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    The Big Wrestling Thread!

    Not to mention we don't have the same champions anymore now, what with Seth Rollins and Kofi Kingston as the champs (who woulda thought that 10+ years ago in this thread eh?)
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  4. Drive letters were not a problem for 25 years. Now they suddenly are. What?
  5. I always nearly die of laughing when people in all seriousness begin with "but muh Russian bots on social media". Bitch, if you're so easily influenced by alleged bots, then you shouldn't be voting in the first place, because you may end up electing a burrito because you happen to walk past Taco Bell...
  6. Steven P.

    I found Neowin through a sponsored post (Adobe CC Pay What You Want)

    You are all right. I raised this concern with StackCommerce who handles these deals for us (under our name, this is true) because in our article on Neowin we do not claim they are for apps like what is claimed on the 3rd party site. I can only say that they were going to look into it. If they send this deal to me again I will make sure they have changed the wording of apps to courses, in fact I will check now as well.
  7. "For Windows Insiders, this issue is resolved in build 18877 and later builds." New build incoming! :-p
  8. This is one of Microsoft’s way of controlling consumers. This has been one of their company core values for the past few years; control the consumer, fatten our pockets. Apple does not even allow you to upgrade your OS if the hardware is older than 2 years old. Are you really upset with regards to being unable to use Windows 10 on a 1st generation Core product released more than a decade ago? Of course, Windows 10 actually does support that processor, and you are crying about nothing.
  9. I have a USB External HDD attached to my computer at home at all times and it didn't have any issue updating. must be another sporadic thing
  10. Are Windows Explorer Friendly Dates active for everyone or are they still holding this feature back?
  11. Windows 10 May 2019 Update won't install on PCs with external USB or SD card attached by Jay Bonggolto Microsoft won't be rolling out the Windows 10 May 2019 Update (1903) until next month, though it went live on the Microsoft Developer Network late last week shortly after its SDK became generally available. However, many testers have experienced a nagging issue with installing the update on their machines. In a support document published today, Microsoft says PCs with either the Windows 10 April 2018 Update (version 1803) or the October 2018 Update (version 1809) installed are being blocked from upgrading to the latest version if an external USB device or SD card is attached to them. Affected users are receiving the following error message when attempting to install 1903: Microsoft blames the issue on what it describes as "inappropriate drive reassignment" which may take place in machines with a USB device or SD card inserted during installation. As you may be aware of already, Windows assigns a letter to every external device attached to a PC. Issues may arise when, after software installation, a certain external drive is assigned a letter that's different from the one given to it before the upgrade. Besides external storage devices, the drive reassignment may also affect internal hard drives. Fortunately, early adopters can work around the issue by removing any external storage devices attached to their PCs and then restarting the update installation. It should be mentioned that the problem does not affect PCs running older versions of Windows 10. It's not at all irregular for the May 2019 Update to run into this type of problem since it's still in the final phase of testing, but here's hoping that Microsoft will fix the issue once the update becomes available to the public in May.
  12. greensabath

    SteelSeries debuts new Arctis 9X headphones made for Xbox

    Seeing as how this device includes Xbox Wireless and is priced well below the Surface Headphones....there's no excuse MS to not include Xbox Wireless in the next release
  13. Twitter, Facebook, reddit and most of the Lutyen’s media are leftists. If you are even remotely interested in Indian politics, the amount of vile spewed on those sites is tremendous.
  14. They actually don't. The newer drivers work better than the old ones, and also you're missing out on security fixes by staying on an old driver. When I hear about security fixes I want to I care about security fixes with video drivers. Then you don't care about security full stop. Give me a break.
  15. freedonX

    How to disable Windows 10 updates permanently

    For some reason on my Surface Pro 4 it would break something. Almost 2 years ago, it broke Windows Hello. This was actually documented and Microsoft fix was to rollback that specific driver. Then , like a year later, out of nowhere the battery was getting drained a lot faster. Found out that if I closed 'OneDrive' that would solve it. Though I use OneDrive for my business. So as you can see, it causes probelsm with my day to day use. Why would it do me, but it does!
  16. shame back in 2005-2007 SF was an amaxing place
  17. I love the way they word that to make it sound like it isn't a huge deal, but they are basically saying "If you have dual monitors and are using the computer, the screens will flicker." That sounds horrible. Makes me glad I didn't pick AMD on my recent build (I almost did, due to nVidia's insane price increase for current gen).
  18. So now the left leaning twitter can further silence conservatives thus influencing the elections not only in the US, but other countries as well, while claiming to be "neutral".
  19. Today
  20. Thom Vee

    I found Neowin through a sponsored post (Adobe CC Pay What You Want)

    To me it would appear that Neowin has a special deal with Adobe for Neowin's members to get the apps at that price. To advertise videos as apps is pretty shady, and I think that advertiser is taking advantage of not only Neowin's members, but Neowin and its staff as well.
  21. Yes, but reporting a misleading tweet about voting is new.
  22. adrynalyne

    I found Neowin through a sponsored post (Adobe CC Pay What You Want)

    Bad PR costs a lot more than good will. Remember what name is on the deal. I would also personally check that they don't pull bait and switch tactics like this in the future, again, remember what name is on the deal.
  23. InsaneNutter

    Looking to replace my monitor soon, are BenQ's good?

    With most brands you get what you pay for these days. Dell have some really good high end monitors, however that's not to say Dell don't also offer a lot of entry level monitors also. I'd decide on any must have features and a price range, then look at some reviews to find out what's recommended in that price range. If you want a recommendation i've been very happy with the LG 27UD59P. You could pay a lot more for a 4K monitor, however i'd say this is a nice all round 4K monitor with an IPS panel. It also supports It's HDCP 2.2 if you have any desire to playback 4K Netflix / UHD Blu-ray on it, in addition to FreeSync.
  24. shockz

    I found Neowin through a sponsored post (Adobe CC Pay What You Want)

    Not that I'm defending this person for not reading the fine print, but that's a lousy response. Neowin deals are advertised here, on the main page, and endorsed by you. The whole sounds too good to be true notion falls flat, if deals provided by Neowin are sketchy, then perhaps not provide them? Or find a better service for doing so? Would you have the same response for an advertisement placed on your page that ended up serving malware?
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