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[Photography] My new toy

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Draconian Guppy    13,038

yeah just tag 'em NSFW and be done with it :p

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Malisk    142

I've been happy to own this for two months now. :)

The auto-focus can be a bit annoying sometimes, however. Even a meter from your subject is a bit too close for it to be reliable, even with macro. But still... Manual Focus + AFL/AFE button to focus and then recompose works pretty well.

Coinciding with this purchase, I've also found a new interest in B&W photography.

Oh, and the strength in this camera is no doubt the high ISO performance. It's roughly like the Nikon D7000's ISO performance, with quite usable ISO 3200 images. This is a very liberating feeling to have, when the camera is no problem to carry in a pocket in your jacket. No interchangeable lenses though, so those who want all this but also that, will perhaps have to go for the recently announced X-Pro 1.

Unfortunately no full-sized sample shots here either, but here goes:




ISO 3200 in color, out of camera JPEG:


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