Affordable wireless speaker system?

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Ok so I have an HTPC setup powered by my Mac Mini, Plex/XBMC, and my Panny Vieracast set.... Fun times.... Well until you actually try to hear words people are speaking. I'm currently just using built in TV speakers which have been ok up until now but I really am tired of turning the TV up each time I miss some dialogue only to have the next action scene that comes up blast me into the next room. I just moved into a place with hardwood floors so the echo affect mixed with turning the TV up is just not a good mix. So my solution? Go to surround sound so there will be speakers in the back near the couch so I can hear dialogue without turning the sound up so high. OK now here's where my question comes in... The way my apartment is designed, it doesn't exactly lend itself for me being able to run wires across the room so I'm looking for the a good/decent wireless surround sound solution that won't put me in the poor house... It doesn't have to be the best in the world, just affordable and offers a better sound experience than my built in TV speakers... Any options out there?

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