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  2. From day one I said how unnecessary and stupid it was. The hardcore Apple users told me how wrong I was. Here we are though, with a hardcore Apple fan above you now falling in line and discussing the pros of removing it. Can’t say I am surprised, that’s usually how it goes. Of course, removing it for the reason of lowering the cost is probably a very real thing. For Apple. I doubt it will be passed on to the consumer.
  3. Then don't download it? But it’s cool and trendy to sport the Apple gear and talk MS trash. Don’t take that away from him! What will he have left then?
  4. For non enterprise/educational editions as of April 9th they're only supporting three builds, 1709 will fall out of support in November. The Ent/Edu versions basically get an extra year, though unless it's an error here it looks like they're ending that practice with 1903
  5. China is Huawei and the chinese are stealing tech and pirating everything. If Huawei is getting this beat-down.... its because they are chinese Racist much? Can you disprove his comment? The Chinese culture has different ethics than the western world. The Chinese believe the ends justify the means, regardless of how dishonorable it is [e.g. stealing tech which they do all the damn time]. It's not racist to point out a stereotype that exists because they literally ######ing do it every day. Disprove his racist comment? No, we are all on the same page that it was racist.
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  7. I wouldn't really say they are removing 3D touch, just the hardware for it, as it's expensive and unnecessary. The feature can be reproduced almost perfectly with just software. Sure there will be people who will be unhappy about this but you cannot please everyone.
  8. Josh_LosAltosHills

    Best Buy cancels all pre-orders for Samsung's Galaxy Fold

    I like that Samsung is trying out something new. I don't think the tech is there yet to make this viable for anyone. they should have showed it off, maybe throw out some review units and then put it away while they try and get it right. as always I will wait to see if Apple shows one off, odds are it will work great out of the box.
  9. Huawei wasn't just tossed from SD Association, but also from Wi-Fi Alliance, and JEDEC, the RAM spec group. Bluetooth SIG may be next. Very sad.
  10. I love Face ID and I don’t want it replaced but giving us Face ID and a fingerprint would be good because choices, personal preference and extra security. I never use 3D Touch and I think my iPhone will be less complicated and a bit less expensive without it.
  11. Galaxy is not a DRM since you don't need it to play anything from GOG, just download standalone installers if you need. You need it for the MP in most games, most games are P2P they shouldn't require Galaxy to play, the game should have the feature or GOG should supply a DLL; local profiles should work, you shouldn't need to login to their service for P2P games; even games with dedicated servers shouldn't require an online account. Older games didn't require a login for multiplayer, it's a form of DRM.
  12. I went back to Android due to the notch and the removal of the fingerprint scanner. I hated the face unlock, and that ugly notch. Plus they're just getting too large. I went back to a 5.5 inch. Much better in my pocket, and weighs less too.
  13. 2019 iPhones to reportedly drop 3D Touch, 2020 models to bring fullscreen Touch ID by João Carrasqueira 2019 iPhone design mockup | Image credit: MacRumors Rumors are always swirling regarding whichever generation of iPhone is coming next, and neither the 2019 or 2020 models have been exempt from that trend so far. Today, Blayne Curtis, an analyst at Barclays, along with some associates, shared expectations with MacRumors for the next two generations of iPhones, some of which align with previous rumors. For example, the report from the analysts claims that this year's iPhone models will be mostly similar to the 2018 versions, aside from the addition of another lens to the back of the phones, which had previously been rumored. Additionally, it seems like this year's models may do away with 3D Touch, which has been part of most iPhones since the 6s family. The iPhone XR was the first device in some time to not support it. It also looks like the successor to that phone may increase the RAM to 4GB instead of 3GB. Looking further ahead to 2020, Apple may be planning a new version of the iPhone SE, which would include internals similar to those of the iPhone 8. Many users still prefer the small form factor for high-end devices, so the device would likely find an audience. It's said that that the device may come early next year, but some suppliers were not aware of its existence. As for the larger iPhone releases in 2020, it looks like that's when Apple will be shaking things up a bit more. The company may be adding 5G support, a 3D camera to the back - another thing that had been previously reported -, OLED displays for the entire lineup, and a new form of Touch ID. Apple started moving away from fingerprint recognition on its iPhones after it implemented facial recognition in the iPhone X, and the 2018 models all used Face ID. The report suggests that the company may be using an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor under the display for the 2020 iteration, enabling users to tap anywhere on the screen to unlock the phone. Of course, those phones are still quite some time away, and while plans for the 2019 models may be solidifying, it's always possible that next year's iPhones may see significant changes before they're announced. We'll have to wait for official announcements from Apple.
  14. European countries decided to respect the ban as well, against their own best interests. I have to assume that they have received convincing evidence to give up playing nice with Huawei, especially when doing so comes with a significant revenue loss. They should share the evidence, and get it over-with. Then people will understand. I disagree, people are either too dumb or lazy to read the documents and will merely rely on CNN to explain it in their very biased way [which seems to do their best to paint the President and his policies in a negative light every minute of the day.... never any positive reporting].
  15. Well.... one country is much more free than another. Can you guess what country that is? I'll take the USA any day before I go under a communist dictatorship with no civil rights and some ###### social-scoring system. The public is generally too stupid to understand some things, I'm sure this is one of those cases. I mean, you just proved your lack of knowledge of Chinese corporate espionage by your very statement above. The US innovates, the Chinese steal. It's the world we live in. https://www.realcleardefense.c...age_looms_large_113946.html You probably won't read any of this as you appear to just want to spew anti-US garbage. Basic research would answer many of your questions.
  16. China is Huawei and the chinese are stealing tech and pirating everything. If Huawei is getting this beat-down.... its because they are chinese Racist much? Can you disprove his comment? The Chinese culture has different ethics than the western world. The Chinese believe the ends justify the means, regardless of how dishonorable it is [e.g. stealing tech which they do all the damn time]. It's not racist to point out a stereotype that exists because they literally ######ing do it every day.
  17. It's more of my understanding that 5g is pretty much Huawei right now on the back end. With the entire United States Cell phones connected in the next couple years or so. If Huawei had a back door like the government claims then that would be scary know they could basicly have a Batman setup at any point. If you have seen the movie anyway. I understand why they should be blocked. It is in the US best interest.
  18. Turned out to be a program I used a while ago changed the WIM path in the registry and the upgrade was failing to create the image. Set it back to default and it worked perfectly!
  19. adrynalyne

    ARM is the latest company to cut off Huawei

    So in essence bend over backwards to whatever BS the US government wants from them? The US has yet to show any kind of substantial evidence about spying from Huawei. I'm saying Huawei should call the US's bluff. They should ask for SPECIFIC changes to SPECIFIC issues. Trump is throwing a tantrum at the moment. The best way to head this thing off before it gets any worse, is to ask, "What, exactly, will make you happy?" Which moves the burden off of Huawei. That said, Huawei has the most to lose getting caught between 2 governments. So, yes, they should capitulate and compromise as quickly as possible, or they will die. As I said, it will likely turn out to be some very minor changes when the US is forced to actually produce something concrete, which is a very minor concession on Huawei's part. Hopefully this will all blow over, as things tend to do with Trump. They will make some minor changes, and Trump will claim victory in personally forging a new era of economic commerce between the US and China...and everything will go back exactly the way it was. The problem is, calling them out and asking for evidence or even cooperating doesn’t have any effect on Trump and won’t make a difference while he has say. This company is just an excuse for him to spit on China. In fact, I would say they are probably nothing more than a scapegoat.
  20. I have looked into small form factor computers for some time now because I have a great fiber connection and would like to reduce my electricity bill. I could see my future "PC" just being a dumb terminal where everything is done on a server. Full loop actually to the old UNIX terminal days, just 4k, 60 FPS streaming
  21. adrynalyne

    Huawei's laptops disappear from the Microsoft Store

    Not proof, but the fact that they have had alternative OS's developed for 5 or so years doesn't make them look innocent. Why else would they go to the trouble of developing and maintaining an OS for the sole reason of using it as a backup if Google and Microsoft forced them away? I love the look of their products, however I've always been weary about it. Trump may be a lying bastard, but even a broken clock is right twice a day. Why else? The same reason Samsung did with Tizen and Bada: more control and choice. Alternatives are good and if you can get enough buy-in, you can succeed. Most don’t.
  22. China is Huawei and the chinese are stealing tech and pirating everything. If Huawei is getting this beat-down.... its because they are chinese Racist much?
  23. I’d ask you to elaborate, but we already know you hit and quit threads so I won’t.
  24. Looks like I dodged a bullet because I am still stuck on the same Dev build from days ago. Just got version and it installed without problems.
  25. They haven't removed it yet (the icon is still in Control Panel), but they did say that it is no longer being developed. I don't know if/how they plan to replace it. I have an unofficial Windows To Go drive that I upgraded from 1803 to 1903 (yes, it is possible to install feature updates, but it requires a bit of effort), and it seems to be working well. It's definitely working better than 1809, which had trouble booting.
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