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  2. If it is a UWP app then it will be possible to uninstall it, maybe not officially, but other apps that MS don't want us to uninstall can be. surly if Ms made it easy for people to get rid of Cortana then people will not have to hack around to do so?
  3. Jazmac

    Microsoft details its Edge roadmap for businesses

    The IE mode works? In what version? Enterprise, Dev, Canary?
  4. It's about nostalgia for Apple. Be nice.
  5. Microsoft details its Edge roadmap for businesses by Rich Woods Last week ahead of its Inspire 2019 conference, Microsoft announced that its new Chromium-based Edge browser is ready for enterprise testing, saying little more as to why. The news did come a day after we discovered that the recently announced IE Mode now works. Today, Microsoft published a blog post outlining some of those key business features, along with what's coming soon for enterprises. The first couple of things that the firm mentioned were fairly obvious. Most importantly, the team said that fundamentals like being supported across platforms and being compatible with the modern web come first. And of course, there's IE Mode, which lets you open websites in Internet Explorer right within a new tab in Edge. There's also support for Group Policies, and you can actually download policy templates from the Edge Insider enterprise site. You can also get offline deployment packages in MSI or PKG formats for Windows and macOS, respectively. Group Policies will let IT admins control updates, pausing them on a specific version. Edge will also support Mobile Device Management through Intune or third-party products. Security is obviously a big thing when it comes to businesses. One thing that Microsoft will be including is Microsoft Defender SmartScreen, which is already included in current Edge. Coming soon is Application Guard, Azure AD Conditional Access, and Microsoft Information Protection. The company also pointed out security features in Chromium like sandboxing and site isolation. And of course, you can sign into Edge with your Azure AD account. Microsoft also pointed out that it's bringing support for Microsoft Search, which will let you search within your organization right from the URL bar. Right now, Microsoft wants businesses to use the Dev branch, although it's still unclear when the Beta branch will arrive.
  6. that's why apple cases cut a big circle out of the backs... so you have a nice 2 inch diameter unprotected space to show off your shiny apple logo......... ...what the hell are you dropping your phone on, spikes? I don't care for cutouts either, but what you said barely makes sense... Scratches. When I'm not paying attention and put my phone in the same pocket as my keys, they always find away to get up in that space and poke and prod that glass. Having said that, Apple cases aren't the only ones who have cutouts on them, the Pixel devices need them for finger print sensor, etc... Having a small hole on the back of the case probably isn't going to shatter any phones.
  7. Not worth $35 (or £26 in UK), but it could be the first Epic store game I buy when it drops in price.
  8. Dynamics 365 Layout gets improved HoloLens 2 experience and more in July update by Hamza Jawad At Ignite last year, Microsoft announced a new mixed reality application for Dynamics 365, named Layout. Its primary purpose is to help users design easily editable workspaces in the form of holograms in the physical world or in virtual reality. Today, the tech giant has announced some new features and improvements as part of this month's updates for the service. Locked layouts are now available. As the name suggests, the feature will enable you to lock a layout, preventing any accidental changes affecting sensitive layouts. If someone attempts to access models or place new ones in a locked layout, on the third consecutive attempt to do so, they will be informed through a prompt that the layout currently locked for editing. Users can select the option of locking and unlocking layouts from the sidebar menu in the application. Some changes have been brought for HoloLens 2 as well. To start off, Layout will automatically be downloaded and installed on HoloLens 2 during its start-up, with users being able to immediately access the app using their Azure Active Directory credentials. Furthermore, there is now improved localization support for Layout on the mixed reality headset, with support for the following locales becoming available: US Canada (English and French) UK Australia Germany France China Japan Taiwan (no speech support) Hong Kong (no speech support) The locale you choose when setting up HoloLens 2 will automatically be selected as the default option in Layout. However, voice support for room-scan processes isn't going to be offered for non-English languages yet. Microsoft recently announced new integrations for Dynamics 365 ahead of its ongoing Inspire 2019 partner's conference. If you do not currently own Layout, you can download it here from the Microsoft Store for a free 90-day trial.
  9. I need some help on a specific Accounting question related to the allocation of costs to a subsidiary. Can anybody help? Essentially, Company P pays salary for employee who has been hired to help Company S become profitable and devotes 90% of his time to Company S, however, Company P has not charged Company S for this salary. Can this cost be allocated without charging Company S?! My case mentions that none of the costs have been allocated, but I'm having a hard time finding guidance. I mean in reality, I would probably charge the company and create a due to/from account and expense it directly on the subsidiaries income statement. But I also know that if I were to report the subsidiary as an operating segment, I could allocate right? It's a bit strange but I'm sure this is a common sort of issue. I've thought about the matching principle (which I don't think this would apply to). My role is an internal auditor.
  10. This is cute, but it's still a partially eaten piece of fruit. #compost
  11. Joshie

    Slack CEO doesn't see Teams as a threat

    Uhh, so that investment trade with Atlassian wasn't totally a defensive panic move? And I guess Salesforce is totally not threatened by Microsoft either. They blew a bunch of money pointlessly on Tableau because they liked vowels or something.
  12. CakeHappens

    Slack CEO doesn't see Teams as a threat

    My team started on Slack, migrated to Teams when the company adopted 365. I have no preference tbh, they both have an almost identical feature set, but Teams is "free" whereas we hit the message limits in the free version of Slack after a couple months. At £5.25/seat/month it's over half an entire 365 sub which includes Office and OneDrive and email and Sharepoint and more and more.
  13. Oh look, another chance for a bunch of the same people to say for the 457th time how much they hate auto-updates.
  14. I just want the top of the line iphone with the blue color available on the XR. Not sure why Apple limits the higher end models to boring space gray, white and gold.
  15. that's why apple cases cut a big circle out of the backs... so you have a nice 2 inch diameter unprotected space to show off your shiny apple logo......... ...what the hell are you dropping your phone on, spikes? I don't care for cutouts either, but what you said barely makes sense...
  16. Today
  17. ^ Idiotic post of the day award. Not really, either they are a threat to national security or not. If they are then he's right, if they aren't or weren't then what was the point of all of this. Considering the allegations they were throwing against Huawei, nothing they have done so far, as least publicly, has been a fundamental change. Trump is a threat, maybe he should be banned from twitter. And cut their traffic in half? Not gonna happen. At this point, I'd be skeptical if Trump has stock in Twitter. LOL, i do not use twitter, i did years ago, but I found it useless. I can not stand seeing Tumps face and hearing his voice, so I certainly not want to read the crap he writes on Twitter. I feel sorry for people in the U.S who have to cope with him more than we do in the UK. You leave the EU yet? No, because our government is useless and now we will have to cope with Boris, Trumps brother i think Still, maybe BJ will have more guts and get it done as quickly as possible don't worry, your prophet sadiq khan will save you n huawei wow, now i can understand how the U.S voted for Trump, it seems like the whole country is racist, coming out with stuff like that. Strange really, since most of the people in the U.S are descended from immigrants who killed off most of the locals. Sadiq Khan is over 140 miles away from me, he is also in the Labour party and the chance of them getting in power is pretty slim. One thing I've learned about racism is that a lot more people who don't consider themselves racist, are racist. most just go with what the law allows and what people expect of them but having lived in the UK and US, racism is a lot worse then it seems on the surface and it might be the case around Europe and other parts of the world. At this point, the terms racist and nazi have been diluted to mean "someone you disagree with", as made evident by figures like AOC who is now using it on Pelosi. Or Kamala Harris who claims Biden is racist on statements she too has made herself. That's why my hope for the 2020 election is that the democratic party quits cannibalizing each other and get it together with a real candidate who stands a chance. I'm not voting for these crazy ideals nor bobblehead yes-men like Beto.
  18. Nas

    Slack CEO doesn't see Teams as a threat

    LOL Slack is just an upgraded IRC service. Just as FB is eating Snap's lunch, MSFT is doing the same with Slack. (Even Groupon did such with LivingSocial, both of which should die like the cockroaches they truly are.)
  19. Microsoft is starting to auto-update Windows 10 1803 users to 1903 by Rich Woods Nearly a month ago, Microsoft announced that it was beginning the staging process of automatically upgrading users from Windows 10 version 1803 to version 1903. Today is the day that the automatic updates begin. Here's how it works. When Microsoft releases Windows 10 feature updates now, it doesn't force them on you anymore. You'll be given an option to download and install the update via Windows Update, and if you ignore it, it doesn't install. The only time that the firm will automatically update your machine to a feature update is if your current version is nearing the end of support. And that scenario applies to Windows 10 version 1803, which will no longer be supported after November 12. Naturally, Microsoft wants those users to be on a newer version after support ends. This is important, because according to the latest AdDuplex report, 58% of all Windows 10 users are still on version 1803. Few users have taken the time to upgrade to 1809 or 1903. According to Microsoft though, you'll still be able to pause the update for up to 35 days, and this applies to both Windows 10 Home and Pro users. This is something that you'll want to turn on if you don't want to get version 1903 right away.
  20. bankajac

    Slack CEO doesn't see Teams as a threat

    Maybe he should look into what happened to Netscape and Lotus?
  21. It's just shifted, they were just trying to trick you so you wouldn't think it was a rainbow... lol. It wasn't fully out.
  22. I still cant find and run it on my PC. The store says it's installed, but its not in my start menu and when I search for cortana it doesn't show up.
  23. can it really be called a rainbow if it does not follow the standard ROYGBIV pattern?
  24. "merely as an Xfinity broadband customer, I can use their hotspots at a cost of zero" And don't forget you also can use CableWifi SSID which is available on TWC, Xfinity, CableOne and a few other cable companies that joined into sharing this wifi hotspot ability.. those other cable companies also broadcast Xfinity SSID's and comcast also broadcasts the CableONE and TwcCable ones along with CableWifi. "Do Xfinity Mobile customers even HAVE Voice-over-Wi-fi as an option? " Yes, it's been there for a while for iPhone users and there for android now.
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