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  2. PWAs have their own set of problem. It's just like another JVM mess, but instead of Java it's a scripting language now.
  3. The only trouble with running these appish websites on browsers is a) compatibility- quite a few of the features you may want to use may break depending on browser version/installed extensions/etc. b)these companies are slow/reluctant to add all native app features into the webapp versions either due to compatibility limitations or difficulty of implementation or just because they feel it won't be as used as often or to draw more to use mobile apps which can be more immersive an experience for user and better tracking for company.
  4. A lot of people gave up their Blackberry's because they had no choice. Their phones were garbage where even having a physical keyboard wasn't enough to save them. A physical keyboard is the best! I could type on my phone without looking at it! Physical keyboards FTW!!! Your opinion counts and I appreciate it but I think you are in the minority. If people wanted a physical keyboard then phones with them would exist alongside iPhone and Samsung Galaxy Phones etc.
  5. Trump would only use a different service, keep him there in one place, where we know where he is. Saying that i would love Twitter to ban him, that would be so funny. What does trump have to do with it! Why bring him in to this?! People are inserting them into every facet of their life. And its dividing america. Idk, it seems hating Trump is the only thing keeping Americans united these days.
  6. adrynalyne

    Microsoft details its Edge roadmap for businesses

    You do realize it’s not even beta yet, right?
  7. Love the graphical look. Preordering. Also, another game rescued from console hell thanks to Epic.
  8. You should consider the Radeon RX 5700 XT. It's $399 and it's almost as fast as the GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER
  9. Today
  10. Between a 2060 Super and a 1660ti ... the 2060 Super w/o question.
  11. Alan Turing

    Microsoft details its Edge roadmap for businesses

    What about finishing sync?
  12. It's a good service, just like Origins, if you are planning on buying any of the games anyway. Just get the service instead, play the game, cancel when done, boom, money saved. (unless you plan on playing the same game for many months)
  13. Thank you, i'm sure I will enjoy it, and leaning towards the 2060 at this point...but will keep reading the reviews, then get it purchased, then installed, and should be set.
  14. If you are only considering those two cards, I'd opt for the 2060 personally. You'll get better performance in most situations. Enjoy your new card when you get it, whichever you end up with!
  15. So both of you are saying that a subscription service of this type must include consoles? That's odd - the only companies that do (Microsoft and EA) are whacked (mostly due to accusations of over--reach). Ubisoft offers few of its titles on consoles - maybe that could be why UPlay+ does not include them? I'm passing for reasons involving storage space - I did not renew Origin Basic for the same reason.
  16. Mindovermaster

    Improvements to Gaming Desktop--Upgraded Video card advice

    With a 7700? I'd doubt it...
  17. Well Budget is up to $399, or I can go higher a little bit if need be. And Will continue reading reviews right up to purchase submitted time
  18. Mindovermaster

    Improvements to Gaming Desktop--Upgraded Video card advice

    Well, here's your answer: I would check reviews also, they give you a better idea of what to get. Depends on your budget, too, which you never provided.
  19. Hello All Have the money, now just to decide on which card, and get it ordered asap ZOTAC GAMING GeForce RTX 2060 SUPER MINI 8GB GDDR6 256-bit 14 Gbps Gaming Graphics Card, IceStorm 2.0, Super Compact, ZT-T20610E-10M Or MSI GeForce GTX 1660 Ti DirectX 12 GTX 1660 TI VENTUS XS 6G OC 6GB 192-Bit GDDR6 PCI Express 3.0 x16 HDCP Ready Video Card 1080P Gaming Asus G11CD-K Desktop (pre built) Intel I7 7700 16gb DDR4 Current video card Geforce 1050 2gb Western Digital SSD and Western Digital Black 1tb storage Games played Battlefield 4 Need for Speed payback American truck simulator Grand Theft Auto v Secondlife Euro Truck simulator Minor video encoding at times, watching shows on youtube or Netflix off and on Hope this covers all the usual pre questions, and such, plan to buy as soon as possibly can, though disabled so hard to buy at times, and might have to figure out how to get a gift card to purchase online Bottleneck calculator said i'd have a bottleneck with Processor if I chose the 2060, is that correct or false?
  20. it would still have a tiny little screen
  21. that's why apple cases cut a big circle out of the backs... so you have a nice 2 inch diameter unprotected space to show off your shiny apple logo......... ...what the hell are you dropping your phone on, spikes? I don't care for cutouts either, but what you said barely makes sense... makes no sense? you buy a cover that protects the whole outside not just 95% of it (im not talking aoub rear cameras or finger print readers here, i'm talking about putting a hole for just a logo to show)... it still gets scratches and rubbed, dirty, abrasions, etc.. find someone who had a phone for a couple years with one have them take it off... it also probably faded in a circle around the apple ontop of getting scratched up
  22. this made me laugh, thank you. as a Apple fan and user I think this would be a cool retro thing to do. While they are at it they could use this logo and make a tan colored iPhone to tie it all in.
  23. Nas

    Slack CEO doesn't see Teams as a threat

    Shouldn't we be rooting for healthy competition? I hate to picture a world where we're rooting for FB just because they're incorporating Snap's ideas/features into their product... Competition based on tangible parallel innovation? Sure. "Competition" between an established tech firm (FB) versus a one-trick-product (Snap)? Naw, the company behind the product isn't really a company; it's just a holding company for equity day traders. As for "Upgraded IRC" (Slack), they're also just a one-product-company that, based on this CEO's own admission, has tremendous usability/UX issues. Similar remark is happening behind Snap's doors about what their reason to be truly is.
  24. Jim K

    new ryzen build - motherboard choices?

    Nothing, I just can't really recommend one over the other (which is why I defer). They are both excellent boards (at least from the reviews I've read) ... so ... yea I dunno.
  25. it seems your public education lessons are still not giving results. Journalist here are either stubborn, or the chief prohibits them mention the original source. So readers spend the time here rather than on that shtty windows corporate blog. Nope. Journalists here make the mistake of not referencing their sources, too often. I think it is an honest mistake, that they don't care about making, time and time again. Also, the Windows blog itself is the source of this valuable information, so I don't think bad of it, at least in that regards. Finally, I'm not sure why you felt the need to personally attack me, but I certainly hope you find peace. Thanks. You totally misunderstood me. I am appreciating your continuous effort to post the original source URLs at the comment sections for nearly all such articles. Keep up the good work, if the article writers here are too lazy to do the job themselves. I see. I hope you can understand my confusion. And I will continue to do a portion of their job
  26. Mindovermaster

    AMD Freesync

    Oh, OK. Just the way you phrased that sounded wrong. My mistake...
  27. ultimate99

    new ryzen build - motherboard choices?

    what's bad about the crosshair vii?
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