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  2. have you even owned a redmi phone? they are pretty solid and cheap for the specks they have, i currently own one and could not fault it besides not having nfc
  3. LG files patent for a smartphone with a triple front camera setup by Jay Bonggolto LG Electronics' existing smartphones including its latest flagship devices, the G8 ThinQ and V50 ThinQ, only have as many as two cameras on the front. However, the South Korean electronics giant may be considering adding a third snapper to the front of its future mobile device offerings. A design patent filed with the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) reveals an LG mobile device with three camera lenses encompassed by the display notch. There is no clear description, however, about the specific function of each camera. Nonetheless, current camera modules with three lenses usually include the main snapper, a depth sensor, and an ultra-wide angle lens. The patent was submitted in October of last year and published on Friday by WIPO. It may make sense for LG to incorporate those types of lenses into its future smartphones as part of the necessary upgrades. After all, the G8 ThinQ already features a dual-camera consisting of a time-of-flight sensor that's responsible for its depth of field and a wide-angle shooter. Meanwhile, the V50 ThinQ boasts a front snapper with a standard lens and a wide-angle camera. In addition, the device sketch illustrated in the patent shows that the device will have three cameras on the back sitting atop a fingerprint sensor. There's also the traditional power button, volume rocker, and a dedicated Google Assistant key. However, it's also possible that LG might be removing the 3.5mm audio jack from its future handsets, as shown by the sketch. Source: World Intellectual Property Office
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  5. This is P30 which has a flat screen. Only the P30 Pro has a curved screen.
  6. read more:
  7. George P

    The Big Wrestling Thread!

    Don't know either but it makes for one heck of a story line.
  8. Isn't there a newer Galaxy. In fact bench marking it against older phones, it will always beat, and win.
  9. Also, even though I do love iOS, Android has captured me by providing Split Screen, Picture in Picture, Magisk (Viper, plus some goodies), that I feel locked to the ecosystem. Unless iOS 13 comes with Split Screen support, I won't be going the Apple route for a while.
  10. Excellent review! As I've stated in other articles, I have eyed this phone, the 10Se and the 10S due to their size (I hate big phones). I've always gone the Google route. Nexus 4, and now the Nexus 5X. The latter has already shown its age, the processor being utterly slow (Can't open Google Maps without lagging... even by having the phone downgraded to a custom fast 7.0 ROM). I just can't justify paying $600+ for a Pixel device when the big OEMs such as Samsung, and Huawei have a lot of features in their devices (plus they look better) for similar price points... Yes, I'm not going to receive the updates as fast (which is a big downer for me), but I've done research and at least the S10 series you can unlock the bootloader without too many issues (As long as it comes from Hong Kong) Meaning, that I can just flash out a custom ROM with the latest Android version anytime.
  11. Microsoft Weekly: Going all digital, the May 2019 Update, and icon changes by Florin Bodnarescu As it would seem, we’re at the end of the week, which means a bit of a recap is in order. The Xbox got a sleeker, disc-less variant, preparations around the availability of the May 2019 Update have started to gather some steam, and new icons were made available for some services. Be sure to find all that, and the usual bit extra, in your Microsoft digest for the week of April 13-19. Going all digital What better way to start this section than with a couple of free games? Granted, these are only free if you have an active Gold subscription, but that still counts for something. The two specific titles are Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2, and Outcast - Second Contact. If those two aren’t quite your cup of tea, you might want to check out Ninja Gaiden II which has been enhanced and added to the Backward Compatibility list. Remaining in the realm of free games, there’s Forza Street, a casual, evidently mobile-oriented entry in the series. The game is now available for Windows 10, with it confirmed to make an appearance on iOS and Android later this year. For those who want something more akin to previous entries in the Forza series, there’s going to be news related to a new Forza Motorsport entry next month. Specifically, on May 7, 11AM PT, the next Forza Monthly stream will commence on the Forza channel on Mixer. Though Turn 10 is asking for feedback now, the upcoming title is slated for release sometime in 2020. Those with an Xbox One should start getting the April 2019 Xbox Update, which brings a smaller floating keyboard, better access to Game Pass Quests, a new restart option in the Power Center, suggested app uninstalls, and a reprogrammable OneGuide button. Speaking of the Xbox One, Microsoft has announced a disc-less variant of the One S dubbed the All-Digital Edition. We knew this was coming, though more details are always nice to have. For example, it has 1TB of internal space, costs $249.99, and includes Minecraft, Sea of Thieves, and Forza Horizon 3 (not Horizon 4 for some reason). Furthermore, it comes with a Game Pass offer which allows folks to get three months of the service for just $1. An interesting related tidbit is that Microsoft plans to keep the price of the One S All-Digital Edition $50 lower than the regular One S at all times – even during sales. Since we touched on it briefly in the last couple of paragraphs, Xbox Game Pass now has an Ultimate tier. This combines it and Xbox Live Gold into a singular $14.99/month subscription, which is a reasonably good deal given how much the two cost separately. It should be available later this year, with more details probably being shared at E3 on June 9. The last gaming-related tidbit is an odd one to be sure. The Minecraft movie that was rumored all the way back in 2014 has gotten yet another release date. This time it’s March 4, 2022, and it’s difficult to say whether the hype around it will still be as strong as it would’ve been at the sandbox title’s peak popularity five years ago. The May 2019 Update For those who’ve made the jump early to 19H1 – the May 2019 Update -, Microsoft has decided to stop offering 20H1 builds. This isn’t the company cutting off access for no reason, as those on build 18362.53 have issues upgrading to 18875, the latter of which is part of the 20H1 branch. This only affects 19H1 to 20H1 upgrades, and if you’re already on 20H1, you should be fine. As it’s just around the bend, more things related to the next feature update have started to surface. One such thing is the SDK, which includes XAML Islands v1, improvements to WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux), and Windows UI Library 2.1. Those of you eager to get your hands on this thing will be happy to know that it is now available on MSDN. Of course, access to it requires an active subscription, but it’s available nonetheless, for those interested. Lastly, Intel has also stepped in and updated its DCH driver to version with support for version 1903 – or the May 2019 Update. This variant of the driver introduces a redesigned Command Center, is now compliant with WDDM 2.6, and supports the DirectX 12 Shader Model 6.4 compiler on seventh-gen Intel Core chips (or newer), or those equipped with HD Graphics 610 or higher. Icon changes It’s been a bit of bad week for Outlook, as the Redmond giant confirmed a data breach involving the web service, only to add onto it another unfortunate twist this week. While the breach took place between January 1 and March 28, there was allegedly another level to it, thanks to a compromised Microsoft customer support account which reportedly had access to the content of users’ emails. Microsoft allegedly confirmed that 6% of the users hit by the breach were also affected by this customer support mishap. Non-premium users were the only ones hit by these breaches. Switching gears a little, those who use the Skype Insider program should now be getting version, allowing them to be notified when a contact comes online. This small capability was readily available in the older variant which the company killed off, though efforts are being made to reach feature parity. There's also more in the Insider program, this time for Office and in the Slow ring. If you’re on the Monthly Channel (Targeted), you should be getting version 1904 which brings the redesigned icons, account switching, the simplified ribbon, and more. The nearly forgotten UWP Office Mobile apps will also be getting these new icons, despite them not receiving any other new features in a while. And yes, the OneDrive app on Windows is also getting its newest icon treatment, though you’ll need to be an Insider to access it now. The version of the sync client to look out for is 19.073.0415.0001. Something that won’t be getting any more updates is the Windows 8 store. Come July 1, 2019, it will join Windows Phone 8.x in the cessation of all app updates or indeed the ability to install apps from the marketplace. Those on Windows 8.x devices are still covered until July 1,2023. The Fast ring Microsoft is allegedly working on a pair of Surface Buds. A beta version of Microsoft To-Do on Android now supports attachments in shared lists. The Surface Go with 4GB RAM and 128GB SSD is no longer available. Surface Hub 2S will arrive in June for $8,999. Here’s our hands on. Microsoft has acquired IoT platform Express Logic. McAfee is also among the antivirus software affected by the April patch for Windows 7. Microsoft Teams on iOS now has Whiteboard collaboration support, a new icon, and more. PWABuilder 2.0 has been released, complete with a new Feature Store. Hot corner Hot corner is a section of The Fast ring dedicated to highlighting five Microsoft-related stories that haven’t been covered over here, but might be of interest. The Azure Portal data access issue has been resolved. DebugDiag 2 Update 3 has now been released to web. Preview 2 of Microsoft Intune for Android Enterprise fully managed devices is now available. Windows 10 1903 driver submissions for the Windows Hardware Compatibility Program are now open. An internal Microsoft project known as Data Accelerator is now being open sourced. Logging off Much like last week, we also end with Edge-related news. This is due to Microsoft finally opening up more on what Edgium will be all about. For starters, we know that the folks up in Redmond are working to bring syncing of favorites between Edgium and Edge on iOS. As far as Edge on Android is concerned, it should get the ability to sync passwords, auto-fill, open tabs, and more between PCs and mobile devices in the coming months. Speaking of new things to be added, a new build has been added to the Edge Dev preview channel, specifically version This is quite the jump from the previously available and a mere 2 smaller iterations from Canary’s The new build brings media casting capabilities, and some known issues with Chrome extensions that require a Google account. On the bright side, key features coming down the line are dark mode, accessibility improvements, grammar tools, smooth scrolling, reading view, translation, and inking. Presumably that also includes spellchecking, which isn’t yet available. The same build mentioned above is now available for 32-bit devices too, though it’s still limited to Windows 10-based systems for now. No word on when it’ll arrive for Windows 7, 8.1, and macOS, in preview form or otherwise. Missed any of the previous columns? Be sure to have a look right here.
  12. It's Huawei, so... no!
  13. seeprime

    LG gram 17 unboxing and first impressions

    The numpad is above the stickers.
  14. ThaCrip

    PotPlayer 1.7.18346 [Update]

    now that MPC-HC has gone EOL I agree Isn't MPC-BE still around? yes but I've had some issues with it reading subs on MKV files; I can't seem to select them from the right click menu. normal MPC-HC didn't have this issue and neither does PotPlayer. that's my reason for moving away from the BE version. I have a lot of anime that i've ripped to mkv so that matters to me. I have used subs but I never had any issues in the .mkv files I have been using on Pot Player. but these days I am primarily on Linux so I can't use Pot Player as that's one thing I miss a bit switching primarily to Linux.
  15. It has a curved screen, so... no!
  16. LOC

    The Big Wrestling Thread!

    So wait, Dustin is Cody's opponent at Double or Nothing? Uh I ah thought that Dustin/Goldust was still a WWE employee? Even if he isn't anymore, unless Dustin is still in great shape (which he was in his last major run) what kind of match would he be able to pull off with his brother on a major stage like this? I mean I'm sure he can still go in the ring and all, but Cody went from wrestling Jericho and the top guys over in NJPW and ROH, to headlining his own PPV/company against his brother? And no offense to Dustin, I've loved him for decades now and I think he's an amazing (and under appreciated) talent. But is he main event material, especially at this point in his career?
  17. These Weeks in Firefox: Issue 57
  18. As a pwa developer, the opposite is happening. Ms, google, apple, etc are all pushing pwa development harder than any other type. The web is becoming more than just for browsing and consumption. He knows that, he is just bashing it because he thinks it’s an MS only thing. Pretty spot on, and it's silly at this point. Besides, PWAs, from MS's point, can just be part of it. They've allowed for PWAs to mix with UWP for more native OS integration. For an example, I'd like to point out Xpotify." rel="external nofollow"> So really his whole comment is off. A dev can start with a PWA and then, if they want, extend it even more by adding UWP into the mix. I understand you people are enthusiast and what not but people out there do not care about PWA nor they will take an extra step to install it. This doesn't even make any sense. You can run PWA applications already with common web browsers. You don't have to install anything to be able to use them.
  19. Can you say if was an SD, plumbing or tank failure?
  20. Exactly. I want a progress bar to know if that email went through or not. Just because you click "Send" doesn't mean the email went through and given Mail App's performance reputation for not sending or receiving emails, I think a progress bar would be handy.
  21. Don't like it, don't read it. It's like the real news. It's not required to read it.
  22. Not impressed. They need to do it again not in the trash can!
  23. Bandai Namco is giving away tickets to E3 2019 in a contest by Namerah Saud Fatmi It's almost that time of the year again; the annual E3 gaming conference is just around the corner. Perfectly in time, Bandai Namco Entertainment America is currently holding a competition where contestants stand a chance to win exclusive passes to the upcoming event E3 2019. The VIP passes will allow prizewinners to play Bandai Namco's game demos first. They will also receive behind-the-scenes access, after party invites and swag galore. A total of four winners will be chosen at the end of the "Why I'm A VIP" E3 Trip Contest and each winner will be awarded a prize haul worth $5000. Bandai Namco describes the reward as a "once in a lifetime trip to E3". The winnings will cover a three-day three-night trip to Los Angeles, California to attend the E3 2019 expo, including travel and living accommodations costs. Each winner will be entitled to receive the following: Round-trip coach air transportation for Winner, between a major commercial airport near such Winner’s legal residence (as selected by Sponsor) and Los Angeles International Airport (“LAX”) Winner hotel accommodations for three (3) nights (Jun. 10 – 13, 2019) (one standard room) Ground transportation for Winner, from LAX to hotel accommodations (on June 10, 2019) and from hotel accommodations to LAX (on June 14, 2019) One E3 2019 Industry Pass for three days (June 10 to 13, 2019). The rules of the contest are pretty simple. Entrants must think up a unique and creative answer in 250 characters or less to the question "Why I'm a VIP" and explain why they deserve to come to E3. They must then submit the answer along with personal details such as name and email address. The judges will award the contestants points out of a total of 100 based on multiple criteria including originality, creativity, passion for video games and expression. Unfortunately, entry to the "Why I'm a VIP" E3 Trip Contest is limited to residents of the U.S. Additionally, only citizens of 49 states - along with the District of Columbia - are eligible to enter, meaning residents of Tennessee and American nationals living overseas are excluded from the competition. The rules also stipulate that entrants must be at least 21 years old or older in order to compete in the contest. The competition is already underway and entries close on May 20, 2019, at 11:59 pm PT. Winners will be announced a few days later, on May 25, 2019. Those interested in taking part in the "Why I'm A VIP" E3 Trip Contest may register on the competition's official website.
  24. Xiaomi India teases upcoming flagship Redmi Y3 in a video by Namerah Saud Fatmi Ever since Xiaomi India revealed the launch date for the Redmi Y3, it has been teasing the upcoming smartphone on Twitter with a post every few days. So far the details revealed by Xiaomi have been minimal, revealing only the battery power and front camera specifications - an impressive 32MP front sensor. In a recent tweet posted earlier today, Xiaomi India showed off the apparent ruggedness of the Redmi Y3 in a 51-second long video clip where the phone is taped inside a trash can and then chucked down a flight of stairs. There. Dropped it down the stairs. Will you drop your phone like that? #32MPSuperSelfie coming on 24-04-2019 — Redmi India (@RedmiIndia) April 20, 2019 Durability test aside, the video also offers a good look at the body and design of the Redmi Y3. As you can see in the video, the backside of the smartphone appears to be an opalescent royal blue glass back. Also visible is a fingerprint sensor on the rear and a camera with two lenses with an unidentifiable sensor located underneath - possibly the flash. The front, which sports the key feature of the phone, the 32MP selfie camera, has a waterdrop notch and thin bezels on all sides apart from the bottom, which is a tad bit wider. The body of the Redmi Y3 looks pretty sleek, with the volume and power buttons situated on the right side of the phone. It also appears to be running Android 9 Pie. A previously posted tweet disclosed that the smartphone will have a 4000mAh battery. Further details and technical specifications about the Redmi Y3 are unknown at this point in time. These will come to light at the phone's launch coming Wednesday on April 24, 2019, in an event to be held in New Delhi, India. Source: Xiaomi India (Twitter) via GSM Arena
  25. Yeah the version of Java included in a Linux distro doesn't rank high on the things I needed to know today, or ever. I didn't realise that reading of all news items on Neowin is compulsory. I would have thought the rules would have allowed the skipping of items one is not interested in. I live and learn.
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