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  2. As a pwa developer, the opposite is happening. Ms, google, apple, etc are all pushing pwa development harder than any other type. The web is becoming more than just for browsing and consumption.
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  4. I like siri shortcuts and it does way more then other states it does. I think it will be useful on the Mac.
  5. PlayStation Store is having a flash sale with up to 50% off some titles by Namerah Saud Fatmi Sony is kicking off the weekend with a great set of deals on the PlayStation Store. A total of 63 titles are currently on sale - some of them going for half the original retail price. The selection of games includes both old and new releases for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita and PlayStation VR. Bear in mind that the flash sale is only available on the U.S. store and will last for a limited amount of time, until 8:00 am PT on April 22. Highlights for the nostalgic gamer include classic titles such as Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy at 40% off for $23.99 and Spyro Reignited Trilogy for $29.99, down 25%. A Crash and Spyro bundle is also available for purchase at $49.49 - $25 less than the original asking price. Several different editions of Assassin's Creed Odyssey are available for purchase, including the deluxe edition, gold edition, and ultimate edition for up to 67% off depending on the variant. The Assassin's Creed Odyssey Season Pass is also slashed by 40%, the price tag of $23.99 includes a copy of Assassin's Creed III Remastered. Similarly, a variety of Tom Clancy's The Division 2 editions are also on sale, with up to 20% off on the standard edition, gold edition, and ultimate edition. A wide range of The Elder Scrolls: Online currency add-ons are up for grabs, as well as The Elder Scrolls: Online Collection at 50% off selling for $24.99. Other noteworthy titles on sale are listed below in alphabetical order: Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown Call of Cthulhu Creed: Rise to Glory Genesis Alpha One Hello Neighbor Just Cause 4 Life is Strange 2: Episode 1 Metro Exodus (Standard edition; Gold edition) Omen of Sorrow Shadow of the Tomb Raider (Digital Deluxe edition; Croft edition) Sonic Forces South Park: The Fractured But Whole The LEGO Movie Videogame 2 Vampyr Yakuza Kiwami 2 For a full list of titles with the respective discounted price list, you may visit the official PlayStation blog. The flash sale is accessible via the PlayStation Store on PS4, PS3, PS Vita and PS VR or through the online store on PC.
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  7. Microsoft, Google and Apple are all behind PWAs. Call me cynical but that might be enough to seal the deal. Given the amount of control that a web developer gets over the page load process of the browser, I can't see Service Workers (part of PWA) disappearing any time soon. Just go to YouTube or Twitter with your browser and you're already using a PWA!
  8. adrynalyne no longer working?

    That’s because it has an invalid SSL. Someone threw the .net ssl on the .com 😉 Port 80 redirects to 443 which redirects to .net. Well would if it had the correct SSL. @DaveLegg why don’t you redirect port 80 to 443 on .net and be done with it? Browsers only default to 443 if there is an ssl in place. An invalid one is worse than none at all.
  9. thequestor

    The Windows 10 May 2019 Update is now available on MSDN

    As mentioned, only Titanium cards received anything. Not even sure why... if they're willing to leave the rest of us without support. I hear AE5's are doing OK, AE9 should be fine.. but I can tell you SB Z's still stuck without any fix. I would have had to stop at 1803. I'm not having any issues with 1809 and my SB Z and since it is very different than the X-Fi I don't think it [the Z models and up] will have the same problems which is why creative haven't shoved out another botch, er, driver update for the Z series.
  10. SnoopZ no longer working?

    This is still not working for me.
  11. You can see and post stuff on the mobile app. The web version is limited to viewing posts only. ya **** that.
  12. Following up with a vid from MKBHD explaining what happened with some of the reviewers. Aside from the concern of the screens breaking without peeling the film, I'm curious how the protective film will hold up even if left alone..." rel="external nofollow"> Folding The Samsung Galaxy Fold One Thousand Times Samsung has rated the Galaxy Fold for 200,000 folds. That's 100 folds per day for 5 years. The average smartphone user unlocks their phone 80-120 times per day. The test in this video simulates 10 days of Samsung Galaxy Fold usage.
  13. You can see and post stuff on the mobile app. The web version is limited to viewing posts only.
  14. I remember when Apple made computers. Between the relentless pursuit of thiness at the sacrafice of actual keyboards and things like MagSafe and usable ports, to this massive dumbing down of MacOS and jaming iOS apps onto it.....the Mac as we knew it, is gone. If the Mac has a future it is running iOS on a Apple custom ARM chip in the near future. Apple has peaked and is surfing on momentum right now. It will be interesting to see where they go from here.
  15. Was wondering the same thing (if an MS contribution). What is the world coming to? Apple and Qualcom working together again. Google and Amazon adding their streaming services back on each other's platforms. Microsoft and Google working together on one of their flagship products.
  17. Not a fan of their new icons on white backgrounds they're adding on iOS...
  18. Hope some of that makes it's way to iOS. Don't really care about form fill/password sync as I use password manager for that but tab sync is nice when you look up something on your phone that you want to view on your desktop but you can always bookmark it. Favorites sync is the main thing I'm looking forward to them adding back.
  19. What's next? Apple allowing setting default apps on iOS? Madness.
  20. I was going to use Instagram today in fact but I can't figure out how to post on their website, is it from an app only?
  21. I can not install Win 10 1903 on my laptop. Even via Windows Update or iso. I got bluescreen error. October update works fine. Does anyone got bluescreen during install or update?
  22. OnePlus to announce launch event for its upcoming smartphone next Tuesday by João Carrasqueira Earlier this week, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau teased its upcoming flagship smartphone, presumably called the OnePlus 7, stating that it will bring "a new era of fast and smooth". While the teaser didn't give us much to go on, it seems like the company won't be keeping consumers in suspense for long. Today, Lau once again used Twitter to ask fans to stay tuned to an event announcement happening next Tuesday. It's worth noting that this doesn't seem like the company will actually announce the phone on that day, but instead will reveal the date on which it will reveal the purported OnePlus 7. Stay tuned next Tuesday for our launch event announcement 😁 — Pete Lau (@petelau2007) April 19, 2019 While OnePlus hasn't directly shared any details of the upcoming smartphone - or smartphones - a few reports have hinted at what might be coming. Following the "fast and smooth" teaser, a report suggested that OnePlus might be including a display with a 90Hz refresh rate, which would indeed make the experience feel smoother than most phones on the market. The display is also rumored to be bumped up to Quad HD, after sticking with Full HD for the past few generations. Other reports have indicated that, in an unusual move, the company will be launching two models of the OnePlus 7, with the base model looking a lot like the OnePlus 6T. A Pro variant of the OnePlus 7 would instead feature a sliding mechanism for the camera, and use the 90Hz mentioned above. Aside from that, OnePlus had previously announced it would be one of the first companies to use the Snapdragon 855 chipset, presumably with support for 5G.
  23. adrynalyne

    The Windows 10 May 2019 Update is now available on MSDN

    I downloaded ISO by search SHA-1 344CA92459C23663D5F857C72A7C030F85F19BE8. Do a search in Google. Or better wait for the official release. You can calculate SHA-1 using 7zip or by installing FCIV utility. I’ll just wait for the official release date. Just to make sure I get the legit version. And I can wait for the new features a few weeks longer. It’s not that I’m missing out on something. Although some stability feats are welcome. Plus that some “register update” might take care that I can open jpg in the default Windows 10 Photos app. Legit version already avail on Insider Release Preview Ring How stable is the latest/definite 2019H1 aka March 2019 update? Good for a go, or better wait until the final, general, release in May? It’s been pretty ok for me but ymmv.
  24. Apple may be adding Siri Shortcuts, Screen Time and more to MacBooks with macOS 10.15 by Jay Bonggolto Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) is approximately two months away, but some rumors hinting at what the tech giant may unveil at the event are already popping up. One fodder for speculation is the next version of macOS, which is supposed to be introducing standalone apps for Apple Music and Podcasts. That will likely lead to the splitting of some of the functionality of iTunes. Now, a new report suggests that Apple may also be adding Siri Shortcuts and Screen Time, among other iOS apps, to macOS 10.15. As the users of iOS 12 devices may be familiar with, Siri Shortcuts is a feature that lets users make voice commands for actions within a particular app. The supposed coming of Siri Shortcuts to macOS may also mean the potential availability of the Shortcuts app on that system. It's important to note that Shortcuts may only come in the form of a Marzipan version on the Mac App Store. Apple uses the Marzipan technology to bring iPad apps to macOS in a seamless manner. That might also mean only Marzipan apps will be compatible with the Shortcuts app on macOS 10.15. In addition, the iOS 12-native Screen Time is believed to be coming to the next-generation macOS. This feature is designed to help users manage and limit the amount of time they spend on apps, and its functionality on iOS is expected to remain unchanged with macOS 10.15. Other rumored features coming to the next macOS are a new Apple ID management panel for the System Preferences and the iMessage effects like confetti, lasers, and fireworks, among others. A few days ago, it was also speculated that macOS 10.15 may be enabling the iPad to become an external display for Mac devices. Source: 9to5Mac
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