'BioShock' creator talks bringing franchise to PlayStation Vita

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While console title BioShock Infinite garnered much of the buzz at last month's Electronic Entertainment Expo, there was another announcement related to BioShock that also sparked interest. Readers may recall BioShock creator Ken Levine dropping news at Sony's E3 press conference of a PlayStation Vita title based on the universe.

In a recent interview with IGN, Levine is sharing a few more tidbits on the project, including word that the Vita title will be a brand new game.

"That is going to be strange and surprising to people, in the same way," Levine tells IGN. "I think when we launched Infinite, people said, 'Wait, what, what are you doing?' I think we always want to surprise people. If I'm just saying, 'Here's BioShock 1 on Vita'... Let's say we potentially do, you don't need us to do that, somebody could make that happen if they wanted that to happen."

It's not clear whether the BioShock title for Vita will be tied to any other games in the universe. "All I'll say is that it's its own thing," Levine says in the interview.

IGN: So it's not a tie-in to Infinite, it's a different project being built from the ground up sort of thing?

Ken Levine: All I'll say is that it's its own thing, being built from the ground up, yes.

Source: http://content.usatoday.com/communities/gamehunters/post/2011/07/bioshock-creator-talks-bringing-franchise-to-playstation-vita/1

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sounds like the Vita has enough power to handle the original Bioshock, or at least most of it. this could be good.

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