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  2. warwagon

    Transporting HDD drives and portable drives

    Is the content on the drives encrypted?
  3. Disagree on most routers being the same. Good call on Ubiquiti, though Amplifi might be an easier choice due to consumer friendliness.
  4. Can anyone comment on how this game is for an 'offline single player mode' (if it has one?) I dont play online - I usually just like to play thru the story mode now-a-days. Thanks.
  5. Mindovermaster

    Need help chosing a wifi router please

    You're wireless strength is only going to be good as your devices. Most wireless routers are the same. If you have a large house, use: Run several AP's all over your house. Wherever you can, use wired, not wireless...
  6. I had to take 2 hard drives back and forth between 2 locations a few years back. I put them in a messenger bag. It got caught in the subway door, I dropped it. It got soaked and it banged on a hand rail going up a flight of stairs. And..... They both broke.
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  8. Aokromes

    Transporting HDD drives and portable drives

    i used to travel with one hdd without any protection on my bag while offroading with bike, it worked fine for years, even after i sold it to a friend. powered off hdds are extreme hard to break.
  9. Can't seem to get WatchOS to download, always getting a error. =( iOS 13 beta 4 downloaded and works fine though =)
  10. Yeah it was pretty awful. My phone battery barely lasted a few hours and had to charge constantly. Hopefully beta 4 is better Hopefully. 3 was a lot better than 2, but dear lord there were a lot of performance and battery issues.
  11. Yeah it was pretty awful. My phone battery barely lasted a few hours and had to charge constantly. Hopefully beta 4 is better
  12. Like whom? It's more likely than not that nobody in a non-Communist nation would touch it with a spork since Google won't.
  13. Yesterday
  14. Most people know that? I doubt new users do. Probably not some veteran ones. The only ones who know that are those who have taken the time to learn how the OS works, and let’s face it, we have a heck of a time even finding people who do that with Windows. Had one person I helped recently that was having all sorts of issues. They tell me they turn the computer off and on all the time. Looked at system info and because of the hibernation hybrid of Windows 10, the system boot date was something like April 11th 2019. warwagon said, "They tell me they turn the computer off and on all the time." personally I can't see that being good for the computer as I would imagine if one uses their computer a fair amount throughout the day they are better off just leaving it on when they first turn it on until bed time (or when they are done for the day) and then turn it off. I leave my primary computer on pretty much 24/7. I know there is debate whether leaving it on all of the time or turning it on and off here and there is better for the longevity of the hardware or not though. plus, as a bonus of leaving it on it's ready to use quickly.
  15. These are what are most important to me, in order or importance: Stability/reliability VPN Bandwidth Speed Other features I need I think all modern routers have such as QoS, multiple SSIDs (each with with their own subnet & totally isolated from each other LAN wise for security), multiple antennas for simultaneous HD streaming, low latency for gaming, etc etc. I do HD multimedia and cybersecurity work from home. I have multiple HD (including 4K) wireless devices in my home office plus an entire dev lab of devices for testing. It's devastating to me when my network goes down and during work hours, that simply can NOT be an option due to meetings/etc. I travel for work and must be able to VPN into my home office subnet for work. In the rest of my house I have a ton of devices for my whole family, 2 teenage boys that are gamers, multiple smart TVs that stream HD. I'd like to spend $700 or less. What would be the best choice for me? Thanks a lot in advance, I really appreciate the help!
  16. laptop bag + bubble wrap film
  17. Thanks. I will wrap them up since we have the bubble wrap anyway. I feel a lot more reassured
  18. I've moved 10+ HDDs from work to home on public transport every week for a few years. I just put each one in an reusable ESD sleeve, wrap it in a t-shirt and then pack them into a padded rucksack, no failures yet (I just jinxed it didn't I )? With portable ones I just carry them in the bag as normal, no padding.
  19. Brandon H

    Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 8.0.221

    java isn't too bad now since they killed the browser plugins (where most the security flaws were) but Flash still just needs to go away
  20. ThaCrip

    Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 8.0.221

    Flash and Java... pretty much a plague to the internet.
  21. Season 2 DLC was a joke. Glad I didn't picked it up. And the game is nice enough though, albeit a bit repetitive.
  22. SpeedyTheSnail

    Google tells Senate that Project Dragonfly is dead

    I don’t know where this treason nonsense comes from, but Microsoft has a censored Bing for China." rel="external nofollow"> Because people thought google was working for the Chinese military/gov and not for the US gov. More paranoia or people not knowing what they are talking about or can backup their claims with actual proof. It's probably because Google refused to do a deal with the US Military but worked with China (which the Chinese Government is essentially the military). That's where the treason comes in.
  23. Reminds me of my old Nokia 1520. It has wireless charging. But AT&T decided it would have a proprietary charging plate that was only sold by them. Man, I loved that phone.
  24. Brandon H

    Transporting HDD drives and portable drives

    honestly you should be fine with just putting them in a bag. I used to carry a seagate portable HDD in my pocket all the time and that thing still works properly even with a bunch of dents on it. when not being used / not powered then they can take a good amount of movement; just don't violently shake it just like you wouldn't a baby and you should be fine Only when the platter is spinning do you really need to worry about movement most the time
  25. Joe User

    Transporting HDD drives and portable drives

    Assuming they're under 15 years old and you're not using them for pitching practice then you'll be fine with a box of bubble wrap, tons not needed.
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