game at this early stage of development, first you make sure you have enough of the engine ready that can do what you want it to do before really focusing on the game otherwise you will end up replacing much of the game you've made. A lot of developers know this but they don't have the problem of the game being on the market for gamers to play with whereas in this case, they kind of have to do the game back to front because of the backers wanting to play the game. Early stage of development? Am I missing something? Yes game "publishers" are releasing games before they are fully ready but they always have a gameplay in there - Forever in development is not better than rushed out games. The problem is that you rarely get to see games at this stage of development, if Star Citizen was developed by a publisher in the normal sense then we would likely not of heard a thing about this game yet. Look at CDP Red with that Cyberpunk game, that game started development around the same time Star Citizen did and yet we have little to show of that game apart from what they wanted to show us. Big games take time to develop and more so big games that are trying new things out and I suspect Star Citizen is far more grander then that Cyberpunk game is. I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt and see what they can deliver, if they fail then I don't lose much but if they deliver on even half of what they promise, that could be a game changer for games and gamers that have been following the Star Citizen project will know what I mean by that. Beside, most triple a games are rushed out before they are ready and in many cases are cut down with dlc contents being added in later to inflate the price of the game. In the case of Star Citizen, they have around 500 people working on the game over 4 studios with a budget once you cut out the fluff far higher then what GTA 5 had and that budget keeps going up and the best part about it is that there is no publishers to say what they can and can't do. IMHO you have a "drank the kool-aid" attitude about this. While this game CAN be technically impressive, it is a glorified pyramid scheme entirely because it had no real gameplay that players can engage with in an ongoing way. Real games can survive a multi-year development cycle when the game is actually playable and is refining and building on that. Take Minecraft for example. It was a hit before it ever reached 1.0 and people were playing with others. As such it could absolutely afford a multi-year beta cycle. This "game" offers you the ability to buy ships. The number of people working on it doesn't matter, the impressiveness doesn't matter. The point is that we paid money now we want to see the result of that payment. They move the goalposts so often that it's a joke every time we hear the new roadmap. It won't matter. The burger you ordered 2 years ago was inadequate and we're re-engineering the feed that will allow the cow to grow to a better food source. We predict you'll be fed in 18-24 months time. Enjoy the table in the meantime, and please buy more of our trays! They'll make the burger look real nice! The point that there is no real gameplay in this tells me that they haven't figured out where the goalposts really are yet. Every other major MMO ever conceived knew this right out of the gate. Not to mention the single player game that should also be coming. It's not a "game" that deserves praising. It deserves CLOSURE. Quote: ... it is a glorified pyramid scheme" Fun how the same people with little to no education about game development and Finance are throwing words which have zero connection with reality. Pyramid sheme- ponzi scheme=scam. Just another soft way to say it. This is crowdfunded. This is a project with 4 studios and 500 devs. Do any readers work for free during 6 or 7 years? The answer is No. Does developing two Triple-A takes time starting from scratch? The answer is Yes. Project scope moved mid-2014 for 2 Triple-A with backers approval and never ending support (with more backers every year) since then. Last but not least. SQ42 Beta is in 5 quarters. Not 2025 or never. Amazing from an amazing team and community indeed. And if you are looking for Triple-A released "in time": Fallout 76 and Anthem were. Guess why this project got more support and backers every year... Everything you just said was mostly true, except two points. 1. I'm painfully aware of game development and project management. 2. You're obfuscating the point that the game was promised in 3 years from the original date. We've slipped, how much now? When you hold out your hand and give the homeless man on the side of the road a dollar, you expect that he uses it for the reasons on his sign: "Hungry!" So when you follow him and see that he buys beer and then wanders back to the road, you get mad. Way too many people signed on to Chris Roberts poor project management and now they're way beyond the goalposts with the only thing sustaining them is more people contributing? No, sir. No way. His desire to continue development does not inevitably make it work. As an investor in this "game" I call bull. This is flagrant abuse and is absolutely a scam, no matter how you want to name it. The 500 people being funded is not a reason to continue to fund 500 people. We paid for a game that should have come out years ago and it won't come out for years hence. Now take a giant step back and realize -- I do want this game to be released. What I believe needs to happen is everyone stops paying for it. It will force it's release. They'll work on things that actually make it commercially viable and fun and playable instead of all this other grandiose engine development stuff which is ridiculous. They can and should do that stuff after its release. When you say you want to develop a racing game, that's great. You get funding for that. Then build it. You create a plan to build THAT game. But, later on, if you decide that this racing game needs a pit crew module, ok that might seem reasonable. Does it add to the plan? Does it make the game better? Ok ... maybe. But what about the audience? Do we need independant models for every member of the audience? Not really ... What about simulating the life of every audience member, and their vehicles, and the roads, and make sure we have all of that in our RACING GAME! No no no. What CR has done here is exactly that, he keeps slipping the goalposts keeping the INITIALLY PROMISED game into something far far bigger. This in and of itself is not a bad thing, it's just absolutely wrong from a promised deliverable and project management point of view -- it's completely a foul. Read my burger analogy a few posts back. We as consumers were promised a thing, and now are not getting that thing. My kid will freaking graduate from school and move out by the time I can play this with him, and we bought ships two years ago... but hey, I bet by then we'll have RealFungusGrowthOnTheOutsideOfBuildings2.7(tm) which will make the "game" JustThatMuchBetter1.6(tm)
  14. Yea, disregard. I went ahead and did the "install now" ... it acted like it installed it ... said it was successful ... restarted fine so whatever. At least it didn't break the computer (which was my only concern). Just weird.
  15. I had the same issue on my Latitude. I updated the bios days before, and it downloaded and attempted to install it. It just gave me an error, saying it was already installed, and then removed the update from the list.
  16. Can you update to something later then 1.8.1 or is that the latest?
  17. I don't want this ... because I already have the BIOS update. I actually installed the BIOS update manually from Dell a few months ago. The hell? First time I've really encountered an update which I disagreed with ... how do I remove this? Also, about to head to Atlanta so I'll be away from this notebook for a little bit.
  18. I don't know what game is playing Apple but we are read that PWA is coming to IOS for a couple of years. Anyways, with those new features, PWA on IOS is still a second-class citizen. And, AFAIK, PWA on IOS is still a Web App.
  19. lol, what groundbreaking new feature is coming out with the next build of Windows 10?
  20. If the grand endgame is to have the Mac line running iOS at some point in the future then good luck with that. Everything MS gets hated on for trying to do or doing with Windows, Apple is doing, though very slow, with macOS and iOS. I think the goal is like you say, they want to control the hardware 100%, so if they can get off of x86-64 and on to their own SoC' it'd only help to boost their margins and revenue even more. Except of course they have developer buy in and an already vibrant app store on iOS. They also aren't shoving a mobile centric UI down everyone's throats. There's plenty difference between what Apple is doing vs what MS did, and failed.
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    Geek Uninstaller

    Geek Uninstaller by Razvan Serea Standard removal program leaves tons of leftovers on your PC. GeekUninstaller performs deep and fast scanning afterwards and removes all leftovers. Keep your PC clean! Use Force Removal for stubborn and broken programs. GeekUninstaller is a much faster and more powerful alternative to "Windows Add or Remove Programs" applet! It has very powerful features to uninstall and remove programs. It can effectively and thoroughly uninstall any program that the standard Windows Add/Remove Programs can't remove, remove all the leftover files and registry entries, and fix the program install/uninstall errors if anything found. GeekUninstaller does not require installation and runs on both 32 and 64-bit versions of Windows XP/Vista/7/8 and 10. It has a simple and comprehensive interface that will quickly guide you through all its features. Geek Uninstaller changelog: Fixed certain AV false positives Download: Geek Uninstaller | 1.7 MB (Freeware) View: Geek Uninstaller Website Get alerted to all of our Software updates on Twitter at @NeowinSoftware
  22. already in trouble because google and chrome are always on top ... not that I'm surprised
  23. Looks like you guys still have your own sales going on: Edit: oof, mistook your comment for SnoopZ, my bad. Hopefully you're from the UK too? lol
  24. dontbeevil

    The Windows 10 May 2019 Update is now available on MSDN

    Check event viewer, it is like a Christmas tree with ornaments, referring to various warnings and errors. Checked, there are a few warnings in there but there always is, why else do you think the tech support scammers go there first. don't feed the troll
  25. Huawei P30 review: Possibly the best all-around phone on the market by Rich Woods If you're a smartphone camera enthusiast, Huawei's P30 Pro has probably caught your eye by now. When I wrote the review, I said it has the best smartphone camera on the market, and I was amazed that Huawei was able to improve on the already stellar P20 Pro. But as always, the non-Pro model tends to be overlooked. This is natural, since the Pro casts such a tall shadow over it. I'm always impressed with the non-Pro model though, and the P30 exceeded my expectations. While the P30 camera isn't quite up to par with the P30 Pro, it's still better than any other smartphone camera out there. And as far as just being a phone, I actually like it better than the P30 Pro. It doesn't have the curved edges on the sides of the screen, and Huawei finally gave it the OLED treatment. Specs CPU HiSilicon Kirin 980, dual 2.6GHz Cortex-A76, dual 1.92GHz Cortex-A76, quad 1.8GHz Cortex-A55 GPU Mali-G76 MP10 Display 6.1 inches, 1080x2340, 422ppi, 19.5:9, OLED Body 149.1x71.4x7.6mm (5.87x2.81x0.30in), 165g (5.82oz) Camera 40MP + 16MP + 8MP, Front - 32MP Aperture f/1.8 + f/2.2 + f/2.4, Front - f/2.0 Video 4K - 30fps, 1080p - 60fps, Front - 1080p - 30fps Camera features SuperSpectrum main sensor, wide-angle sensor, 3x zoom lens, 5x hybrid zoom, PDAF, laser AF, OIS, Leica-certified, dual-tone flash RAM 6GB Storage 128GB Battery 3650mAh Price €799 There should also be models with 8GB RAM and 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB of storage, but this is the one that Huawei gave me to review. Day one Design Huawei thinks that people don't want phones that look boring. I tend to agree. I'm tired of seeing yet another black phone. Last year with the P20, it introduced the Twilight color, a blend of baby blue and purple. This year's P30 comes in a range of new colors, including Aurora, Amber Sunrise, and Breathing Crystal. When asked why there's no Twilight this time around, the answer was simple. The company did it, everyone copied it, and now it's time to do something new. There are also options for Pearl White and Black, if you like boring things. Just like pretty much any flagship device these days, the P30 is a glass sandwich. Unfortunately, there's no wireless charging in the non-Pro model, which always disappoints me. Glass is breakable, so if you drop this thing, you're not just harming the display. If you're switching to a glass back to make it prettier, and there are no functional benefits, it shouldn't be done. The top-left of the back of the phone is where you'll find the rear camera module. Just like with the Pro, there are three lenses, although there's no TOF sensor. The dual-tone flash is placed beneath the module, rather than to the right of it. The third lens isn't the same periscope zoom lens as on the Pro, so you don't get that funky-looking square lens. One thing that's particularly nice about the P30 is that it keeps its headphone jack. On the bottom of the device, there's the 3.5mm combo audio jack, a USB Type-C port, and a speaker grille. As always, I'm a big fan of all of these things being on the same side of the device. On the right side, there's a volume rocker and the power button. On the left, there's a slot for dual nano-SIM cards. Another thing that I want to note about the design is that on the front of the device, there's an speaker above the display. Yes, this is common in almost all smartphones, but the P30 Pro doesn't have one. The Pro actually pushes sound through the glass. Display The Huawei P30 uses a 6.1-inch, 1080p, 19.5:9 OLED display, with a teardrop notch. The phone is pretty small compared to others on the market, and that's one of the reasons I love it. It's just comfortable to hold and to carry. Of course, 6.1 inches doesn't mean what it used to. Screens are measured diagonally, so back in the days of 16:9 devices, 6.1 inches was massive. Now that phones have longer aspect ratios, 6.1 inches has a smaller surface area than it used to. The screen is OLED, which is nice. For the past couple of years, Huawei has been putting OLED in the Pro model and using LCD panels for the non-Pro. The biggest benefit to OLED displays is that pixels can be turned off, which provides true black. Colors rendered on top of that tend to be more vibrant, as opposed to looking washed out on top of an already-backlit LCD. This also means that Huawei included an always-on display option with the P30, as it only offers this in OLED displays. Naturally, this means that you can see the time, date, battery status, weather, and more when the device is locked. Huawei also put a fingerprint sensor in the display. When the firm introduced the in-display fingerprint reader with the Mate 20 Pro, the Mate 20 still kept its fingerprint sensor on the back. It's nice to see this feature brought down to the non-Pro line. One thing that's weird, and it's probably a bug, is that the fingerprint sensor indicator constantly flashes on the always-on display, even at night when the always-on display is set to be turned off. The fingerprint sensor does work pretty well though, and that's a bit surprising. Previous in-display fingerprint sensors haven't been very good, and it's good to see the technology improving. Placing my finger accurately without looking is still a minor issue though, as there's no longer any physical indicator as to where the sensor is actually located. One other thing I want to point out is that the display is flat, rather than having the curved sides that the P30 Pro has. I like this much better. Phones with curved edges can be hard to use, especially with one hand. It's too easy to accidentally be touching the screen while holding it. Camera I'd love to tell you that the camera is nothing to write home about and that Huawei put everything into the P30 Pro, but that would simply be untrue. The main sensor is a Leica-certified 40-megapixel SuperSpectrum lens. Rather than using traditional RGB, the company swapped out green pixels for yellow, allowing in 40% more light. The aperture on the main sensor is a bit smaller on the P30 compared to the Pro, at f/1.8 instead of f/1.6. While that means low-light performance isn't quite as good, it still smokes the competition, as long as that competition isn't the P30 Pro. iPhone Xs Max P30 P30 Pro All of the above images were taken in my hotel room in Paris, at night, with the lights off. I keep using these samples because it's the perfect example of the low-light capabilities of both of these phones, and how it stands up to the competition. It's one thing to see this type of stuff demoed at an event, and it's another thing to see how easy it is to do in-person. Here are some samples from the main camera. Gallery: P30 samples Ultimately, the camera is awesome, and you can't argue what it can do in low-light settings. But there are two more sensors on here, one for ultrawide shots and one with 3x zoom. So let's talk a bit about zoom. In a camera, zoom works by moving two lenses further apart or closer together. In a smartphone camera, there's just not enough room for that, so OEMs have come up with multiple solutions. Single-lens cameras use digital zoom, which is pretty much just cropping the image. A smartphone camera can see a certain field of view, and that field of view has a certain amount of pixels. If you want to see half as much, you cut out half of the pixels, and thus half of the quality. The more you zoom in, the more quality you lose. Back in the days of the Nokia Lumia 1020, one solution was to build a 41-megapixel lens. With a high enough resolution, you can chop out more of the image without noticeably losing quality. Another solution is to build a second lens that simply sees less. Apple and Samsung have 2x zoom lenses in their phones for just this purpose. Huawei introduced a 3x zoom lens last year with the P20 Pro, and that's also what's used in the P30. Combined with the high-resolution main sensor, Huawei promises 5x hybrid zoom. The Camera app lets you zoom in all the way up to 30x, not that you'd really want to. Gallery: P30 zoom samples Finally, one thing I played around with a lot was portrait mode and aperture mode. They achieve the same effect, although they work differently. What you need to know is that portrait mode is for taking pictures of people, while aperture mode is for everything else. One of the reasons I spent a lot of time with this was because I wanted to compare it to the P30 Pro, which has a time-of-flight sensor. What that does is that it sends out light, and it records how long it takes for the light to return. It's better at recording depth. Gallery: P30 portrait and aperture samples You can see from the aperture shots that you can adjust the aperture, and therefore the amount of blur in the background. To be honest, aperture mode is always one of my favorite features on Huawei cameras. I'd call particular attention to the singer on the boat though, where the images came out pretty blurry. Take another look, this time when compared with the P30 Pro. P30 P30 Pro Clearly, the P30 Pro is the winner between the two devices, but it's also clear that the P30 is a magnificent smartphone camera. I think that for the vast majority of users, you're not making a meaningful sacrifice by getting the P30 instead of the P30 Pro, and you might appreciate some of the other benefits of the device more. Performance I say this a lot, and I'll say it again, but as far as performance goes, you're good. Any modern flagship phone has all of the performance that you need. Obviously, no developer is targeting higher-end specs than the top-end chipset. There's one big flaw though, which is that the Kirin 980 doesn't support 4K 60fps video capture, something that other companies have been doing for about a year and a half now. Apple was the first to do it with the iPhone 8/8 Plus/X, and then Qualcomm enabled the feature with the Snapdragon 845, so Samsung followed suit with the Galaxy S9/S9 Plus. Now, it seems like every flagship phone can do 4K 60fps video capture except those made by Huawei, and that's a real disappointment given the camera focus. But other than that, you're good, as is the case with any flagship phone. As far as battery life goes, I had no trouble getting through the day. While there's no wireless charging, it does support Huawei's SuperCharge. It's not 40W SuperCharge like the P30 Pro; the charger that it ships with is 22.5W, and it's still really fast. If you're low on juice, you can plug it in for a half hour and you'll be good to go. For benchmarks, I used Geekbench 4, AnTuTu, and GFXBench. Geekbench 4 provides a CPU test. You can compare this to the iPhone Xs Max's single-core score of 4,798 and multi-core score of 10,731, and the Galaxy S10+'s single-core score of 3,520 and multi-core score of 11,177. It's worth noting that Qualcomm's new chips show up in new handsets in the spring, while Huawei and Apple refresh in the fall. That's why Qualcomm was able to jump ahead by a bit. Next up is AnTuTu, which has an all-in-one test. This can be compared to the iPhone's score of 312,678 and Samsung's score of 357,611. Finally, GFXBench tests the GPU. Conclusion The Huawei P30 is one of my favorite devices that I've used. In fact, with the exception of the camera, I'd take it any day over the P30 Pro. I love the size, the form factor, the fact that the display is actually flat, and more. The biggest downsides to me are the things that the Pro does have, such as wireless charging. Also, that time-of-flight sensor does make a real difference for portrait mode. As far as the camera goes, it's the second best on the market, so it's tough to complain, other than about the lack of 4K 60fps video capture. But if you want a great camera and the best overall experience, the P30 is the way to go.
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