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  2. ARM announces Cortex-A77 CPU and Mali-G77 GPU for your next flagship phones by Rich Woods Computex 2019 is kicking off now, and ARM announced its next-generation CPUs and GPUs, which is what your next flagship phone's processor will probably be based on. The new chips include the Cortex-A77 CPU and the Mali-G77 GPU, and they include significant improvements. ARM is promising improved machine learning and mixed reality experiences with Cortex-A77, due to a 20% IPC improvement over the last generation, the Cortex-A76. It's a 7nm design, and ARM says that it's increased machine learning performance by 35x over the last two generations. Next is the Mali-G77 GPU, which is built on the new Valhall architecture. This promises a 40% performance boost over the Mali-G76, with 30% better energy efficiency and 30% more performance density. ARM is also promising a 60% boost in machine learning performance. This also comes alongside the new Mali-D77 display processor. ARM also announced a new ML processor, which is included in ARM's Project Trillium machine learning compute platform alongside the NN software framework. The idea is to add a dedicated neural processing unit (NPU) to chipsets, and ARM says that it's increased energy efficiency by 2x, memory compression techniques by 3x, and more. You can expect these new technologies to show up in your smartphone or ARM-powered laptop in 2020.
  3. Please, look up the inverse square law. All else bring equal, their brightness will only be about 64% of their initial brightness. Of course everything won't be equal, as described below, and they'll be dimmer. No, they won't. They'll be further away as their Krypton thrusters raise their otbits, the ISL applies to light intensity, and their solar arrays will turn to an angle that only infrequently reflects in Earth's direction (some already have). Their solar arrays account for most of their reflected light, the main satellite bus being quite small. Not being obtuse, but you sure are being dense. The satellite observer threads at space sites already report it's getting hard to see the trailing StarLink satellites as they separate and rise in altitude. As the main group breaks up and more rise, turning their arrays, they too will dim. Eventually, there will be no bright group.
  4. Copernic

    TidyTabs 1.5.1

    TidyTabs 1.5.1 by Razvan Serea Designed for those who need to have many applications open simultaneously, TidyTabs brings web browser-style tabs to any application. Ever wanted to have Chrome-style tabs in Windows Explorer, Microsoft Office or PuTTY? TidyTabs does just that. It integrates nicely with the OS and you will feel like the multi-tab functionality is a core part of Windows. TidyTabs makes windows management easier by allowing you to group several windows from an application into a single tabbed window, taking the simplicity of web browser tabs and making it available for any application on your computer. Compatible with all Windows versions, from Windows 7 to Windows 10, 32-bit and 64-bit. Discreet and smart TidyTabs try to be as stealthy and non-distracting as possible. The tabs are hidden automatically when you don't need them, so that they don't get in your way. When they need to be visible, they stay semi-transparent until you actively use them. Fully customizable If one aspect of TidyTabs doesn’t suit you, you can change it. Every single function of TidyTabs can be configured or disabled thanks to a very simple configuration interface. Tiny and clean A shell enhancement tool should assist you without slowing down your computer. That's why the core of TidyTabs is composed of highly optimized native code, with no compromise on stability and performance. It uses very little memory and nearly no CPU. TidyTabs is clean, easy to install and easy to uninstall. TidyTabs is 100% free for a personal use. The free version is limited to 3 tabs. To use TidyTabs in a professional or commercial context, please purchase the Professional Edition. TidyTabs 1.5.1 changelog: Possibility to select a tab by dragging a file over it. For tab titles containing a file path, the ellipsis ("...") is placed at the middle of the text rather that at the end, to make the path easily identifiable. The commands of the tab's right-click menu are now displayed with their corresponding keyboard shortcuts. Download: TidyTabs 1.5.1 | 6.2 MB (Freemium) Download: TidyTabs 1.5.1 Portable | 5.4 MB View: TidyTabs Home Page Get alerted to all of our Software updates on Twitter at @NeowinSoftware
  5. China is Huawei and the chinese are stealing tech and pirating everything. If Huawei is getting this beat-down.... its because they are chinese Racist much? Can you disprove his comment? The Chinese culture has different ethics than the western world. The Chinese believe the ends justify the means, regardless of how dishonorable it is [e.g. stealing tech which they do all the damn time]. It's not racist to point out a stereotype that exists because they literally ######ing do it every day. Can you civilized Westerners now justify the killings of 1M Iraqis b/c of the FUD called WMD? I am ready to hear excuses. all the evidence for Huawei wrong doing is out there. just research! they even make a Canadian company go out of business with intellectual theft. they have been doing crap to orgs... all over the world and this time it is good trump is killing them.
  6. Jim K

    Upcoming AMD CPUs

    Ryzen 9 3900X - 12C/24T - 3.8/4.6GHz - 70MB cache - 105W TDP - $499 Ryzen 7 3800X - 8C/16T - 4.5/3.9Ghz - 36MB cache - 105W TDP - $399 Ryzen 7 3700X - 8C/16T - 4.4/3.6GHz - 36MB cache - 65WTDP - $329 Go on sale July 7th (not sure if soft/hard release) The Ryzen 9 ... has my attention. Looking forward to the benchmarks/reviews. Might be time to upgrade my 3770K
  7. They're going an extra 100km out. Big woop. 100km is nothing when it comes to visibility in space. Nothing I said is changed by which tense is used. They will still be visible at 550km as they are at 440km. Don't be obtuse.
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  9. warwagon

    Wyze Sense door sensors. So recently Wyze came out with some really crazy cheap sensors. They require the $25 Wyze Camera. The starter pack is $20 which includes a USB dongle for the back of your wyze camera, 2 sensors and 1 motion sensor after that 4 sensor is $20. I already had a Wyze camera so I picked some up I'm very impressed. If I'm at my GF's house and UPS opens my garage door I get a notification on my phone. Highly recommended. I'm probably going to buy a 2nd wyze cam as my current one is still being used for this I figure why not, it's so useful. Nothing beats hearing it downpour at 3am, and being able to roll over and look at your phone and check to see if the water is coming in the basement, without having to get out of bed.
  10. There is also the issue of SDKs like .NET Core that you can't distribute via the store.
  11. Please get your tenses straight. You're talking present tense, just after launch into a temporary parking orbit they're already leaving. The use of a parking orbit is very common in satellite launches. I'm talking future tense, when these satellites are at their 550km operational altitude. Salt/pepper, sugar/vinegar. Get 'em straight.
  12. My sources said that 9900k is still faster than entire Zen 2 line in gaming. I don't think Intel is worry about anything.
  13. 1. stay calm, people here will help you. 2. please provide your XPS model number, or your service tag. 3. Any recent Samsung should be fine. (and good) 960 EVO, 960 Pro, 970 EVO, 970 EVO Plus, 970 Pro and the OEM variants 951, 961 etc - the 970 EVO PLUS currently provides the best performance for most tasks at same cost as other options. There is actually NOTHING SPECIAL about the OEM 961 - it is just slightly LESS performant in order to save the OEM (Dell) a few bucks, but thankfully for you the performance difference is small. 4. fresh install is best. Make sure NO other drives or USB externals are connected during the basic install to prevent a boot partition being created on a different drive. If the drive has NEVER been partitioned or formatted before, try to leave 10 gigs or so UNALLOCATED at the end of the drive by creating a slightly small partition - this will create SPARE FLASH CELLS for extra drive longevity. 5. you will save yourself some upgrade time by using a fresh ISO of 1903. 6. before your install, you can collect all the Dell drivers by using your Dell Service Tag but very few of them will actually be useful, if any. 7. Once all is working, you can copy your data over from the OLD WD Blue drive by using an external case. And just forget that all those stupid extra Dell partitions ever existed - nothing useful on them!
  14. I never said, nor mentioned it to be... Not sure why you keep deflecting with that... Well that's been shown to be flat out incorrect. They are very visible.
  15. Mindovermaster

    My Pc wont start any more

    WarWagon actually is a robot, don't you know?
  16. Each satellite is much smaller than the dot representing it (227kg, and the size of a small 'fridge), and several hundred kilometers separate adjacent satellites at the same altitude.
  17. It's not a Kessler Syndrome problem, and once on station at magnitude 5 or dimmer they'll be barely visible except for an occaisional solar panel flare - like the Iridium satellites. 11,927, with the vast majority so low (7,518 at 325-345 km) they'll passively come down if they fail.
  18. DevTech

    My Pc wont start any more

    You have the BEST description so far on what happened. Pound on a bunch of keys and get a dead computer is almost as absurd as some of the advice in this thread. Instead of scratching heads and considering what possible thing on a PC could be affected by keystrokes, he had suggestions to replace almost every hardware component in his system as if by a random number generator! WAIT! Is everyone in this forum actually a BOT instead of human?
  19. "For its part, the WHO has decided to stick to its guns, and stated that the decision was "was based on reviews of available evidence and reflected the consensus of experts from different disciplines and regions." Well played WHO.
  20. Hi, I have a Dell XPS 13 that I recently upgraded or replaced the motherboard with a slightly newer version such that I could have NVME drive support. Anyhow after the installation of the board every thing went well but I wanted to transfer the OS from the SATA WD Blue M.2 drive onto an NVME drive. So I used Macrium Reflect free version to image all 6 or 7 partitions that were on the drive. Yes Dell has like half dozen partitions from the ESP partition, Diags partition, No Name partition, WinRe Tools parition, C drive partition, No Name, and the PBR Image partition. Next I booted into the Macrium emergency recovery environment after installing the nvme drive and restored the whole image back on. Seemed like everything was good but instead Windows spin'd its wheels and after a while rebooted into 'Attempting to repair your drive' mode which did nothing. I tried booting into a dos window from the advanced options menu and attempted repairs on the boot sector but that didn't work. I ran diskpart however and noticed that my Windows partition was some other letter than C. Not sure if that was important. I even tried a fresh install but even though that worked I ended up getting random bluescreens. Read that Dell has specific drivers it needs installed or else its BSODs all day. Rather restore my SATA drive thats stable and because years of work is on the drive. Anyhow over my head and not sure whats going. Just ordered a Samsung SM961 and should have it by Tues day because I read thats very compatible to the hardware. Going to try another cloning utility. If anyone could help I would appreciate it. Thanks
  21. DocM

    The Boring Company

    But the article title says HyperLoop. Careful of your poor sources. Never been in a car with poor alignment, 'eh? 🤣 The Boring Company is a division of SpaceX, not Tesla, so other than Loop using the Model X chassis Tesla's off-topic in this thread. Also; while SpaceX runs the annual HyperLoop university engineering team contest, neither it or Tesla are building a HyperLoop system. That's mostly up to HyperLoop One and Richard Branson's Virgin Group. Please, again, try to keep up.
  22. So calling it FUD, while proving my point that it is a problem... Lol... Mmmkay. Now imagine what it's going to look like with 12000 of those suckers up there...
  23. Maybe Canada is not paranoid There is a difference between paranoia and stupidity.
  24. China is Huawei and the chinese are stealing tech and pirating everything. If Huawei is getting this beat-down.... its because they are chinese Racist much? Can you disprove his comment? The Chinese culture has different ethics than the western world. The Chinese believe the ends justify the means, regardless of how dishonorable it is [e.g. stealing tech which they do all the damn time]. It's not racist to point out a stereotype that exists because they literally ######ing do it every day. Can you civilized Westerners now justify the killings of 1M Iraqis b/c of the FUD called WMD? I am ready to hear excuses. It's called collateral damage. Can you justify the murder of thousands of citizens by the Iraqi dictator? Because none of you idiots complained about that. Also, there is evidence that Iraq moved their WMD, but you would have to have the intelligence to read and research to learn that wouldn't you? It's easier to hate president Bush because he is a Republican than it is to think for yourself and realize that the Democrats voted to go to war. The president can't just deploy the military whenever he wishes, he needs congressional approval. But for leftists, that's a hard to comprehend reality.
  25. UK is the lackey of US Only because our government are clueless, come on they even allowing that nit of a president over here, I thought they would have learnt the last time he came over. There is going to be a lot of protesting, going to cost this country a lot of money to protect that nit, money that can be used for something better. Myself if he wants to come over here, by all means, he can, but he pays for all the protection. The current US president is much better than the last [for the US], he doesn't kiss everybody's ass and ask them to call him Sally. He's much more intelligent than you or most other people, it's your blind hatred for him because he betrayed the anti-American Democrat party that causes you and people like you such distress. While your country has Muslim terrorist running some cities, enforcing Shariah law, the US will never have that thanks to our 2nd Amendment and excellent President.... until a cowardly liberal comes into office which is inevitable.
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