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  2. And Aptoide jumped to the opportunity. HA, that doesn't surprise me; Aptoid seems to be the most app rich alternative app store compared to the Play Store
  3. To be fair, Grid Autosport is only 4.5 years old.
  4. Where the hell did you read that law? Any company that needs to open backdoors to any government is doomed since no one in their right mind would buy these products. The law only stipulated that when required, they need to give the government's security services insight into the source code, but not to create backdoors, so stop spreading false information.
  5. Fart poop duty is not the F boom, is long for s**t (poop) witch is what you do on the toilet.
  6. Eternal Tempest

    Firefox Quantum 67.0

    Depends According to Net Market Share (Browser Market Share) as of 04-2019 on Desktops/Laptops 65.81% Chrome 9.63% Firefox 9.52% IE 4.49% Edge 3.69% Safari 1.60% Oprea So compared to chrome, maybe, but it's doing better then all it's competitors so it would be more relevant then them.
  7. Mayhem

    Firefox Quantum 67.0

    do any of the Webkit browsers allows me to resize (by css ou wtv) tab width? Or allow me to have Multi tab row layout? if any i will switch, if not will still continue using Firefox and yes, i'm starting to see some pages that have issues on Firefox
  8. Oooowwww, I dont want any dirty MS software on my Mac.
  9. Yeah. I view Ballmer's tenure as 10 years of wasted opportunity. He kept the ship afloat is all that could be said. Nadella remade the ship to a hellicarrier while on water.
  10. You know telemetry has been a part of Windows since at least XP. Yep, and no one wanted it even then! No one tossed such a big fit about it till Windows 10 though. And actually, while I agree to the option to have it on or not, some basic level of telemetry is needed or how will they know if a update breaks something? Or if some apps aren't working due to a API change or something? Or if some driver is the cause of a BSOD from a 3rd party hardware maker? I'm perfectly fine with MS collecting basic and anonymous error data so they can fix issues and know what's working and what's not. There should be an OFF switch though and it shouldn't be an OPT-OUT but an OPT-IN. Microsoft has no right to that data just because it would help them develop their product. That's not my problem, that's Microsoft's problem. There is in fact a Off switch
  11. Sadelwo

    Firefox Quantum 67.0

    Says you! Maybe you need a reality check! The most used browsers out there use the blink or the webkit rendering engines which are practically the same so most web developers no longer care about their websites working on firefox. And at a 5% market share steadily dropping, Firefox is not going to change anything!!! Plus, fiascos like the armagg-add-on earlier this month, do not help it's cause. Do you really want a situation like we had in the early 2000's where a single browser dictates how the web works? ("This site only works in IE" - *shudder*) I want options out there so one company doesn't dictate how the web goes, especially considering the path we see many of these tech giants taking recently.
  12. MightyJordan

    The Big Wrestling Thread!

    God, that is one fugly title. It's like a discount WBC world boxing title, and that isn't a looker to begin with.
  13. CBA and NAB only did this because of the bad publicity around the Royal Commission. They want to look more customer focused now so providing Apple Pay helps. The only reason the banks didn’t jump on is because Apple Pay eats into their transaction costs. I expect WBC to cave to pressure soon, customers want Apple Pay.
  14. And the Android version of Autosport is where?
  15. turn off the display, wear some shorts, hook it around your ankle...THAT should get you some attention
  16. WebRender is included, but not active yet. If you want to try out this feature you have to change the value in the config file from false to true. Look for gfx.webrender.all and double click to change to true. A restart of Firefox is required to activate this change.
  17. Considering the size of some "regular" watches I've seen, it's not really that big, but, it's still a "gen 1" device.
  18. There have been no proof, all speculation, and I think it is all done via the U.S, because sales are falling of U.s products. This. It's little to do with security, and more to do with protecting Apple. And CISCO and their european partners Nokia, Ericsson, et al. 5G network buildout is going to be trillions of dollars globally. If you knock out the cheapest competitor, the remaining companies can each increase their prices by 30% or more.
  19. Brandon

    Honor announces its new 20 and 20 Pro flagships

    So standard phone sizes are now 6" inches now? So much for people with small hands...
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  21. It would mean that any new security patch would be allowed to be released to existing Huawei's phones. I think....
  22. Why? Because US companies failed to compete? Well, that's another level of shamelessness US is putting nails one by one in its own coffin of "Super Power" status which is more damaging in the longer run for US than anyone else sharpdesigner - Why is it that US companies did not compete? Because it became all about "cost of manufacturing" - was or was not the Industrial Revolution ITSELF grounded in that? First it was low-cost labor - then slave-labor shens (mid and late eighteenth centuries - which even included "slave labor" in a literal sense in the United States) Did or didn't the latest twist in the PRC include similar shens involving labor camps owned by the military - either directly or indirectly? And when "Dudley Do-Rights" - including in the US - uncovered those, they were basically told to shut their pie-holes and let the cheap goods flow - and this was pre-Trump). Never mind that enforcing trade law is, in fact, part of the job of being President - and that came from Bill Clinton - if the President does the job,, he gets beat up for it. They are banned b/c of "fear" of espionage not b/c of trade war. So, either show me they have spied or take NSA and shave it up the rear end and call it a day It isn't about a trade war (which isn't a trade war anyways, just a re-balancing of trade practices) and it also ins't about espionage. Its about a foreign power having access on demand to infrastructure data if they decide to make the request. China has the EXACT same policy for USA wireless companies, why is it bad when the same policies are reversed? If the USA government could have the same information from Apple (for example if apple was in that field of infrastructure) that the Chinese government could have from huawei., China would ban apple too.
  23. cork1958

    Firefox Quantum 67.0

    Desktop market share is not the metric that counts, Global market share is! Ignoring the mobile market share is ignoring more than half of the global world wide web users. Ya, the mobile market share where it's mostly kids who probably don't know what a browser is even and something that comes with Chrome preinstalled, so there's it's vast market share!
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