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  2. The Division 2 cant be run in Full Screen Windowed anymore... it lags like hell... worked fine in build 18999.. they broke something in DirectX or what? Anyone else have problem with games that try run in Windowed Fullscreen/borderless?
  3. The Division 2 cant be run in Full Screen Windowed anymore... it lags like hell... worked fine in build 18999.. they broke something in DirectX or what?
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  5. The first comment is still valid. The fact is that I would love to play a game like Star Citizen. I tried to get into Eve and it was just too slow paced for me. I looked at SC, but the prices are currently insane. Buying the game gets you access to what is basically just a demo, you then have to buy ships at something like $100 each and new features always come with some kind of ask for more money. Its like a game with tons of micro transactions, expect that they are not micro. Its more like having to buy a new game every time you want to do something. If you love Star Citizen then I don't fault you, it looks interesting, but you can't deny that it is by far the most expensive game you play. I read somewhere that most players have already paid over $1,000 each. As much as you may dislike EA, they are not asking for that much. ... Except you DON'T need to spend more than 45$ to get in. Large ships require crew you can be part of and those trying to be competitive alone with large ships will be disapointed... This is an MMO hence requiring minimal coordination with others.
  6. Why? You prefer the government to parent your children for you? Don't want your kids to see porn? Don't let them on the internet unattended. Simple. Easy. And it doesn't cost anyone any money. I don't have children but I think the risk is too great. In my day our parents left us completely unattended on the internet with no parental controls and I never saw it once as a kid. It's unrealistic in this day and age for parents to be watching their kid at all times on the internet until age 18. What risk is too great? The risk of exposure to pornography. And that is bad because...? Reported to the mods you should be banned for even asking that.
  7. Copernic

    Movavi Video Editor Plus 2020

    Movavi Video Editor Plus 2020 by Razvan Serea With Movavi Video Editor, you can either enhance your video files with two or three simple steps, or turn them into something completely new. Create your own movies using multiple filters, transitions, and special effects: show multiple videos on one screen with the Picture in picture effect or change the background with the Chroma Key effect, imitate the camera zoom or make your video look like an old-style movie. Adjust video parameters such as brightness, contrast and colors. Stabilize shaky footage, improve video quality and remove defects. Create video presentations, tutorials or educational videos: add titles and record your own narration to create a video with voiceover. Import video from any source: TV-tuner, webcam, camcorder, or VHS. Drop multiple media files onto a timeline and let your imagination do the rest! Features at a glance: Video and audio editing on a timeline Edit, enhance videos Add background music Apply titles and effects Image quality improvement Hollywood-worthy effects High-grade titles and fades Digitize VHS tapes, record video from TV tuners Stabilize any shaky sections Support for a wide range of formats Prepare your videos for uploading to YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, or any other website Movavi Video Editor Plus 2020 changelog: Brand New Design - We’ve improved the entire program's interface and given it a sleek new look and color palette. Now it’s a real pleasure to click those buttons, switch between tabs and menus. Just try it. Media Bin - Managing your files becomes easier than ever. Now when you add videos or images, they will be stored in your media bin right within the program. The quick access lets you preview, filter and add your files to the timeline at any time. New Built-in Effects - You can never have too many special effects. Enjoy the new glitchy and retro filters. Join scenes in a classy way with parallax transitions. Filmstrip - Navigating through your videos is also easier. When you add a video to the program, you’ll see it frame by frame on the timeline. This is useful when you need to cut or trim your videos or apply effects at a specific point. Download: Movavi Video Editor Plus 2020 | 62.3 MB (Shareware) View: Movavi Video Editor Plus Website | Screenshot Get alerted to all of our Software updates on Twitter at @NeowinSoftware
  8. derekaw

    Google Pixel 4 unboxing and first impressions

    Seems a bit soon to call that because who knows how the ‘small’ battery performs on this phone.
  9. kukata


    I select them from a folder and choose to run with Dopamine. Not added to player playlist. If added to the player there is no problem. But that is how he played over 40 songs in a row.
  10. Steam Halloween, Autumn, and Winter sale dates leak by Pulasthi Ariyasinghe As the end of 2019 approaches, Valve is prepping to host the final major Steam sale events of the year, and as is usually the case, some developers have reportedly leaked the dates online, giving everyone a chance to ready their wallets in advance. SteamDB revealed the information in a tweet, saying "multiple developers posted it in multiple places despite Valve asking otherwise." The Steam Halloween sale is basically a week away, slated to open its spooky doors on October 28 and running until November 1. The Steam Autumn Sale is slated to arrive next, landing on November 26 and ending on December 3. And finally, the Steam Winter Sale will begin its festivities on December 19 and go on until January 2, 2020, per the leak. Considering how close the three events fall together, most games having specials should have the same discounts applied to them, though waiting for winter is a popular choice. The dates seem to fall in line with what Valve has done in the past with its sales, though take it with a grain of salt until the promotions officially kick off. Steam Awards will probably be returning during the Steam Autumn sale. Also, be prepared for another mini-game to be attached to the biggest one of the trio, the Steam Winter sale.
  11. Microsoft Weekly: Game enhancements, more patches, and service updates by Florin Bodnarescu Beyond the usual Insider and regular updates, this past week has brought some interesting gaming news, and even a preview of what’s coming in October for Power BI. You can find that – as well as the usual little bit extra – below, in your Microsoft digest for the week of October 12 – 18. Game enhancements Kicking off this main section, and indeed this column is the duo of free Games with Gold currently available to claim, specifically Friday the 13th: The Game for the Xbox One, as well as Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge for both current and last-gen consoles. Moving on to other subscription-dependent things, Halo Wars is in fact not leaving Game Pass. There was a bit of confusion earlier this week, with a Leaving Soon section on the iOS app suggesting that DOOM and Halo Wars: Definitive Edition will both be leaving the service soon, which apparently was a mistake. Microsoft has reached out and stated that Xbox Game Studios games will stay part of the subscription, and won’t be removed. This conveniently moves us on to another Xbox Game Studios title, Gears 5, which, as part of its Title Update 1.5 got new Heroes and Villains, offering new multiplayer abilities. These characters can be earned through gameplay or purchased via the in-game store – for 500 Iron, which sets you back $4.99. Cyborg Grace and the Terminator model Rev-9 from Terminator Dark Fate are also in the game now, specifically for the multiplayer section. To obtain them, you’ll have to get the $19.99 character pack. Sea of Thieves too was updated, with the Fort of the Damned patch just in time for Halloween. Bumping the game up to version 2.0.8, the content update brings new Shadow Skeletons, a new fort to tackle, the addition of banjos, female pirate garments available for purchase in the shops, resolution scaling for PC, and new achievements, among other things. If you’ve been eagerly awaiting the release of Halo: Reach on PC, you’ll be happy to know that 343 Industries is moving at a pretty good pace, with the next Insider test possibly dropping as soon as next weekend – if everything goes smoothly -, featuring campaign and multiplayer testing for a full week. To enhance its streaming platform, Microsoft has announced the Mixer Academy, meant to support streamers and moderators. This is similar to the YouTube counterpart, essentially offering tips about growing communities, social media presence, and more. Microsoft has also pushed out support for content filtering in Xbox Live messaging, allowing folks to block messages they consider harmful or unwanted. The Xbox One dashboard experiment continues, with the company opting for an ABC testing model, meaning a subset of testers will get one of two new layouts to play with, while most people will remain on the current UI. It’s unclear just how many people will get each design. Lastly, public testing for Project xCloud game streaming has begun, with games on offer currently including Gears 5, Sea of Thieves, and Killer Instinct. Do be warned that the preview is currently limited to certain carries in the UK, U.S., and South Korea, and that you need to meet a few requirements to even be allowed to participate in this preview. That said, if you signed up and meet all the requirements, an invitation should be on its way, with more invites being sent in the coming weeks. More patches Let’s begin this section by taking a look at what the latest set of patches has brought in for folks on Windows 10: October 2018 Update (1809): KB4520062, build 17763.832 – among others, it prevents blank tiles from appearing in the Start menu when you upgrade to 1809 from any previous version; fixes an issue causing high power consumption for a device in Connected Standby; fixes bug which caused devices to display a black screen at startup; fixes an issue with Bluetooth that occurs with certain audio profiles; fixes an issue that prevents users from opening the print dialog in IE; fixes the Settings app crashing when you changed the Theme; fixes the bug preventing the sidebar from being selected in IE; fixes an issue with the Mixed Reality Portal which reported the headset as sleeping. Known issues: Performing certain operations like rename on files or folders that are on a Cluster Shared Volume (CSV) may fail with error “STATUS_BAD_IMPERSONATION_LEVEL (0xC00000A5) if you perform said operation on a CSV owner node from a process without admin privilege; After installing KB4493509, devices with certain Asian language packs installed may get error “0x800f0982 – PSFX_E_MATCHING_COMPONENT_NOT_FOUND.”; The Defender ATP service might stop running and fail to send reporting data, coupled with error 0xc0000409 in Event Viewer for MsSense.exe – Defender Antivirus is not affected. April 2018 Update (1803): KB4519978, build 17134.1099 - ; fixes bug which caused devices to display a black screen at startup; fixes an issue with Bluetooth that occurs with certain audio profiles; fixes a bug which caused the system to stop working during the Windows upgrade process; fixes the bug preventing the sidebar from being selected in IE; fixes an issue with the Mixed Reality Portal which reported the headset as sleeping. Known issues: Performing certain operations like rename on files or folders that are on a Cluster Shared Volume (CSV) may fail with error “STATUS_BAD_IMPERSONATION_LEVEL (0xC00000A5) if you perform said operation on a CSV owner node from a process without admin privilege. Fall Creators Update (1709): KB4520006, build 16299.1481 – fixes an issue with causes the system to stop working during the Windows upgrade process; updates time zone information. Known issues: Performing certain operations like rename on files or folders that are on a Cluster Shared Volume (CSV) may fail with error “STATUS_BAD_IMPERSONATION_LEVEL (0xC00000A5) if you perform said operation on a CSV owner node from a process without admin privilege. Anniversary Update (1607): KB4519979, build 14393.3300 – fixes an issue which may cause a tablet’s screen to rotate unexpectedly; fixes an issue which may cause the system to stop working during the Windows upgrade process; updates time zone information. Known issues: After installing KB4457684, the cluster service may fail to start with error “2245 (NERR_PasswordTooShort)” if the group policy “Minimum Password Length” is configured with greater than 14 characters; Performing certain operations like rename on files or folders that are on a Cluster Shared Volume (CSV) may fail with error “STATUS_BAD_IMPERSONATION_LEVEL (0xC00000A5) if you perform said operation on a CSV owner node from a process without admin privilege. Moving a little further down the line, there’s the Windows 10 SDK Preview build 18999 which was released this week, and it contains a new NUGet feed for SDK builds – letting folks use tools like the WinRT API Pack -, as well as wuapi.h and wuapi.idl, which are replacing functionality from WUAPICommon.H and WUAPICommon.IDL. Speaking of such things, while Windows 10 version 1909 (November 2019 Update) is available now via VS subscriptions, there won’t be a new SDK to coincide with the feature update’s release. That’s because 1909 is essentially 1903 with a small enablement package, so it’s treated more like a cumulative update. Something that is new is a change made to the processor requirements for Windows 10 1903 and 1909, which initially listed the Snapdragon 855 in place of the 850, something which was later confirmed to be a mistake, by Qualcomm. The rest of the requirements page is as you’d expect it to be. Folks testing things out in the Slow ring of the Insider Program have gotten 19H2 build 18362.10024 with a number of fixes. This update was pushed out because the Slow ring is on a different track, if you will, necessitating a separate patch. Speaking of separate, there’s a separate ring for those who want the latest and greatest, and that’s the Fast ring. Folks using that one got build 19002 of the 20H1 branch, which brought an improved Bluetooth experience. Fixes in this build revolve around Narrator, Action Center, and VPNs, with known issues being somewhat similar to previous builds, with the exception of devices getting stuck during shutdown or restart, Reset this PC cloud download not working, Settings not being available outside of launching via URI, dark theme keyboard text prediction being unreadable, the Settings header displaying a Windows Update warning, or Bluetooth devices not reconnecting as expected. If you’ve had problems with the new Bluetooth features introduced in build 19002, the Insider folks pushed out build 19002.1002, meant to polish said features a little more. In case you haven’t updated to the latest Fast ring build and are still on 18999, you might have experienced the shutdown bug, for which Microsoft now has a workaround. On a related note, if you have an HP computer, and are running the Intel Display Driver update delivered through Windows Update, you may experience display aberrations. The best course of action is to uninstall the driver and install it from Intel’s dedicated download center. Service updates It’s worth starting off with Power BI Desktop, for which we got a feature preview of the October update. This month will make a handful of new connectors generally available; will bring in a Q&A revamps and automatic page refreshing for DirectQuery, as well as other features. The aforementioned automatic refresh capability is also available via the relevant connector for Microsoft Flow, meaning folks can now more easily schedule dataset refreshes than before. If you’re using Power BI on-premises data gateways, you will now be able to take advantage of a few new PowerShell cmdlets. Available in preview form, these will target the automation of gateway management tasks, and are available in the PowerShell gallery. Moving on to security, the Tamper Protection feature added in the May 2019 Update is now available for Microsoft Defender ATP. This means that businesses can now enforce a number of security settings on the machines of their employees, preventing third-party software from disabling real-time protection, cloud-based protection, and security intelligence updates. Keeping on the subject of having up-to-date business machines, Microsoft has announced the general availability of Desktop Analytics, a tool which seeks to help businesses keep machines up-to-date, integrating with System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) to offer insights related to update deployment. Last but not least, larger file shares in Azure Files are now generally available. The standard file share has been upped to 100TiB capacity, 10K IOPS, and 300MiB/s throughput for general purpose accounts. This brings it in line with the Premium tier, which additionally provides better latencies – and thus higher performing file shares. The Fast ring Microsoft has announced SQL Server IoT 2019, Windows ML container, and more. Edge Dev 79.0.301.2 was released this week, with family safety enhancements, better scrolling, and more. Microsoft has unveiled an AI-powered Digital Marketing Center. The Redmond giant has proven that shallow quantum circuits have better performance. 11 new AI for Accessibility grantees have been announced. Hot corner Hot corner is a section of The Fast ring dedicated to highlighting five Microsoft-related stories that haven’t been covered over here, but might be of interest. The fifth refresh release of Azure Service Fabric 6.5 is now available. Microsoft’s Immersive Reader AI service is now available for learning platform Canvas. The October 2019 release of the MSIX Packaging Tool is now available. The ability to export Visio diagrams to Microsoft Flow has now hit the GA phase. Azure AD My Sign-Ins, which allows enterprise users to review sign-in history, is now available in public preview. Logging off To end the column we look at an update to a support page for one of Microsoft’s now defunct operating systems. In this case we’re not talking about the mysterious Midori OS, rumors about which abounded a few years ago, but rather Windows Phone, and specifically the Store through which folks get the handful of apps available for the platform. As you may remember, support for Windows Phone 8.1 was pulled in July of 2017, and as of July this year, app updates have no longer been distributed through the store itself – though you could still download apps. This is changing. Come December 16, Microsoft will be shutting down the Windows Phone Store, meaning that not only will you not get any updates pertaining to the apps you already have, you also won’t be able to download any of the available apps even if you wanted to. If you have a Lumia 640 or 640XL, you are still able to update to Windows 10 Mobile version 1703, but no further. That said, support for the version after that, 1709, will end December 10, 2019, so it’s best to just move on to other platforms like iOS or Android at this point. Missed any of the previous columns? Be sure to have a look right here.
  12. Too bad I just got a gaming laptop. For replacing my HP detachable, I would've loved to buy this.
  13. If you stick your game on the Epic Store, even for early access, I won't be buying it until it's on a 75% discount on Steam, at a minimum.
  14. I'd add that these "lifetime" subscriptions are marketing BS. It certainly won't be for your lifetime, unless you're going to die quite soon. It's for the "lifetime" of the product. That'll be a year or two at most, if you're lucky. I’ve had Windscribe for longer than that...
  15. I'd add that these "lifetime" subscriptions are marketing BS. It certainly won't be for your lifetime, unless you're going to die quite soon. It's for the "lifetime" of the product. That'll be a year or two at most, if you're lucky.
  16. Perhaps understanding that we all do not share identical computers, nor does MS use every type of hardware for full testing before releasing an Alpha build will. Unless you purchase nothing but OEM systems, or the bug is system wide vs. scenario differences, you may or may not experience issues like others do. That's why these rings exist. I suppose I'm used to how the old beta programs worked is all. I've not participated in quite a few years but hardly remember anything like this making its way to the general public is all. It is a bit crazy how easily alpha/beta code is available to general users, instead of a focused technical group. (However, the argument for this is at the heart of MS's shift to be more open and transparent and work more like OSS projects where possible.) However, that doesn't mean the code quality is the problem, when the real issue is that there are people running these versions that just should not be.
  17. "...despite no 10th-gen Core i9 existing just yet." Really, seems like everyone else knows they exist, as Intel had to announce them earlier in the month. They are not the consumer level CPUs, but they very much are 10th gen i9s. FFS PS I am pretty sure the 'last time' NeoWin had a 'sensational article about Windows CPU requirements, several people like myself explained and demonstrated that these 'lists' are not as technically accurate or exact as you keep thinking they are. There are CPUs not on the list that run Windows 10, past and future. Just as I explained last time. Even this article reflects that 'concept' as the list is missing some CPUs and includes some CPUs that are not officially supported. For example, once again.... The freaking Snapdragon 810 is not on the list, and yet, Windows 10 has been running on it for a couple of years. Just as the Ryzen 3xxx wasn't on the list for 1903, which I believe SOME articles assumed this meant Windows 10 was NOT yet supporting the hardware, even when 1903 had specific code optimization modifications for Ryzen 3xxx. The list technically also doesn't include older CPUs like the Pentium 4, which still work, and it doesn't list all the earlier core generation Intel CPUs that work wonderfully. Again, FFS.
  18. Also, your ISP (especially broadband) may offer an AV or even AV + firewall package as part of your package (Comcast includes a six-device annual Norton Security Online subscription for a cost of nit - Symantec DID fix the issue with the current Fast Ring and Skip Ahead versions of Windows 10; I run it myself). Norton is skinnier than it used to be.
  19. "You might be wondering why Microsoft's custom SQ-1 processor - the one used in its new Surface Pro X - isn't on the list. That's because the processor isn't very custom" No..., Just No... Do a bit more research than The Verge. Or would you rather we just read The Verge and finally say, bye Felicia?
  20. PGHammer

    Google Pixel 4 unboxing and first impressions

    If you had the 3XL, consider the 3aXL (since you hate the 4 XL). Here's why: 1. The 3a XL retains the fingerprint sensor of the 3. 2. The 3a also has a 1080p AMOLED display. (This was, in fact, a surprise to me.) 3. Unless an application requires hardware supported ONLY by the Pixel 4 (so far, not the case for a single app), said feature is exportable to any Pixel. (In fact, I've imported both the 4's Pixel Launcher and Camera APKs into my 3a - and as straight upgrades.) 4. The 3a XL's price is sane (compared to not only the 4, but OnePlus, or even the Samsung S10e - which the 3a replaced in my own "Buy" cart). 5. Doubtless you want the larger battery because you want/need a longer SOT - don't blame you a bit there. Here's one thing I found with the 3a (compared to the S7 it replaced) - it not only has a longer SOT, but it charges faster (despite not supporting wireless charging). Wireless charging DOES require a larger investment compared to simply using existing charging (as in taking your charger with you) - and the 3a's charger is easily the fastest wired charger I've ever used - even compared to the S7/S8 Adaptive Fast Charger - which is no slouch. 6. As much as you want the more powerful SoC, you pay for it in term of power usage; that is, in fact, why the SD855 series chipset phones all have larger batteries, compared merely to the SD670 of the 3a. (It is like driving an Escalade compared to the XT6 - you pay the difference at the register because your fuel economy is worse.) Do you REALLY want to go there?
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  22. naap51stang

    Google Pixel 4 unboxing and first impressions

    Battery is too small.
  23. Two weeks with no response. I’m guessing you guys don’t know how to fix it? Ask on the forums, many of us can help. Just don’t use special characters.
  24. Don't fall for it. I did a couple of years ago: I can only connect my android phone, neither my desktop nor my laptop can connect to it. It endlessly says "Connecting..." and nothing happens.
  25. Copernic

    Driver Genius Professional 19.0.147 Trial version: Backup all drivers for your computer with one click Automatically identify Outdated Drivers Cleanup useless drivers to free up system resource There are many types of shareware, and while they may not require an initial up-front payment, many are intended to generate revenue in one way or another. Some limit use to personal non-commercial purposes only, with purchase of a license required for use in a business enterprise. The software itself may be limited in functionality or be time-limited, or it may remind the user that payment would be appreciated.
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