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  2. Also from Amazon is this issue-free drive (that Tom's Hardware recommends above the P1): The Intel 660p 1TB for $110:;s=electronics&sr=1-1
  3. how difficult is it to get scale and position right in their first attempt?
  4. This could be interesting if it works well, I wouldn't mind having all my games in one place and I don't really care if it launches another store to run some games, I can easierly close them after I finish playing that game but having all my games in one place and by a company that have a lot of respect by PC gamers that CDP Red have, this could be great.
  5. techbeck

    Need to get a tablet, at least 10 inch

    Got a Galaxy A 10.1 tab. Was $200 and then I picked up a 32gb SD card. I don't need much or do much with a tablet. So perfect for me. And coming from my Nexus 2013 tablet, big improvement. I don't care for Samsung's UI so I just loaded Nova Launcher.
  6. Yes, because putting out a flashy new icon will make all the difference in the actual functionality of the product. Sheesh, the fluff.
  7. Yes - the PRC is a big market (just based on population alone) - however, what price is being paid by companies (regardless of where they are from) to access it? How fair is the access? That is what the WTO trade rules are, in fact, supposed to govern, is it not? If the rules are not fair, then we (American companies) are there *why*? (The same applies to other companies, regardless of where they are from as well - why are they there if the rules are unfair?) This isn't about what right or wrong but what is and China is becoming a major super power and very likely to be much bigger then the US over the coming decades. I highly doubt any company or country will want to get on the wrong side of that. As for stealing tech, which country doesn't do that? history is built on countries doing that and in fact the US did that a lot to Europe in the past, I suspect most if not all country do it if it gives them a advantage, just that China is more up front about it then say western countries but I suspect they all do it. In any case, I don't think this is going to end well, China could play some games here by making it much harder for US based companies to do business in China whiles also giving greater access to other countries around the world, that would put US companies at a major disadvantage compared to those others and I highly doubt a lot of these US companies are happy with what going on because this is likely going to force rival alternatives to a lot of US tech and services and that is only going to hurt the US as China have the economic muscle to make it happen.
  8. Treason is a military term, which is why blotus isn't behind bars right now.
  9. Problem I have with Hangouts is getting people to use Hangouts lol. I can say that about every platform. That is why I haven't and don't plan on abandoning Facebook Messenger. Hah, man... As MUCH as I hate Facebook right now, it's probably the only thing that's easy to get people to use. Thankfully, the app has gotten better... even if Facebook itself is still trash.
  10. sharpdesigner

    ARM is the latest company to cut off Huawei

    Getting absurd day by day. Hopefully, in the longer run, this will hurt US companies more than the beans they would collect now[aka Trade War Pride].
  11. I think the same but I was afraid to ask. Anyways, why is it called advanced?. It was the name of the Second Edition of the D&D pen and paper RPG way back in the day. It was intended to be the more advanced, grown-up version of the basic game. Which it was. It survived for decades until they finally started getting a new version done right with the v5 released a couple of years ago.
  12. techbeck

    Michael Avenatti faces up to 330 years

    Michael Avenatti indicted on charges of defrauding ex-client Stormy Daniels, identity theft Hope they stick it to this ambulance chaser.
  13. I am wondering the reason a link to this person's blog was even provided. Why even give this angry person the spotlight? Only one reason I could think of... click bait. The editor added this afterwards, I didn't include it initially but if I had known about it I would have added it too because it's the source
  14. Paul1979UK

    ARM is the latest company to cut off Huawei

    I have to wonder, isn't this just going to make it easier for rivals to many of these companies tech to surface on the market? because China is a major market and this opens up the door to rivals. I doubt Google for instant is going to be happy about a lot of it's services being replaced and it might not matter for now but China is a major market and if they start pushing out alternatives, those alternatives can work on the world stage. I highly doubt Google and many other US companies are happy with what going on because this likely will open up the door for rivals around the world to take advantage of it, more so if China gets tough on US companies in China whiles also offering a sweet deal to other countries around the world. Either way, this could end badly for the US because now they are making a enemy of China, a super power that likely to be much bigger then the US but more importantly, this is sending out a powerful message that the US can't be trusted, because what they are doing here, they could do with any company and country even without evidence. In other words, we could slowly start to see many countries around the world looking for alternatives to US based services and tech for security reasons.
  15. Hm this may be why it made me reset a couple passwords today.
  16. Ci7

    ARM is the latest company to cut off Huawei

    one word : India
  17. PGHammer

    ARM is the latest company to cut off Huawei

    Only ARM and x86 (and PowerPC but that is IBM and server only) exist for consumers. x86 is US, ARM is british. I didn't say that ARM was NOT British - however, somebody told them "cease and desist" - and that was likely someone in London - not Washington.
  18. PGHammer

    ARM is the latest company to cut off Huawei

    That is why the Toshiba Corporation (and Lumber Liquidators case) are both relevant. In the case of Toshiba, it was a foreign subsidiary (one NOT based in the US) that was doing the crookery - in the case of Lumber Liquidators, it was a supplier selling them bad product - and Lumber Liquidators failed to catch them at it. While the Toshiba case did not affect me directly, the Lumber Liquidators case did - in fact, we bought nothing from them until we could trust the product we were getting (which is what I am suggesting for those dealing with Huawei). Basically, verify BEFORE trusting. Why is that (as a premise) so hard?
  19. The default theme as not changed. It is the exact same theme as you currently have? On a clean install, the default is white. The default is white for Home systems only. It is mixed (system dark, apps white) for all other systems. It should be easy to change to dark mode if you don't like light mode. The sad thing is most users will just "live with it"
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  21. What I dislike the most is all of the launchers by default pop up at Windows startup, so all of them load and try to connect to the Internet and then all of them try to update their service. Its a mess in various scenarios like if you're on battery, or don't have an Internet connection, or are on a slow Internet connection. Anyway, a single platform that bundles different game services makes sense to me, just like a single platform that would bundle different streaming services would also make sense. I just stop them from doing so, it's an extra step but not hard to do. Now I just start them when I want and not at startup. But I don't often close them after I do start them. Right now for example I have steam client running for days, but I haven't opened GoG Galaxy in over a month.
  22. One bug that sticks around is when in the Settings app, selecting "Apps" still crashes it, most usually seen in the initial few minutes after booting up. It does seem to stop this behavior if the computer has an uptime of a few minutes or more. I've submitted feedback on this since it first appeared a couple builds before 18362 and yet it persists......
  23. Those are pretty minor issues, which is why they shipped it knowing them. They could spend 8 years in testing and still have to ship with known issues. Can't delay it forever.
  24. They dropped flat after axing WP. They're fluent UI allows for gradients and shadows again, thank goodness.
  25. people still use the .mov format outside of apple i products? 0_o /rant that aside I'd report it in the Windows Feedback app if you haven't already and use an alternate video player for the time being if you play that format often I'd recommend either VLC or Pot Player
  26. The default theme as not changed. It is the exact same theme as you currently have? On a clean install, the default is white. The default is white for Home systems only. It is mixed (system dark, apps white) for all other systems. It should be easy to change to dark mode if you don't like light mode.
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