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  2. dear community, i would like language-[content-] switcher in mega menu - without any ml-system. i just plan to create a new site where i use - Max-Mega-Menü - etc. etx estimated textamount max 2000 words - in five languages: german, english; french, spanish, italien note: the texts are allready translated - no need to do a runtime translation or something similar. I have a defined text amount where which is allready translated. what is aimed: i want to add all those texts in to the max-mega-menu: idea: can i do this with a added (language-[content] )switcher in the mega menu guess: i guess that this is possible - without using a multilang system eg. like: -WPML -Polylang -Weglot -TranslatePress again; since i only have a little amount of text which is allready translated completely i guess that i do not need a multilang system. I guess that a (language- [content])-switcher will be sufficient to arrrange this. What do you think? Love to hear from you. see the example: to explain this in this example: i have infos about the animals in five languages: german, english; french, spanish, italien all the texts are translated allready... i only want to add a little switcher... ----------------------- | switcher of content | ----------------------- | | /|\ --------- --------- ---------- --------- --------- |german |-------< | engl. |>-------|french. |>------|span. |>---------|italien.| --------- --------- ---------- --------- --------- \|/ | | ------------ |Lorem ipsum| etc. eng. etc. french etc.spanish etc.italien ------------ \|/ | | --------- | blabla | --------- What do you think? Love to hear from you. greetings
  3. Go into bios and disable one of the drives.
  4. By far one of the most annoying characters in a series ever. 'sif. Q was funny. Kim Bauer was annoying.
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  6. You have the whole thing a bit "wrong". You aren't hiding "one drive from another", you're simply removing drive-access without a letter. A drive is a drive, it can't "see" another drive - the person at the computer can. Anyway, your answer is: Permissions.
  7. Scrappy Earthling

    What is the word for "Will To Live"?

    Okay, the correct use is “zest for life” but as the combination & the term itself is used ultra rarely, also evident by how few people ever suggested it here, I think as cancer patients, or whomever else who is drained out from “will to live” zest can be the missing piece or psychological neuronal connection!
  8. Off topic... where do I get that wallpaper? I need that now Edit: the one with the tardis edit2: nevermind.
  9. I'm on a HP 840 G5 at my current job, I miss my old X1 Carbon. Keyboards really suck on HP compared to Lenovo.
  10. All the secrets will be revealed one day.
  11. Video is a great prospect to show talents and expertise. It is one of the most effective and powerful ways to attract an audience. During these days, many bloggers, professionals, and, websites editors tend to produce videos from their photos and sometimes they are adding background music on it. Besides, they are using different programs to edit photos, make videos, and create blogs. With that case, you have to search for the best tools in the internet that will help you create a video from photos. Luckily, you can learn on this article for some of the best programs to choose from. Simply continue reading this one to get the solution. 1. LightMV The first tool to recommend is LightMV. This is a tool that can be used to create a video without any hassle using its advanced editing features. It has a jam-packed video template to use. Moreover, you don’t need to install and download the program to use it. Just simply open your web browser on your computer and you can start creating a video. To do this, see the easy steps below. - Open your web browser go to the LightMV’s official website and then click the “Get Started” button to start. - Next, select your desired template that you want to use on your video by scrolling down the screen. - After that, upload a photo or video by clicking the “plus” sign icon on the screen and then edit the captions of each image or video according to your choice. - Once done, hit the “Produce” button to create your video and wait for it to be processed. - Once processed, hit the “Download” button to download the video on your iPhone device. 2. Splice The next tool that can be used to produce a video using your mobile phone is called Splice. This mobile app can be used to create a video with your photos in just a second. Furthermore, it contains different default soundtracks to use on your video. Also, using this tool you can add filters, text and effects on your video. To give you an idea on how to use this tool, follow the simple steps below. - Download the app on Apple Store and install on your iPhone device then launch it. - After that, select a photo or video on your iPhone device. - Then, you can add effects, audio on your video by simply clicking the “+” sign button located at the left side of the interface. - Once completed, save your video by clicking the “Arrow” button at the upper right corner of the interface. 3. BeeCut Our last program that can we recommend is called BeeCut. This is a video editor that will help you produce a video to stunning one. This program contains numerous editing functions such as cropping, filters, transitions, rotating, and more. It is designed with an impressive user interface and organized features to use. Additionally, you can easily create a video from photos with the help of this tool. To learn more on how to use this program, follow the simple procedures below. - Go to the program’s official website to get the installer of the program and then install it on your PC afterwards. - Launch it then choose your preferred video ratio and then hit the “import” > “import file” to add file that you need. - From here, edit your video by adding effects on it. - After that, save the video by clicking the “Export” button at the upper portion of the interface to save the video on your computer. Conclusion As we know, we can search various tool to use to create a video on the internet. However, these are the best tool to use on how to produce a video in just a minute. All of them has different functions to use. Yet, LightMV is the recommended one, it contains several templates with a default music background to use. If you have any suggestions, feel free to comment below.
  12. $15/hr is too much, however the current minimum isn't enough either, $7.25/hr? Gimme a break, try at least $10/hr. That, sounds like a step in the right direction, even as much as $12/hr, but I think that would be the max without breaking the businesses' backs. Or the employees.
  13. Hello, From what I have been table to determine, the Asus P5Q-e motherboard uses an Analog Devices AD2000b sound chip. The latest device drivers I could find in the Windows Update Catalog for it are these Windows 8 drivers: x86 - x64 - They may work fine under Windows 10 as well. Regards, Aryeh Goretsky
  14. A 90 daywage & price control was tried in the 1970's by Nixon to fight a 5.84% inflation. A political success, but the economy went back to float mode soon after the G10. Executive Order 11615 (pursuant to the Economic Stabilization Act of 1970)
  15. They don’t have to be admin. It depends whether you need to be admin to install anything, if so then they’ll also be admin but without knowledge that you can stop one drive ‘seeing’ another which is why it would be easier/better to totally hide that drive if possible rather than a we’ll let you see it exists so you’re curious about it but you can’t click it kind of setup.
  16. It is the 1st gen..and it's a prototype it's far from perfect I'd agree with you, but we're talking about a ~$2,600 phone that struggles for a use-case at that. It'll be a no from me, especially after seeing Samsung struggle with regular use too.
  17. A smart display would go great next do the baby, to play him some lullaby's before bedtime. ;-)
  18. Like all 1st gen technology it will always be expensive. PCs from 1980s...several thousdan of dollars
  19. ZipZapRap

    Netflix is testing new human-curated 'Collections' feature

    You managed to fit in every cliche available into one super long sentence. Well done!
  20. It is the 1st gen..and it's a prototype it's far from perfect
  21. I see a lot of practical tablet , and it's your same phone device. all your files are in the same physical device.| Not everyone uses their phone for social media. Some of use use it for work and / or our own business
  22. I don't care much for the indie games besides super meat boy, shovel Knight, bit trip runner 1->3 and this one. It's a great puzzle/labyrinth game.
  23. JIM Jon

    Edge won't let you read ePub e-books anymore

    Chrome adblock extensions not working is the only thing keeping me away from switching to the new edge
  24. The mirror function could be neat on the go with my surface. Other than that Android isn't reliable as a desktop. Crashes, multitasking, ram overuse... A 4gb windows machine is more reliable. In office for example, even after a crash or a restart your files are either autosaved or autosynced. No such thing on Android. Same with emails, sucks to lose a big chunk of text in case of os unreliability. Windows phone continuum was the solution that would have become ultimately the best, especially given how windows on arm works today. Full blown windows stability on arm!! Could easily be implemented in a smartphone today.
  25. Yesterday
  26. Cant be any worse than an orange haired orangutan. Well, technically, the previous one was a genocide, he bombarded a hospital, killing civilians, kids, and innocents, TWICE. Luckily, he never used nukes. So, it's funny how people call the ORANGE MAN BAD a danger without any proof (feelings are not proof). Classic look-over-there-ism I dunno man, if a Trump supporter said that to you when you were trying to make criticisms of Trump, I'd say that's a pretty weak ass argument.
  27. trag3dy

    To build or buy a new PC? [UK]*

    Okay. Well. Good luck. Hope you get help with the problem you have without telling anyone what it actually is.
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