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  2. It's not about forcing, it's about making it a level playing field which it isn't at the moment because big companies like Google use one market to monopolize another, smaller companies can't do that because they don't have that market share or resources. Google has already put into place a system where all services have the exact same access. Users, however, aren't clicking on those services so the services are now complaining. That is just one small step in the right direction, what would be better is having the choice without any option being defaulted which is the case at the moment because Google knows that most will pick the default even if there is choice. So in other words, have no default, none installed and lets users choose. Users are choosing, and the whiners aren't happy that they're not being chosen. Losers whining to the nanny-state that the better athlete keeps beating them. Really, so having something set to default is choosing? get real lol. People choose when they have to go out of their way to choose and that isn't the case with what Google is doing. Also, have you noticed on youtube, we've been getting more ads of late, pretty much around the time that Stadia beta started, now we are starting to see 2 ads at a time sometimes and ads where you can't skip for about 15 seconds. It sounds to me that Google is subsiding Stadia from youtube, in other words, using one market to monopolize another, how can small to medium companies really compete with that? lol. So? How dare Google build something people actually want, right? Again, other companies have the choice to have their ###### links put forward, but they prefer to whine to the nanny state because users STILL don't want their ###### links. This isn't about what people want but having clear choice, Google, Microsoft and many other big companies use the power of monopolizing one market to monopolize another and that is very hard for small to medium size companies to compete with. The real question we should be asking, do any companies do right by the consumers if they have more than 50% market share in any one segment? It's rare they do, and they are mostly there to screw us over and lock us down. As for alternatives to Google services, you'll be surprised how many people don't even realize there are any alternatives to many of its products and that is exactly how Google wants it, ask yourself, how many people really know there are alternative search engines beside Google? I suspect the percentage is low and this is why the law is stepping in. They have the larger market share because that's what people want. Blame the consumers for choosing Google over the others. You just want a nanny state that dictates who can do what the state says is "appropriate". The market has already decided the winner. I prefer that over a nanny state dictatorship. If only it was that simply, bundling most of Googles services with Android and Android becoming the dominant mobile platform is like using one market position to dominate another. Most users will use what is set by default and many won't even realize there are alternatives to them. It's a lot easier for a big company to gravitate people in one direction or another by using one market to monopolize another, Google and Microsoft are known for doing this a lot, it's also very hard for a small or mid size company to compete with that. If we look at it realistically, Googles search engine was the only service I can remember that people went out of their way to find as it was a much better service than rivals, all the other services that Google have used one market dominate position to create another, how can small to mid size companies compete with that? Anyway, I don't have the answers to fix this but more government intervention is needed because it's clear that any company with 50% or more market share in any given field rarely does what is in our interest. Yet Google is far more open than Apple, but are you and the EU likewise criticizing and punishing Apple for not being open? Oh don't get me wrong, Apple should be punished as well, but we should remember that Apples market share in the EU is pretty small compared to Google so the EU is going to go after what makes sense for it's own market. The US on the other hand should go after Apple because Apple does have decent market share there. Now don't get me wrong, I would like to see the EU go after them all but we have to be realistic, there is only so much time and resources so it makes a lot more sense to go after the big fish that have the most market share as that impacts a lot more people. Why "go after" anybody? It's nothing but a money and power grab by regulators. The market has spoken. Just because some whiny-a** can't accept the facts and cries to the nanny-state doesn't make it a valid argument. Look at the example of Spain, when they tried to "punish" Google for daring to have links to news articles. The Spanish news wanted to charge Google to direct people to their websites. So, Google just stopped including any Spanish news links. So then the news whined, "we're not getting any web traffic... whaaaaaaaa!!!!". It's all just bulls*** from idiots. Why, because they are elected by the people to look after the interest of the people and having a level playing field is more likely to do that. The market has spoken argument is a weak argument as in a lot of cases, the market didn't speak as we were locked in to one thing or another by a monopoly. Look at Windows for instance, I've heard it countless times how many wanted to dump Windows for Linux but couldn't because of the lock in of software and games and Microsoft knew that, the law could have stepped in and forced Microsoft to open up it's api's so software is a lot easier to make compatible on the two and that would make it a more level playing field. That is just one example, the market is filled with them and at the end of the day, the bigger companies get, the more they don't see us as consumers to try and win over but see us as already having us by the balls and that likely could get a lot worse over the next few decades because it's becoming harder for small and medium size companies to compete and they are the ones that tend to deliver what's in the interest of consumers, mostly because they want to be on top, screwing us over. Beside, how many companies with over 50% market share can honestly say they have the best interest for consumers in want to make products better? I suspect very few to none, most of them after gaining 50% or more try to screw us over by locking us in, making it harder for rivals to compete and giving us less choice and slower progress and usually for a higher price.
  3. Yeah, it's also been discovered that some games are just higher cost too, by like a baseline of $10. Imagine paying more for a singleplayer game that you get to have lag on. ...It also takes away from the whole "price savings" if you're gonna end up paying more anyway. ...aside from other complaints too, such as some titles just being 1080p upscaled to 4K, not native 4K as claimed. I dunno. It's a damn mess. I worked it out by just buying 6 games per year and being on Stadia pro over 3 years, I could build a decent PC gaming rig or buy two consoles with just the savings from games. Stadia sounds cheap on the surface but gamers are subsidizing the hardware by higher cost games and any gamer that plays a few games per year, Stadia can work out more expensive than what we already have and only really works out cheaper if you are a really light gamer. Yeah, it's not going to be cheap, and god help the customers if Google decides to back out later down the road. Honestly, I've said this before, but they should've started with the free model first, then grew the platform out from there. xCloud by comparison isn't receiving negativity because people know it's still in testing and isn't really costing them anything extra. It's just smart, especially if the concept is still unproven or half-baked @ Google. If that was to happen, the uproar would be immense, Google would likely have to refund every game that was bought on the service and that won't be cheap, I suspect if the service was to ever close down, the law will likely get involved. The problem with the free service is that a lot more people would likely try the service out which I doubt Google wants just yet, they are testing the service for now and seeing how well it copes, and they plan on doing a free tier but if most gamers jump on that, I suspect they'll scrap it a year or so after as I doubt they can afford too many gamers going on the free tier, buying a few games and clocking up countless hours that Google have to pay for the hardware and bandwidth on just one cut per game sale.
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    Hi, My name is Jessica from France
  5. Because I have an android based phone, probably the Samsung because the two will integrate with each other much more smoothly. However, if the RRP is correct and the Samsung is $170 more, the price may be enough to convince me otherwise.
  6. I usually just look up every unfamiliar number on Google or some complaint board websites like These scam warning features from Google Fi might be very helpful for me in the future. Thanks for sharing this information.
  7. I know that Samsung USED to be like that, but my S9+ is still getting updates from Samsung. I believe they support old devices up to 2 years old. Not sure what Apple do in terms of old device support and updates?
  8. Trying hard to stay relevant in the mobile space
  9. Enjoy the gaping security holes. you mean like iphone and android device that don't get updates? plus considering the market share, I can easily do the math... do you need some help? Nothing alike, you can go and buy a new iphone or android device and it has security updates - what are you going to do with a W10M device? The whole OS is dead, there are no security updates for any models.
  10. you mean like all the electron apps? I don't find discord to use much CPU nor does it lag like mad if I scroll up a conversation window but teams can't do that well. Heck even typing out a paragraph without sending it causes teams to lag
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  12. Not sure how you came to that. Apple hasn't supported AMD processors... ever, have they? Asking because it would seem to me that just because AMD is finally giving Intel a run for their money again, that it would still be a job to get their OS built to accommodate and properly utilize their processors. I'm not a software engineer though so don't hold my feet to the flames, I'm just trying to be realistic here. In the long run it will still be better. Apple won't retain its mindshare as being a premium brand for long if they're charging buyers 7 grand for a CPU that will get spanked by another that costs 1700.
  13. Elaborate the USB issue plz. I think he means this, as posted in the known issues list. "We’re looking into reports of certain external USB 3.0 drives not responding with Start Code 10 after they’re attached."
  14. The biggest flaw in my Lenovo clock is the screen automatically turning on when it's set to a fixed brightness and then turned off. When I tell it to "Turn the screen off", after a while it's back on. Horrid bug never fixed by Google. I even posted in Lenovo's forums who said "Only Google can fix this as they manage the device firmware."
  15. The Mac Pro is basically free as your work will always cover the cost of your tools. People fail to grasp who the Mac Pro is aimed at.
  16. If these users got this far and are happy with their old PC and out of date Windows 7 then I think what is happening will be very annoying for them. But in the end those users have pretty much two options... upgrade to Windows 10, which can still be done for free using the official Media Creation Tool, or... switch to Linux. depending on what the person does, Linux might be a better option, like if they just primarily use it for internet machine and maybe a little bit beyond this, I would suggest Linux over Windows as for the average person they are likely all around safer online with Linux than Windows since many threats are Windows specific. There should be a third option where get to keep on doing what you have always done because you accept or ignore the risks. The vast majority of people won't understand the risks, so no. that's not an option. I get enough bloody spam and other crap coming over the internet, i don't want more damn zombie bots out there adding to it. So no. You're wrong.
  17. So, Microsoft thinks to use my phone (or perhaps, to enjoy using it) I must find a desktop computer first? No wonder their smartphone business crashed and burned.
  18. You can just install the driver and leave out the Radeon Settings stuff, yes. Also, the browser is available via the overlay when needed, just like how Steam overlay has a browser for quick access while in-game
  19. Still have my Lumia 950 and using it for playing music. After 8 months of using iPhone XS, I still think that WM10 has best user interface and best home screen.
  20. I’ll stick to built PCs for $AU950 thank you, we can get it cheaper than in store
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