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  2. macoman

    Hands on with the Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL

    I will never pay over $300 for a smartphone. I have a Xiaomi A2 with android one... $257 dollars and I can get montly security updates plus the chance to upgrade to android 10 next year.
  3. Jefe1

    GIVEAWAY: Win a Lenovo ThinkBook 14s (U.S. only)

    I love that it has an SSD, and the weight... and I'd love to have one. LOL
  4. I don't know if you're being sarcastic, but they mean a lot of games (torrent = lot of), not an actual torrent to download.
  5. No one needs 1 lens. I own an iPhone Pro 11 and I can tell you I very much enjoy my 3 lenses. I have very little need to lug around my Micro 4/3 and all it's lenses. Which is great. You don't want 3 lens, let's not pretend you are everyone. I bought this phone because it has 3 lens. No i said what I said. No one needs it period and if you're a pro you would use real glass.
  6. Yep, when it came out they said it was the greatest best-est thing ever invented and just like that they said nope, we lied to you, not needed . You have clearly described Windows Phone. And PocketPC, and Zune, and MCE, and Kinect, etc etc.. not sure what your point is though lol
  7. I've had the Note 7 - Note 10+ and the Pixel XL 1-3 . I always gravitate back to the Pixel due to the camera. But I feel the 4XL is just sacrificing too many things that I am really enjoying about the Note 10+...the Note 10+ just feels more functional and feature it has more RAM and higher storage options...and the camera, while occasionally frustrating, has actually been the best on a Note I've ever experienced. My review unit for the 4XL is coming but I am wondering it the Note 10+'s camera is "good enough" for me this year...
  8. dead.cell

    Hands on with the Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL

    Confused on the materials for the black version, but either way, this is a great looking phone. Disappointed they also opted for a telephoto instead of wide-angle lens on the back though. Supposedly, they were saying that the unlimited Google storage doesn't include photos taken at original quality. Keep that in mind I guess if you were considering less than 128GB storage.
  9. Jazmac

    Hands on with the Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL

    Glossy and slippery means destined to be in a case. Which is where ALL my phones live. I usually get the case before I even order the phone.
  10. Oneplus is selling tons of phones in India.
  11. rootwilliamson


    Hi, My name is Root Williamson from New York. I am new in Neowin.
  12. Against the "advice" of the US? Two words: Go Germany!
  13. seeprime

    Hands on with the Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL

    Not mentioned was that the black back is not covered with the scratch resistance high-grip material of the two colors. The back of the black Pixel 4 is glossy and slippery.
  14. Today
  15. A sucker... See, I know that the Beats series are not on-paper a good, studio-quality sound reproduction. But they are actually a very "satisfying" sound, lower mids, slightly higher treble and a nice punchy but thick bass. So do they represent headphones an audiophile would use? No - nor should they, audiophile headphones are great for studios and people listening to very subtle or detailed music. Do they represent headphones that replicate the EQ settings average Joe likes? Absolutely. So why is he a sucker again? Are they dramatically overpriced? No. Do they make claims that are untrue? No. Do they detract in any way from what the consumer wants? No. So, please - show me on the doll where Dre hurt you.
  16. Likely will upgrade my Pixel2 to the Pixel4. I don't care about photos or video recording. I don't store much on my phone.. but I like having stock Android and guaranteed updates. That's why I go with the Pixel.
  17. So what are good alternatives, for the features and the price? Sennheiser.
  18. and what exactly is "useless" about it? please enlighten us It is odd resolution lot of games and software do not support it right. Seriously Microsoft, how about going with some standard.
  19. macOS 10.15 Catalina removing 32bit support, and signalling OpenGL will be removed in a future version, gaming on macOS may be a bit challenging in the future. Not sure how many game publishers will embrace Apple's "Metal" API's.
  20. It also has Bluetooth, it can connect to Android. H1 chip offers features outside the Bluetooth standard. I can, however, understand your frustration that the non-bluetooth features are Apple exclusive. It's better when stuff like this is part of an open standard any headphone manufacture could adopt.
  21. People love these things! Are you an audiophile? You seem to have some strong opinions about this. What headphones would you recommend? People love Bass. Beats provides that. Hence, people will continue to buy it. People love that logo too. "As for sound quality, I was only able to listen to a handful of tracks, but my initial impression was that the headphones sounded smooth and well-balanced with punchy bass that wasn't boomy. A few years ago, Beats took to heart the complaints about the sound quality of its headphones -- particularly the bloated bass -- and has tightened things up. You're still going to get plenty of bass, but it's more defined."
  22. Not seeing it on my 1903 Pro. Where exactly did you find it? Just type "Tamper Protection" and it shows up in the search results... or at least it does on my PC.
  23. iCloud integration, connecting to multiple devices, design maybe? It's probably gonna be bundled with student offers next year, so these are gonna be everywhere
  24. Eternal Tempest

    VirtualBox 6.0.14

    That applies to the, VM VirtualBox Extension Pack which is a very good point.
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