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  2. So I assume this new build will eat more space the the current non-beta builds? Those poor Asus T100 32GB version are already low on space as it is...
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  4. Bloody WINSXS folder uses up all your storage, that really needs to be trimmed down in size, easily can use 10GB+
  5. Windows 19H1 reserves additional 7 GB of disk space for updates and all additional spying. If you run a registry tweak on 1809 and then update to 19H1, you don’t lose the 7 GB space. The registry tweak is found under Windows 10 section on mydigitallife forums under topic Windows 10 reserved space. There are also steps to mount wim, edit registry on mounted wim to disable this unwanted feature just in case you want to do a fresh install. But if you install 19H1 build without the above tweak, your disk space is owned by Microsoft. Currently there is no working way to revert once the installation is done. Heads up everyone.
  6. Well, that's okay about it being late... We'll all be using Edgium soon enough anyway!
  7. I miss the early modern days (Windows 2000/Windows XP) when you could install a bloat free Windows with little required hard drive space.
  8. It happens when you bloat the system with trash.
  9. This won't bode well for some school districts..... a lot of school laptops looking to move to this release only have about 80 to 150GB of storage space. You take away 32GB off the top and you add TONS of user profiles (shared carts i.e.) then there isn't much usable. I see this just adding more ammo for Administration folks to pick Chromebooks over PCs, which to me is a huge mistake.
  10. The Windows 10 May 2019 Update increases the minimum storage requirement by Rich Woods As opposed to previous years, the spring Windows 10 update is coming in late May, with Microsoft giving it a full month of testing in the Release Preview ring. The company has been slowly updating all of its documentation to reflect version 1903, and for the first time, it has increased the minimum storage requirement for the OS. Previously, the requirement was 16GB for 32-bit and 20GB for 64-bit. Now, you'll need 32GB for either version. Spotted by Pureinfotech, it comes from the Minimum Hardware Requirements page, which really hasn't been updated much since Windows 10 version 1703, a version that was released two years ago. For example, the entirety of section two is devoted to Windows 10 Mobile, and the PC processor requirements in section 3.1 still say that you need an x86 or x64 CPU. It even lists Windows Server 2016 as the latest version, with no mention of Server 2019. Today's change won't affect many people, if anyone. There are few enough devices with 32GB of storage, let alone PCs with less than that. If you do have a Windows 10 PC with 20GB or less of storage, and they do exist, you've probably been thinking about buying something new anyway, so now is the time.
  11. This is also not true.. Out of the box anything doing L3 routing will inherently know how to route between two connected networks.. If on a "routing" device I have 192.168.1/24 and 192.168.2/24 connected to it - and you send something to its IP on 1, it knows how to send that to 2/24 - be it allowed or not would depend on any firewall rules you enabled on this "routing" device.
  12. Lets be clear about the "router" in the name there... Its a ROUTER out of the box and doesn't do any sort of firewall unless you enable those features and turn it on... That is completely different than a "firewall" that also routes. Pfsense which was part of the discussion, while sure it will route between segments you create. And the default lan has any any rules on it.. Any new interface you create has NO rules and will not pass traffic - until y you create the rules to allow it.
  13. Riva

    NVIDIA Power Setting

    I ma not disagreeing it burns more power it reduces card lifespan but thats what happens when you overclock anyway. I did reflect on this couple of days ago and I thought to myself instead of global setting then I should probably do it to the programs i wanted it on only. Right now its always on prefer performance but its not running super hot nor the fan is noisy, it does get noisy with some games. I was having problems on some games since I run a 4k UHD resolution and this change improved performance significanty. I have even seen 100FPS+ in some cases when previously I was getting something like 30-35 which is ###### poor from a TITAN X.
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  15. Tuskd

    Google Fit is now available on iOS

    And I am sure you wear a tinfoil hat too. Yes, our data is being siphoned off by someone the moment we go online, but that doesn't mean that we shouldn't care about privacy.
  16. There is still multiple-billion-dollars of market left to be tapped. Everyone in the game still has tons of money to be made.
  17. I think that was a response to a example I'd given where I'd failed to quantify the exact environment I was talking about and may have slightly misread the OP looking back at it now. I have an Sophos XG as which does filtering, firewall, NAT etc and is the final hop on my LAN before the outside world This is connected on its own /30 network that exists purely to connect it to my L3 switch. The L3 switch has a single static route to with the XG as the next hop The XG has static routes to each established network (that need internet access) on the switch, with the switch as the next hop My VLANs are separated via ACLs at the switch, the XG has no knowledge of them hence the need for the routes However the L3 switch doesn't need static routes to its connected networks obviously, which I think where I might not have made myself that clear On that note - while the HP 1920 is a decent switch for the money, the ACL implementation method is beyond awful (really awful) and it only support static routes as its L3 Lite.
  18. You still can. If it's in the actual start menu, there is a ProgramData folder containing all those shortcuts. If you're talking about the quick launch bar, you can still right click on the icon to get to the properties.
  19. Not in Cisco. By default, a Cisco 1920 router, which has a 1st gen firewall built in to it in the form of ACLs, will pass all packets, including ICMPs by default. You have to configure the device to with ACEs to tell it what traffic to permit or not permit. The standard ICMP block wasn't until late in the game of 2nd gen firewalls when the ASA became the de-facto.
  20. Not true. The need for routing is determined by subnets. While the router or firewall does know about the networks connected directly to it, if the logical networks are different (i.e. - the subnets are different) the device does not forward the traffic between them UNLESS you tell the device to do that. In traditional L3 devices, that means a route has to be established either via a static route or one of the routing protocols (RIP/RIPv2/RIPng, OSPF, EIGRP). In an NGFW, the security policy does the routing. And in 1st and 2nd gen firewalls, they are really just packet filters; so, they don't do any forwarding whatsoever. The 1st gens just looked at source, destination, and port, and it did what the first ACE that matched the traffic told it to do, either permit or deny, in a top down search. If it didn't find a match, the packet was dropped by default. 2nd gens did the same thing as well as look at the state of the packet (established or not), and was able to make decisions on whether to drop or permit based on that. In both cases, if the packet was permitted, it still needed a separate device to route.
  21. That is not anything new to NGFWs - that is just standard firewall from the days of the first packet filters..
  22. I know I'm a bit late to the party, but I just stumbled on to this thread with a similar issue. I actually found the answer you were looking for as I was reading through this thread. (I'm a Cisco guy moving in to the FortiGate world.) FortiGates and FortiLink handle the VLAN communication differently than most other devices. The FortiGate views each VLAN as a separate interface, an SVI basically; so, in that regard it's not different than other networking equipment. But, the FortiGate is an NGFW; so, it's not *just* a firewall or *just* a router or *just* a web filter etc. It's all those in one device. And by default, ICMP packets are not passed between interfaces in an NGFW without some intervening technology for security reasons, at least that's the way the FortiGate works. For FortiGates, that intervening tech is called a Zone. If you create a Zone and add all the VLANs to it, the Zone then becomes the interface. I'm currently working in a test bed to see what the limitations of Zones are and how I can use them. Otherwise, I'd give you more info on how they work and what their limitations are. Here's the recipe from the FortiNet Cookbook:
  23. No one is forcing conservatives or liberals to use those service. You dont like it dont use it. And when you sign up for THEIR services you agree to THEIR terms. You dont like it then dont use it. For some reason IT people tend to be excessively liberal. The same people that are pro post-term abortion (infanticide) are also those against the death penalty. Men can be women and vice versa, they have no real platform or common sense but they do have militant fake outrage and discrimination. I suppose its more christian to wait until after the child is born, then rip that infant child from another Christian's arms and leave them in a kennel. Here is the thing, you need to take a look at how you conflate party with right and wrong. It will bite you one day.
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