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  2. Wish Windows just did that automatically. Like a taskbar option that could be turned on.
  3. Theresa Ramseyer

    HP - New monitor or graphics card?

    Morning Thanks for the replies. You're fast! +DevTech, I have to leave in about 5 minutes. I will find the box etc. after I get home tonight. OS is Windows 10, that's as far as I can go off the top of my head. This year has been chaotic. I am leaning towards a monitor problem. I did a hard computer shutdown a minute ago because I won't be home today. Tried the monitor, it is still doing the same thing. Corinthian, I'm not sure I have another cable. I may have from an older machine; I'm hard on computers. Have at least 4 dead ones in my closet right now; been hoping someday to get hard drives pulled and shelled to use. Have a good day. Theresa
  4. "While supplies last!" 9_9
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  6. Your actual Google account also has to be an email address also. As I use for my Google account and Nintendo account i'm totally out of luck. It's certainly a silly limitation.
  7. Must admit that I'm shocked. As a Mint user myself, I wish you well, friend. On my end, the only version of Windows 10 that is tolerable, is the LTSC version. Safe travels! Have 4 other computers with just Mint on them that I use way more often than the Windows 10 machines! Think I pretty much have the Windows machines tweaked to the max. The irony with Mint, is it has higher system requirements than Windows 10, with the exception of the HDD space. Now add in as much of what Windows 10 does, and see how well it runs on the same hardware. (Just the things you really might want, like a more advanced FS, integrity features, additional frameworks/libraries, etc. ) I can do a minimal install of Windows 10 in less than 1GB of storage space, and still have 20x the features and functionality of Mint, and it will run faster. (These are things you can even casually do yourself and benchmark in a VM.) I have a better idea. How taking away all the crap I have absolutely no use for and the majority of the rest of the world doesn't either, and see how much more space I have. How many people do a minimal install of less than 1GB or even use a VM in the real world? Remember, you're on a tech forum here which is a very small comparison of real world usage, and nobody is going to jump through all the hoops you've suggested in your posts. I know what the article is talking about as far as reserving space and I have no problem with that. My main point was that I simply don't like the way MS is going and all the issues with their updates.
  8. I never knew "Mixer" I only know That's new to me.
  9. Same here but I'm waiting for the general release of Pie and until the battery starts faltering I can't see any reason for a new phone. I'm also not seeing any phones around that tick all the boxes for me.
  10. Mixer's AI-powered rewards program Loot to launch on April 30 by Jay Bonggolto In 2017, Mixer launched a channel for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds that leverages Microsoft's HypeZone technology. The artificial intelligence-powered system works to scour select games for crucial moments and help viewers find streamers of potential interest to them during those highlights of the game. Mixer expanded HypeZone to Fortnite: Battle Royale early last year, and now it will be using the same technology for its new rewards program called Mixer Loot. HypeZone will work to scan for streams that may contain key moments and surface them to viewers. If you happen to watch a particular game that supports Mixer Loot, you can earn in-game content. However, Mixer Loot won't be available on all channels. To determine whether a particular channel is Loot-supported, simply look for the program's icon beside the stream's title. The rewards program will be rolling out from April 30 in time for the release of Sea of Thieves’ Anniversary Update, which will bring with it a whole bunch of new content and features like fresh story quests, Arena, and more. You can earn the game's Obsidian Six Item Pack by just watching 30 Sea of Thieves Arena matches on Mixer in full from April 30 (8 a.m. PST) to May 5 (11:59 p.m. PST). You can check the rewards you've accumulated by clicking the Loot icon on the stream page and heading over to the “My Loot” page in the settings page. Also, loots are redeemable on any gaming platform. It should be pointed out as well that the program is limited to only a single reward code per account per unique Loot opportunity.
  11. By now, millions of people have read about 'Anna Delvey', an alias used by Russian-born con artist Anna Sorokin, who became infamous after a New York Magazine story about her exploits - including scamming hotels and restaurants out of thousands of dollars, conning a friend into unwittingly paying for a $60,000 Moroccan vacation - went insanely viral last spring. Publishers rushed to secure book rights for her story, and Netflix has reportedly commissioned a series producer by "Grey's Anatomy"'s Shonda Rhimes. But Sorokin's blossoming fame wasn't enough to avert a guilty plea: On Thursday, she was found guilty on a charge of second degree grand larceny - a charge carrying a maximum penalty of 15 years in prison. However, she was acquitted of the most serious charge: Attempted grand larceny in the first degree over an attempt to swindle a hedge fund out of $22 million. Still, since she was reportedly living in the US illegally, once Sorokin has served her sentence, she will likely be deported. Here's more from The NYT: While Sorokin's defense attorneys portrayed her as a delusional liar whose behavior stopped short of criminality, prosecutors didn't mince words: Sorokin knowingly and intentionally conned people and businesses out of thousands of dollars during her multi-year crime spree. Not only did Sorokin swindle friends and the proprietors of some of New York's swankiest hotels and restaurants, she managed to convince a well-known attorney to represent her without needing to put up any 'proof' of the wealth she claimed back in Germany. Her lawyer helped her secure a $100,000 loan from City National, which she obtained by forging documents, then she turned around and tried to use that money to secure an even larger sum from a well-known hedge fund. Sorokin took the money she borrowed from City and tried to use it to swindle the hedge fund Fortress investment Group (a wholly owned subsidiary of Soft Bank) into handing over a $25 million loan. However, the firm eventually balked when Sorokin failed to provide proof of the money she said was held in an account in Germany. When the firm asked to see identification, she showed them a Russian passport, even though she claimed to have been born in Germany, which made the financiers uneasy, and they swiftly pulled out.
  12. To sign up, you need an Android device and a Gmail e-mail address on your Nintendo Account. Annoying.
  13. I like where they are taking this app. Specially since we know screen mirroring is on the way as well, so instead of having them try to add support for android apps into Windows and hope developers port them over etc. They'll just let you interact with your phone directly through this app while it sits on your desk, like it's part of the system with drag and drop options and so on.
  14. Good question, they might once they get more of the features they want added. Also by doing wifi for now it allows this to work with your desktops since you're on the same network in most cases.
  15. This level of integration might not be possible on iOS, it's way more locked down from Apple.
  16. In my company 1809 is now the current standard now we consider it stable. Prior to that it was 1709. So we just have to patch two versions for 75,000+ users. Not a big deal. And I figure over the next few months more of those 1709 systems will be made 1809 systems as well? Is there any point where they'll all be 1809 systems or will something newer be added into the mix?
  17. They've made it pretty easy for business to follow, any xxH2 update gets 30 months of support while all the xxH1 updates are 18 months. They make it so a business should update from H2 release to H2 release, skipping the H1s, those should just go to consumers etc. So at any given time you're only supporting for example, 1709 and 1809, just two. Or you go for the full 30 months and you wait till 19H2 is ready and go from 1709 right to 19H2, again, still just two versions. This makes it just like it's been in the past for business IT, a 2 year Windows release cycle. Those who don't need to update often just go with LTSC, which is 10 years and is again like it always has been with older versions. As far as MS having to support so many versions, well, the way they've made Windows 10, and managed to break it up and more modular compared to older versions. I'd say most fixes they add in the newest version, 1809, apply to the older versions as well, from a servicing standpoint. Also by the time 19H2 is ready, v1709 is going to be out of support for Home and Pro users, so you'll be prompted to update to something newer.
  18. I could be wrong but most of these fixes are top down in the sense that they're fixed in the newest version 1809 and then added downstream unless it's a bug that's just in an older version and doesn't effect the newer version. I'd say anything fixed in 1809 is fixed in 1803 and so on.
  19. Take this information, plus the stuff that's been leaked previously, I'd say it's confirmed.
  20. So, you still have some 32GB hard drives you're looking to use or something? Because otherwise I don't see what the problem is. This is 32GB min for total storage, which should've been the minimum from the start unless you like buying devices with just 16GB of storage today? Storage is definitely not an issue. In my opinion, the newer versions of Windows, especially Windows 10, have too much baked into it, just bloated as hell from the start. I'd prefer a core version Windows, just the basics to get things going, and then I add what I need from there. Exactly. I think what you said really goes without saying as having some programs pre-installed on Win10 is fine but after a certain point it's just bloat etc. I would definitely dump all of that Microsoft Store BS if it were up to me as it would not be installed by default. p.s. this is one thing Linux does better. Even if you dump all the Microsoft Store 'BS' - do you know how much space this would save your installation? It is rather tiny, and going forward, it also locks you out of an entire ecosystem of products. The 'bloat' as less informed people talk about, is not in the areas people seem to think they exist, and they aren't bloat. Take a minimal Linux Distro, and load in 50% of the core functionality in Windows, and notice it runs slower now, and takes up more HD space. The reason adding 'more' to the Minimal Distro is how Linux handles dependencies that Windows can deal with 99% dynamically, not requiring the OS to load or be doing things if the feature is not being actively used. Seriously, you can do a 'minimal' Windows 10 installation, that is just as tight and virtually worthless as a minimal Linux Distro - but why? In the Windows world, the additional features and functionally cost ZERO RAM/CPU when not actively used, the only cost is HDD space, and Windows can even compress that down in ways the 'traditional' FSes used in a minimal Linux install cannot. Linux also DOES NOT DO this well. It is technically less modular than NT, and by nature consumes more resources to support features and software that depend on those dependencies that are often left running consuming RAM/CPU. (Windows 10 Embedded type configurations exist if you want barebones, and it STILL has more features than a minimal Linux Distro.) I am no expert of the details as you apparently know more than I do. but seeing the basic ISO of say Linux Mint v19.1 vs Win10 1809... 1.9-2GB for Mint vs about 4.0-4.1GB for Win10. some of that has to be bloat, correct? The point he was trying to make is that while your Mint 2GB size is less, which is fine, once you start to add things, apps and other features and functionality to match even half the stuff Windows supports, the sizes start to match and even go over. While you can, if you take the time, make a more custom Windows install if you feel the default is too much. Besides I was always of the opinion that one mans bloat is another mans useful feature. MS tries to cover as many users as it can.
  21. Since this week I keep on Windows Update that KB2538242 is not installed. Windows is downloading and installing it... but it keeps coming back. I tried to run the Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Service Pack 1 Redistributable Package MFC Security Update: vcredist_x64 (however this comes up: Error 1935 An error occurred during the installation of assembly 'Microsoft VC80 CRT.type="win32".version="8.0.50727.4053".public Key Token="1fc8b3b9a1e18e3b".processorArchitecture="amd64") What can I do to make this message go away?
  22. Well, I see no reason why the OP 7 won't get a camera upgrade.
  23. dipsylalapo

    Do Facepalms count towards likes?

    I think the question has been answered and I don't want this thread to be de-railed further. Locked
  24. Word I'm a OnePlus 3T owner (now rocking Pie) and I see very little reason to upgrade. With every subsequent release, they've slipped further away from the reason they started. I still get, when compared to the latest iPhone or Samsung etc, that they phones mostly represent good value for money and have some great features. There's just more competition now from the likes of Huawei and Xiaomi that make the OnePlus less attractive.
  25. I think "confirmed" is a bit of a stretch. All I see is three circles on a line drawn representation. Where is the flash in all of this?
  26. soder

    LG gram 17 unboxing and first impressions

    "it's pretty amazing something this big is this light" There are no surprises in the real world: cheap plastic weighs less than proper solid (and durable!) metal. That's the answer to your question. Thats built only to last until the last day of the 1 year warranty, and the next day it can break or go crap, so you can go buy the new 1-year expiration date "successor". Disposable craps, all.
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