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  2. 1. stay calm, people here will help you. 2. please provide your XPS model number, or your service tag. 3. Any recent Samsung should be fine. (and good) 960 EVO, 960 Pro, 970 EVO, 970 EVO Plus, 970 Pro and the OEM variants 951, 961 etc - the 970 EVO PLUS currently provides the best performance for most tasks at same cost as other options. There is actually NOTHING SPECIAL about the OEM 961 - it is just slightly LESS performant in order to save the OEM (Dell) a few bucks, but thankfully for you the performance difference is small. 4. fresh install is best. Make sure NO other drives or USB externals are connected during the basic install to prevent a boot partition being created on a different drive. If the drive has NEVER been partitioned or formatted before, try to leave 10 gigs or so UNALLOCATED at the end of the drive by creating a slightly small partition - this will create SPARE FLASH CELLS for extra drive longevity. 5. you will save yourself some upgrade time by using a fresh ISO of 1903. 6. before your install, you can collect all the Dell drivers by using your Dell Service Tag but very few of them will actually be useful, if any. 7. Once all is working, you can copy your data over from the OLD WD Blue drive by using an external case. And just forget that all those stupid extra Dell partitions ever existed - nothing useful on them!
  3. I never said, nor mentioned it to be... Not sure why you keep deflecting with that... Well that's been shown to be flat out incorrect. They are very visible.
  4. Mindovermaster

    My Pc wont start any more

    WarWagon actually is a robot, don't you know?
  5. Starlink VLEO Constellation Mark Handley (Professor of Networked Systems - Department of Computer Science, University College London) Published on May 26, 2019 This simulation shows the orbits of all 11,927 satellites in the final proposed Starlink constellation. Red satellites are the initial 1,584 satellites at 550km altitude. White is 1,600 second phase satellites at 1,110km altitude and 53.8-degree inclination. Blue is 1,225 satellites in polar orbits. Yellow shows the final 7,518 satellites in 335km to 345km VLEO orbits, with inclinations of 53, 48 and 42 degrees.
  6. It's not a Kessler Syndrome problem, and once on station at magnitude 5 or dimmer they'll be barely visible except for an occaisional solar panel flare - like the Iridium satellites. 11,927, with the vast majority so low (7,518 at 325-345 km) they'll passively come down if they fail.
  7. DevTech

    My Pc wont start any more

    You have the BEST description so far on what happened. Pound on a bunch of keys and get a dead computer is almost as absurd as some of the advice in this thread. Instead of scratching heads and considering what possible thing on a PC could be affected by keystrokes, he had suggestions to replace almost every hardware component in his system as if by a random number generator! WAIT! Is everyone in this forum actually a BOT instead of human?
  8. "For its part, the WHO has decided to stick to its guns, and stated that the decision was "was based on reviews of available evidence and reflected the consensus of experts from different disciplines and regions." Well played WHO.
  9. Hi, I have a Dell XPS 13 that I recently upgraded or replaced the motherboard with a slightly newer version such that I could have NVME drive support. Anyhow after the installation of the board every thing went well but I wanted to transfer the OS from the SATA WD Blue M.2 drive onto an NVME drive. So I used Macrium Reflect free version to image all 6 or 7 partitions that were on the drive. Yes Dell has like half dozen partitions from the ESP partition, Diags partition, No Name partition, WinRe Tools parition, C drive partition, No Name, and the PBR Image partition. Next I booted into the Macrium emergency recovery environment after installing the nvme drive and restored the whole image back on. Seemed like everything was good but instead Windows spin'd its wheels and after a while rebooted into 'Attempting to repair your drive' mode which did nothing. I tried booting into a dos window from the advanced options menu and attempted repairs on the boot sector but that didn't work. I ran diskpart however and noticed that my Windows partition was some other letter than C. Not sure if that was important. I even tried a fresh install but even though that worked I ended up getting random bluescreens. Read that Dell has specific drivers it needs installed or else its BSODs all day. Rather restore my SATA drive thats stable and because years of work is on the drive. Anyhow over my head and not sure whats going. Just ordered a Samsung SM961 and should have it by Tues day because I read thats very compatible to the hardware. Going to try another cloning utility. If anyone could help I would appreciate it. Thanks
  10. DocM

    The Boring Company

    But the article title says HyperLoop. Careful of your poor sources. Never been in a car with poor alignment, 'eh? 🤣 The Boring Company is a division of SpaceX, not Tesla, so other than Loop using the Model X chassis Tesla's off-topic in this thread. Also; while SpaceX runs the annual HyperLoop university engineering team contest, neither it or Tesla are building a HyperLoop system. That's mostly up to HyperLoop One and Richard Branson's Virgin Group. Please, again, try to keep up.
  11. So calling it FUD, while proving my point that it is a problem... Lol... Mmmkay. Now imagine what it's going to look like with 12000 of those suckers up there...
  12. Maybe Canada is not paranoid There is a difference between paranoia and stupidity.
  13. China is Huawei and the chinese are stealing tech and pirating everything. If Huawei is getting this beat-down.... its because they are chinese Racist much? Can you disprove his comment? The Chinese culture has different ethics than the western world. The Chinese believe the ends justify the means, regardless of how dishonorable it is [e.g. stealing tech which they do all the damn time]. It's not racist to point out a stereotype that exists because they literally ######ing do it every day. Can you civilized Westerners now justify the killings of 1M Iraqis b/c of the FUD called WMD? I am ready to hear excuses. It's called collateral damage. Can you justify the murder of thousands of citizens by the Iraqi dictator? Because none of you idiots complained about that. Also, there is evidence that Iraq moved their WMD, but you would have to have the intelligence to read and research to learn that wouldn't you? It's easier to hate president Bush because he is a Republican than it is to think for yourself and realize that the Democrats voted to go to war. The president can't just deploy the military whenever he wishes, he needs congressional approval. But for leftists, that's a hard to comprehend reality.
  14. UK is the lackey of US Only because our government are clueless, come on they even allowing that nit of a president over here, I thought they would have learnt the last time he came over. There is going to be a lot of protesting, going to cost this country a lot of money to protect that nit, money that can be used for something better. Myself if he wants to come over here, by all means, he can, but he pays for all the protection. The current US president is much better than the last [for the US], he doesn't kiss everybody's ass and ask them to call him Sally. He's much more intelligent than you or most other people, it's your blind hatred for him because he betrayed the anti-American Democrat party that causes you and people like you such distress. While your country has Muslim terrorist running some cities, enforcing Shariah law, the US will never have that thanks to our 2nd Amendment and excellent President.... until a cowardly liberal comes into office which is inevitable.
  15. Today
  16. UK is the lackey of US It's what happens when your assess get kicked by the US twice (American Revolution, War of 18212), then saved in WWII. america only came into WWIi when they was bomb by the Japanese, other wise they would have stayed out and watched. As for saving our asses, for a small country we was doing ok and then when all was done you still got us to pay you back. Maybe we should charge the U.s for having our troops fight your wars. Oh yes, we also don't have as much friendly fire as you lot. With all the tech you are suppose to have, it should be perfect. The Arm chip was invented in this country and yet we still rely on American CPUs for our machines. This country used to be great and yet now we make very little and we take in far too many people, I blame the E.U Well you and I agree on one thing and it is the disaster of the EU. As for your troops participating in "our" wars, the UK is an extension of the US at this point in time. Our culture came from your country. Your Muslim problem was not solved by "our war" against Jihad not just because of weak UK leaders, but because of cowardly US elected politicians and dumb American citizens who voted them in. Tech doesn't stop dumb privates from shooting each other in the ass, but nor does the rules of engagement [which favors the enemy].
  17. More FUD, someone get a shovel 🙄 Let's make it easier for you: these are small satellites, 95% of which turns into smoke on reentry. The vast majority are in orbits so low even if the de-orbit engine fails they come down in a year or less. Even the high ones are short-lived because of natural clearing (atmospheric drag brings them down if the engine fails). The Kessler Syndrome only applies to satellites in higher orbits. Jonathan McDowell, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics and premiere satellite tracker. As he notes; once they're on-station, and their solar panels turn to the sun, their apparent brightness (from Earth) drastically dims.
  18. Mindovermaster

    My Pc wont start any more

    I'm curious, what does that have to do with this? Just wondering, not judging...
  19. exotoxic

    Password Methodology

    It would take a computer about 3 sextillion years to crack your password Dictionary based, easy to remember and type.
  20. XP_2600

    unbound DNS and Active directory

    Thanks for your valuable answer... OK, let me make it clearer here, If my clients asked unbound and unbound configured to forward everything to AD DNS, so my clients will never go to my question mainly is, whats preventing unbound from using AD DNS as a forwarder ?
  21. NickEclipse

    1903 v145 and SoundBlaster Z

    Nah forget about it. I un-installed/re-installed these drivers like over 10 times. Trying all kinds of methods. Driver cleaner, safe mode, PAX modded drivers, manual installation through .inf, etc. I'm done LOL. But thanks for the tips. Yeah, mine is a Z also.
  22. Shiranui

    My Pc wont start any more

    Are you sure the problem is not that your SHIFT and "." keys appear to have stopped functioning?
  23. I feel like we should be moving toward improving efficiency of the chip at this poin, rather than cramming as many chips in a tiny space as possible... I get it, it's powerful... But we're not breaking any new ground here... We're just using literally MORE of the same tech and hoping it makes enough of a difference to sell. I like that they're trying to achieve better speeds and all, but seriously, how much more "liability" can we add to our processor chips before it starts to become LESS efficient due to the amount of juggling these chips have to do to keep up?
  24. The potential for AMD here is huge; however, can they pull it off. 7/10nm is not magical. Even Intel's 14nm layout design achieves what is closer to 10nm. (This gets technical with the gate offset alignments, etc.) I would love to see AMD be able to hit as hard as Intel in single core performance, and continue to offer impressive multi-core performance.
  25. Nice try at a jab, but no you just use a standard HSF designed for the CPU. Above OP has a point, in reality this CPU will run on 5Ghz for a few second before slowing cores down to protect it from overheating. Yes, but the 9900K can be overclocked with proper cooling to sustain 5Ghz across all 8 cores with hyperthreading. (Getting the effective 'turbo' all the time on all cores.)
  26. We'll find out for sure soon, it's clear these are special hand picked cores out of the batch of 9900s that can do this, so they'll cost extra for sure. Also saying that they're "for gamers", intel knows most of us use some form of liquid cooling for our gaming rigs. I've got a Corsair H80i keeping my i7 6700k cool when I game. Although with a bit more noise, a solid air cooler can keep up with liquid cooling solutions. Surprisingly, the advantages of liquid cooling is more than better temperatures. We have a $60-ish fan air cooler that can keep an i9-9900k at a lower temperature than our most expensive liquid cooling; but like I mentioned, it isn't kitten quiet. In regard to the CPU announcement, getting the i9-9900k to 5ghz on all cores isn't extremely hard, and that is also with hyperthreading enabled. For a while, the i9-9900kf quality was from a better yield, and shoving it to 5Ghz on all cores was on average a bit easier. In the current crop, the overclockability of the K and KF is equal. With the 9900KS - getting to 5Ghz is going to be out of the box for average users, making it easy. The probably 9900K should have launched at 5Ghz with full core utilization, if the initial yield quality had been a bit higher. However, the punch/difference between 4.7Ghz across 8 cores and 5Ghz across 8 cores is not something gamers are probably going to notice, as the effective difference is around 5%. In gaming, at best this is 3-6fps at 120hz.
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