Interesting issue with 4CH Pioneer amp

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Hello all,

I am pretty sure I know what is happening, or I could be totally off, but here is my issue:

Just recently the amp on our boat stopped working (it was very old) so I picked up a very basic 4CH amp to power the speakers; after getting it all set up the oddest thing was happening... Only two of the speakers were working, after making sure the amp was on 4CH (as it will power either 2 or 4 channels via a switch) I could not figure out what was wrong. Anyway, once the amp is switched to 2 channel, all four speakers power up and work fine.

Is there more to it then 4CH means it powers 4 speakers and 2CH means it powers only 2 speakers?.. If not then I am guessing the wiring was probably done wrong, or the switch is on backwards etc.

Either way it's not a big deal as everything appears to be working fine...

Just for reference here is a link the the amp we bought:

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