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    She is the face of modern America. Where unimportant people are important.
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    Circumventing their own default app protocol is bizarre at the least, if google were to force chrome upon users when they click a link in a google desktop app everybody would be mad including MS... The moment a company starts to break its own guidelines, all is lost.
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    I think "Bricked" is the wrong word. The Definition of "Bricked" "cause (a smartphone or other electronic device) to become completely unable to function, typically on a permanent basis."
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    Diversity...it is all BS but companies must pay attention it it. Get sued for being to diverse, and get sued for not being diverse enough. Damned if you do, damned if you don't. Diversity is crap...all hiring should be based off of your qualifications.
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    That's a pretty immature and moronic reaction. Google regularly reports security flaws discovered in Chrome, Android, etc. Grow up son
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    Google regularly reports security flaws discovered in Chrome, Android, etc.
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    fun fact sometimes you need more than 90 days to fix and test properly a fix when it's up to google products (chrome, android...) they don't find any flaws, or they can have more than 90 days... magic
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    Why? So they can just ditch Movies & TV then too? I'm sure Satya is already scheming how to close that down.
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    I wish my store went missing, that would be a good feature for me...
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    Snapchat is probably the most pointless most popular piece of software ever. The Kardashians-Jenners are probably the most pointlessly famous ###### celebs ever. And this generation obsessing over both is probably the most jobless ever.
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    Damned if you do, damned if you don't!
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    Windows 10 is turning out to be one ugly Windows 7 stepchild with ugly wannabe translucency and random explorer re-springs. There is absolutely no UI direction and things get changed haphazardly. After 4-5 years of Windows 8 existence, there is still no consistency and one has to jump between modern UI (Black or White) and legacy grey UI of Windows XP era. I just wish Microsoft dedicated next 6 months of next Falls Creator Update 2018 to UI consistency. But making Cortana say "Wubba Lubba Dub Dub" is more important for them.
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    Screw Movies & TV app. If MS want us to move on, they better offer something at least useful and presentable. WMP isn't exactly pretty, but it's good and competent at what it does. A staple of how MS used to do things over a decade ago, especially during Jim Allchin days. There's nothing even remotely competent in Win 10 to replace it.
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    Expert insight from only the most brilliants mind here, ladies and gentlemen. And we've all got a front row seat. Newsflash, if the world's soon to be first trillion dollar company abandons Azure and Microsoft, there's probably a little more to it than "hurr durr Google must be paying them". I would wager they did their homework and chose the stronger option for their business going forward. Azure is falling to dead last in this market; lots of companies are going AWS or Google.
  20. 15 likes
    Microsoft's identity crisis in the era of Google and Apple has gone from absurd to just sad now. Windows10-limited command line "apps" that alienate Windows 7 and 8 users while adding nothing except a petty DRM/sandbox obfuscation layer. What value is this adding for users? Do they not understand nobody's developing anything for UWP, nobody cares, not even their own internal departments? It's over.
  21. 15 likes
    "influential socialite" Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha....no...wait...ahahahahahahahahaha Don't you mean "over-privileged sister of someone who became famous for 'welcoming visitors in the backdoor', that's what I know them from
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    Who is this and why does anyone care what she says?
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    thanks google, we appreciate that you care so much about MS products ... and you forget about yours
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    This is a toxic attitude that tells me that this comment was written emotionally. The negative destructive rant shows a lack of maturity.
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    https://aka.ms/Lywinp is the feedback I left if anyone wants to upvote.
  28. 13 likes
    Why does the entire smartphone industry feel the need to copy whatever Apple is doing? The whole notch thing just looks silly.
  29. 13 likes
    Google regularly reports security flaws discovered in Chrome, Android, etc. Yet Microsoft, Mozilla and Opera all patched the Spectre/Meltdown flaw in their browsers before Google!!! The point is that Google are quite happy to put competitors products at risk but won't use the same 90 day rules that Project Zero uses for their own products, seems a bit hypocritical to me. Google also never report high severity security flaws in their own products either.
  30. 13 likes
    Seriously, in the "irony" department, Microsoft is hard to beat. Features added to an app designed for a disbanded Music ecosystem on abandoned platform.
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    I've got a good algorithm for them. It works like this: 1. Keep a list of twitter account that a user is following 2. Show tweets of those account in chronological order for said user
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    Yep, Microsoft doing a fine job. Shareholders agree as well. The only people that don't are nerds on forums who are ever in the minority
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    The notch is one of the dumbest things humans ever came up with. Right up there along with staycation.
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    Who did you ok this with at work? This is a HUGE security issue, If you need to access work resource while away you should vpn into your work network.
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    No thanks, it needs to be at least $1000 before I'll consider buying it. Phones are becoming more and more of a status symbol, and I can't have myself seen with a sub $1000 phone no matter how well designed it is.
  36. 12 likes
    My 950XL takes the best photos (as a non pro) I have seen, better than any actual phone even Note 8 or iPhone X actually. I have not deleted one single high quality photo for more than 2 years, as I got a 200Gb SSD. Millions of apps only mean bloat ware as most people only use 10 usually, worse when they have to keep deleting chats and photos because even their newer phones don't have SSDs, I have not deleted a single chat either, I also have all my main files locally. When the original battery was dying, I got a new one and swapped it myself in less than a minute. Still runs good enough and still get OS updates, I don't see any 'brick' from it!
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    That is clearly a totally racist remark. There is NOTHING wrong with rape music, whether done by a solo artist or in a band. Even if the performers are in a gang, it is still a legitimate form of music & expression. And although it might not be my favourite kind of music, I appreciate the talent it takes and I do not denigrate others for enjoying it, or indeed performing it. PLEASE tell me that was a sarcastic comment.
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    EA is making people question 'if they really want' to buy EA games.
  40. 11 likes
    Nobody wanted it in the first place. Another me- too attempt destined to fail.
  41. 11 likes
    I have dumped Windows Media Player and moved on to something else... VLC... like most people. There's a weird disconnect that Microsoft has. They keep building 'replacement' apps and services that are supposed to be better than the previous ones but always seem to end up bigger, more bloated and more difficult to use. Worse, most of them seem more preoccupied with trying to sell us things than letting us do what we want. Case in point: Photos. The older picture viewer wasn't clever - it didn't let you edit things, it didn't try to scan your hard drive for every photo, analyse them and then classify them and turn them into stories... it did two things: let you look at your pictures and play a slideshow. It was VERY fast. You double click and there was your photo. The Photos app on the other hand, takes forever to launch and wants to control everything about your pictures. It's like the Clippy mindset has returned to Microsoft: "I see you have a photo, can I help you with that?" And it's always running in the background churning up HD access and tons of memory. I've started uninstalling it and several other Win10 default apps entirely. And it's not even new. There used to be a thing called SQL Server CE for Compact Edition. It was a complete SQL system - way better than SQLite - that lived in a couple of DLLs you could ship with your app and didn't need an installer. It was tiny, fast, efficient. So of course, it had to die. Microsoft replaced it with a 'better' product - "LocalDB" that was actually a small copy of the full SQL Server system. By small, I mean '240MB' vs CE's 18MB and it requires an installer. LocalDB doesn't play well with the database design time tools in Visual Studio (part of a long, ongoing trend to eliminate all RAD UI base development tools, I suspect) and it's SLOW because, not surprisingly, SQL Server was designed to run on... well.. a server... not a lower end computer. Ah well.. Eventually MSFT will have made their dev tools so hard to use that XCode and Android Studio will look good.
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    Point people are missing - it's not that WMP, Paint, Photo Viewer and other old but reliable Win32 programs were so great. It's that the metro/UWP crap they're replacing them with is so bad. Continuing to shoehorn feature stripped, buggy and crashprone cellphone apps with touch UI's onto the desktop even after they abandoned their mobile platform, just seems like utter disdain for their longtime users.
  43. 11 likes
    Uganda better than that. Kenya show me how? Ethiopia. Oh, I don't think I got the joke
  44. 11 likes
    No problem Jack. My advice. Turn off the servers, dissolve the company. Take your money and have a good life. The world does NOT need Twitter, or Facebook for that matter.
  45. 11 likes
    We’re talking about Iran, not the US, who is by far the number 1 sponsor of terrorism ever in the history of the world.
  46. 11 likes
    They seem to really want to make the few users they have left abandon Windows Mobile too.
  47. 11 likes
    Investing in a socialist country? No, thank you. Anyone who invest in this should be ashamed for helping the survival of a violent, hateful dictatorship. And shame on you, Neowin, for promoting this crap and for calling president a bloody dictator.
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    I've tried yelling "shut the ###### up" but it doesn't work. Yea, women don't respond well to that kind of talk.....
  49. 10 likes
    A lot of the blame for this can be sheeted home to Microsoft, and Windows 8/10. People have lost interest in buying new PC's since Microsoft foist Metro and subscription models onto them. This is the real reason all things related to PC's have seen declining sales.
  50. 10 likes
    Commenters on this site have been complaining that the content supposedly gets click-baity, political, or biased. This article is perfectly neutral, honest and direct, and yet as soon as you reach the comment section you see people the google/ms fanwars start again. Maybe the problem is not the content, it's us.