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  2. Think the big problem with that is "banding together"; I just don't see that happening but hey, maybe I'm wrong.
  3. The guy who thinks buying apps is "disrespecting yourself" and uses a flip phone is going to tell us which phones are best. Yeah... Okay.
  4. Aokromes

    Warranty void if removed stickers?

    depends on the country where you live.
  5. i hope all non-us based mobile manufacturers unite to create one android OS alternative, or custom android with their own applications (on russia or china for example they have a lot of non-google applications that manufacturers can ship instead google crap)
  6. And? Conservatives aren't known for pushing taxes and social programs.
  7. Jesus ######. I hope Huawei continues with their lawsuit. The way they're being treated lately is complete crap when NO ONE is willing to provide any kind of evidence to back up they've done anything wrong... They make good devices.
  8. I wonder if this will make Chinese Huawei customers more nationalistic. I can imagine a scenario where pride takes over and users buy even more Huawei phones just as a big FU to other countries. I also wonder if this backfires on Google. Maybe other Chinese manufacturers realize Android (well, Google services) isn't a safe bet because Google can pull the rug without a legal case being presented, then they band together to adopt a competing operating system.
  9. Although I am not a fan of Chrome, it must be said that Google has been applying a lot of effort for a long time now for GPU acceleration inside Chrome, so I suspect that this story has more going on than meets the eye ATM. BTW, I strongly suspect that Google will be shoehorning their Filament Engine into Chrome at some point which is a full PBR based Render Engine. Hack on that code at:
  10. This is why getting blacklisted by a major country can bite you. (The same would be true of getting whacked by Russia if that is where you have a large portion of your sales - Lenovo, for example.)
  11. Extract the package, Force install via Device Manager, no need to wait for HP That can cause problems if the oem customizes their drivers for backlighting, etc. HP is notorious for that.
  12. From the reports of code reviews showing poor coding practices, I won’t hold my breath to see that.
  13. DevTech

    Diagnosing faulty Ethernet controller

    1. drops on non-wireless are almost always a driver issue. 2. but that assumes you have a quality undamaged cable to the switch and the gigabit switch is not overloaded and there is a quality cable from the switch to the router and that the router is powerful enough to handle the traffic. 3. the device driver will have a lot of settings, some of which could have an impact. Sometimes turning off the hardware acceleration in the LAN card makes the issue go away and the boost is not very useful on a modern CPU anyways.
  14. Hey everyone, let’s take advice from someone who doesn’t use/have smartphones. Yeah Yeah Yeah you want to say we should use iCrap? Did I say that?
  15. Hey everyone, let’s take advice from someone who doesn’t use/have smartphones. Yeah Yeah Yeah you want to say we should use iCrap?
  16. Looking forward to see the new super advanced tech Huawei bring out that will make Google's android look like a dead snail on the supercar racetrack.
  17. adrynalyne

    Warranty void if removed stickers?

    This isn’t a computer, it’s on a nvme drive.
  18. Yesterday
  19. DevTech

    Warranty void if removed stickers?

    Modern NVMe drives can get very hot if being used for useful computing tasks. The drive is smart enough to throttle back to avoid damage so a heatsink is very valuable to maintain speed for a top-end drive that is actually being used for something other than checking Facebook status...
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