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  2. This browser will make a good dent in Chrome when it comes out. Its Chrome like enough for people to just use it. That depends, if the UI starts to look like the original Edge, then people will not bother with it. A lot of people may just use chrome because they think that the strange E icon is for IE and not for a different browser, so they may never have even tried the original edge, so why would they try the new one? Some people use chrome because it links into their google account. I think the main reason why MS is changing to chromium is more to do with business, some sites will not work with the original edge. Myself i will stay with cent, I see now reason to change and other people i have talked to say they will stay with the browser they use. Just been to the cent website, and it looks like adware. I am sure its not, but its the impression that the site gives me. Don't know where you got that form, but nope, no adware. I would not be using it if it was I can tell you. The site could look better though! TBH, I have never been to the site until you said about it, i saw a review of cent and downloaded it from File hippo. I don't disagree with you, all those partners down the bottom looks like they are something to do with advertising. Yes, it could be better.
  3. Microsoft BOB™ 10

    OnePlus 7 Pro unboxing and first impressions: It's a real flagship

    Would really like to see how the mechanical pop-up camera stands the test of time. Say 2 years from now.
  4. I disagree, HP servers are the best made I've owned many dell servers and 1 HP server. In all my years I can say that the HP smart array is the worst named product, it could be better named the crap array, or slow array, or stupid array (stupid because you actually thought it was a good idea to buy that?). It's slow, the performance is dire, you need to PAY EXTRA for RAID 6 and 'degraded performance boost'. The management CLI tool is abysmal. In comparison dell PERC (rebadged LSI) is fantastic, great CLI utility, great drivers, great hardware where all features come unlocked, can't fault it. I replaced the stupid array in my HP server with a PERC, boom performance jumped right up. Then we get onto software updates, HP are so shoddy you get updates for what 2 years now after buying a server then need to pay more if you want software updates longer than that? Software updates including drivers and BIOS. HPE are absolute scum. Which is why I asked about *age* - I have heard of/had lemons from companies other than HP - in fact, HP replaced Dell - after a run of bad Dell desktops from their Dimension line - and I mentioned a bad ASUS notebook that I actually own. I wouldn't buy any of Dell's or HP's consumer line. Latitudes, Elitebooks, and even Probooks aren't bad. Some of the PERC controllers aren't great, either. H200 is one. I do like that I can stick a DVD in and upgrade all firmware on the Dells. I use HP too, but it was a joke last BIOS upgrade for it. Had to license something just to get the ability to do it on the Gen 9 we have. Luckily it was free, but took a few days to go through process. Since 2014 the mfs at HP made BIOS updates depend on active service contract, otherwise you cannot download the firmware file. Since that time I boycot HP purchases whereever I am in the position to do so.
  5. U-series CPU and the word "performance" are mutually exclusive in the same sentence
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  7. "Another suggestion UNESCO gave was for the teams building the software to be better balanced. It pointed out that today women only makeup 12% of AI researchers, represent just 6% of software developers, and are 13 times less likely to file an ICT patent than men. A section in the publication recommends that this gap can be closed with gender-equal digital skills education and training." Because the field of AI research at this level of the game is so rife with talent that businesses can afford to pass on people to ensure their teams are diverse based on whatever today's concern is.
  8. Having the assistances defaulted as female is just based on our culture... If they don't like it well sorry that's just the world we live in... Most "assistants/secretaries are women... Instead of yelling at Google/Amazon/Microsoft... Fix the gender bias in the workplace... If it's such a problem... What I do think is that we need more options with customization. I like what Google did with the different voices of male, female and some even androgynes and British / Australian accents... I think we need more control over the name, gender, voice, and accent of our assistant... What the default it doesn't matter... If it's female... ppl will complain.. If it's male ppl with complain.. if its neither it will be disrespectful for ppl who are non-binary... Let the default be whatever the companies want but let us customize more completely...
  9. Yep." rel="external nofollow">" rel="external nofollow"> Waay too much hype about 5G. It seems that the telecom industry is trying to sell a product and using whatever as long as they accept the check. I’m sticking with 4G for awhile. It’s good enough I think 4G is more than good enough. It streams everything just fine. There would need to be some major tech and I do mean major in order to get me to believe this is anything what I think it is... a bunch of telecom BS hype to sell a service to do skit we already do. I reckon so, too.
  10. Matthew S.

    What is thie on roofs I found on google earth?

    Solar water heater
  11. Sylar0

    What is thie on roofs I found on google earth?

    Not solar panels?
  12. Zag L.

    What is thie on roofs I found on google earth?

    Perhaps a solar water heater?
  13. Was looking at random places on Google earth. This French territory Island in the Indian ocean called Reunion mostly all the houses have this on the roof. Anyone know what it is?
  14. The 7 Pro model is not meant to be the price point slayer, it's the flagship for people who want "more". The OnePlus 7 standard, is much cheaper and is in that sweeter spot for a lot of people.
  15. They target different audiences though IMO. The OnePlus 7 Pro is more for 'geeks' that want the best possible performance whereas the Pixel 3a is more about a phone who's performance is 'good enough' but with an awesome camera. I'll wait until the Pixel 4 comes out before upgrading my LG G6 but damn we're getting some really cool phones this year ! Agree with Kvuivbribumok on this one. Target audiences are very different imo. Pixel 3a while a great phone for the money, doesn't have anywhere near the specs or performance of the OnePlus 7 Pro. If someone needs a phone that's "good enough" vs a top tier phone, Pixel 3a is a great choice for the price. I'm 3 years behind on upgrades. I, for one, am getting the top end OnePlus 7 Pro and definitely think it's a steal for the price. Nerd Rage - before the Pixel 3a series came out, I was looking at the S10e as the best *human-sized* phone that didn't cost a mint - however, the 3a XL forced me to revise - due to the price - not the camera To be honest, the 3a XL's camera is an *embarrassment of riches* for me camera-wise - I honestly don't need THAT much camera - and it's not what kicked the S10e aside. Neither the 3a XL or S10e have a notch - which is why both phones remained in the running. However, the 3a XL actually has sane pricing - compared to even the S10e - in fact, it is two-thirds the price of the S10e. What did the S10e in, however, is the length of support - do you see any Samsung current-level device (basically any of the S10 series) being supported by Android S? i do not hate Samsung phones - I'm on my second such (and I have a Samsung tablet - the Tab 2 - as well) The issue is - unfortunately - support - and nobody can touch Google there. Period. Seriously long support and sane pricing is why the 3a XL wins - for me. Not the camera.) Definitely agree with you there, if I had to choose between the Pixel or the S10e, I'm right there with you. Pixel all day long. I've heard nothing but great things about the camera and the price is definitely right! However, the OnePlus 7 Pro is a different class of phone entirely. Even the standard OnePlus 7 I would argue is a different class of phone. Just like I would argue that the S10+ is a different class of phone. Not everyone needs as much horsepower and features that the S10+ or the 7 Pro provide, and for those people the new Pixels are a no-brainer. They seem like very solid phones!
  16. No, it doesn't have that shite, it has an ugly as hell camera taking up screen space. I'd take that popup camera anytime! It's a high end phone as well, so people interested in this phone are more than likely going to already have or have no issue getting wireless headphones or earbuds. Wired headphones for phones is a thing of the past. The only thing the OnePlus 7 Pro is missing that a lot of competitors have is wireless charging. That will likely be their next update. When comparing specs to price, 7 Pro is a clear winner vs S10+. If prices were the same, it might be a tossup.
  17. The app is very basic but I like the idea. Doesn't work properly with my S10, only syncs pictures (which is useless, since I do that over OneDrive). Hopefully will be more useful once the other features become available I used to use Samsung's implementation of this on my S6 (SideSync) and is extremely useful. Being able to manage your phone without touching it is extremely useful, particularly when you're on the go. Hopefully MS can get this app to that level too and it would be great! EDIT: Just found out why Messages sync doesn't work! doesn't support RCS and you have to turn it off to make it work. Hope is only a stop gap and that they plan to support it eventually....
  18. There should be no reason why turning the UI dark would make the A7 generation not run well anymore. Other than its age in number is too old, making it arbitrary.
  19. Nope. I don't want to get my credit card hacked by Chinese.
  20. Yesterday
  21. At least they made is happen. Why is there so much hate for epic, they are taking less cut and supporting developers, they are also bringing competition and good titles to PC. Whats the problem ? Because those people (And up to a point me too) don't want to install a second launcher. I only had one single launcher on my PC and now I'm basically gonna have to get another launcher.... then maybe uplay? How about Origin? Urgh.... But I get it's better for devs. As someone who currently has 8 game launchers installed I can confirm that it sucks (BattleNet, Discord, Epic, Origin, Steam, Uplay, Windows Live, Xbox). It used to be so easy to jump in a game with my friends when everyone was in Steam. Now my friends list is fragmented over 8 different apps. Having 8 apps that serve the same function also slows down your computer and causes other problems. It slows down you computer at start-up because they all auto-launch. You can turn that off, but then your friends don't invite you to a game because you're offline, or you have to launch them manually which is also slower. Then when you want to use the in-game overlay you have to remember 8 different keyboard shortcuts, and you can't make the short cut the same for all of them because they conflict. The whole thing is a mess and the kicker is that none of of the launchers are better than Steam in any way. Steam was first, and they got the game launcher/messenger system right the first time. Every other launcher is a poorer imitation and I would ditch them all to just stick with Steam if I could. We don't need proof on that, it's just simple facts, a 12% cut is better then 30% cut, that means developers will have more money to spend which would benefit indie developers the most and mean they could reinvest that back into games or they could pass on the savings to gamers or a combination of the two, either way it's a win win. I'm not sure how it works with Humble, Green man, Fanatical and so on but if the game is still activated on Steam, wouldn't Steam still take the 30% cut? matthiew, it's not perfect, not by a long shot but then having 1 store front having 80% plus of the market isn't perfect, but in any case, the market can only really cope with around 10 because if there are too many, a lot of them will get ignored and a few of them will have most of the market with most games going on them. In my case, having many store fronts isn't that big of a deal because I don't have them all running at the same time and in the case of Origin, I have that to shut down after I leave the game I'm playing and by having the game icon on my desktop, it's just as easy as clicking on that, it loads up the store front and runs the game, it's no real big deal really and take no resources up apart from a big of time in setting them all up which is just a one off. I know it's easy to say that none of them are better then Steam but lets look at it from a developers point of view, Steam looks like a bad deal at 30% cut compared to 12% cut on the Epic store and it's even less if you use the Unreal engine. If you was a business, wouldn't you want to cut out the overheads? because that what Epic is offering, so it's easy to be angry at Epic for doing what it's doing but in the end, we should be angry at Steam for now offering a better deal to developers, all they have to do is reduce what they take from developers and Epic become far less of a threat to them. This is the problem right here. You don't know how things work but you're trying to morally grand stand and tell me how good Epic is for developers (which I couldn't care less about), and how stupid it is to not buy games on the store because it's free (which is not a thing I've ever seen anyone complain about) and then admit that you basically don't know what you're talking about. Steam takes 0% from games sold on third party sites. That means 100% goes to the publisher or developer. Epic? They still take their cut from games sold on third party sites and they originally didn't want them to be sold on third party sites because they weren't getting anything out of the deal. And steam only looks like a bad deal if you don't bother to look at what they actually offer for both their customers and those who put games on their store. There are actually quite a few game developers coming out in the last few weeks against Epics practices. So no, not all game developers are happy with what they're doing. Basic features? come on, the main thing most gamers care about is the game and that is fully intact whatever store front it's on, beside, others like EA, Ubisoft have done this and for the most part they have basic features and yet gamers keep buying the games they want to play because most don't really care, also, Epic have said they are putting in a lot of the features that Steam have over the next year or two, we'll see if they hold up to that. At the end of the day, for developers, there is little risk in trying other store fronts and many rewards if it pays off and if it doesn't, they can release it on Steam, if enough developers jump away from Steam to other store fronts and that forces Steam to lower the cut developers pay, we all benefit. As for where do consumers benefits, it's two fold, one is that developers will likely have more money which then they have a choice on if they want to keep that money which many will and they could reinvest that back into the game or future games or two, they could pass on the savings to consumers or they can do a combination of the two, it's a win win however we see it. You might not care but developers do and can you really blame developers for wanting to reduce a tax from 30% to 12%, any smart business would do the same thing and from a consumers point of view, we could benefit by the PC becoming more of a enticing platform as profit margins per game sale on the PC will creep up compared to consoles as there is less overheads and if they pass on the savings to gamers, more gamers will likely move to PC gaming. On top of that, we have more rivals in the market, Origin and Uplay never ware rivals because it was a store front for it's own games, Gog could have been a big rival to Steam as they have a lot of good will but there DRM policy will keep a lot of developers away, Epic wants to be a store front for any games and with a reduce cut they take from developers and that is making waves. Also, Steam might not take a cut from third party sites but someone else likely is, beside, if enough gamers bought games like that, Steam would outright ban key sellers from other sites. Anyway, don't get me wrong, Steam is still by far the best but they need a kick up the arse the last few years as they've left the door open for rivals to enter the market, a lot of developers are not happy with Valve, more so after that reduce cut they did that mostly targets triple a games and more or less leaves indie developers out in the cold, that alone is helping many indie developers to look for alternatives as they are being treated as second class developers on the Steam platform. Valve needs to get it's act together because more and more games are going to keep leaving Steam and the best thing they can do is lower the cut they take from developers across the board, that will slow down the Epic store a lot which is ironic because Epic have dared Steam to do exactly that. I swear, you're like a broken record.
  22. Can you remind me last time this motto had a real life scenario? I'm quite sure was after Christ, but I can't remember the exact year. Azure vs Amazon. Anyways, Microsoft is still a patent-troll company but right now it is using a paper-company to do that. For example, Microsoft is still committed to screwing Linux and it is still collecting royalties from Linux partners.
  23. How companies forget that Microsoft likes to backstab partners?. I like Microsoft as a company but it is not a company runs by saints.
  24. I'd call it the definition of stupidity and it's something systems like the UN specialise at
  25. People are dying and they are worried (and spending a fortune in the process) on digital assistants. Next: gay digital assistance featuring a horrible accent.
  26. I much prefer a woman's voice than a mans. Women have a nurturing and calming voice. Except when they are mad.. you better run boy!! run!!
  27. jnelsoninjax

    Your Phone Companion gets a new icon and mobile data sync

    I really like the app, however I find it rather buggy, more then half the time I open it on the PC and it can not sync, it takes 3 or more tries to get it to finally sync, and when I try to send messages, it seems to be hit or miss as well... but overall I like it.
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