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nitro rc cars

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ReMiXeD greg    0

Hey, anyone into the RC hobby?

I have about 20 nitro rc cars, some wrecked and some in perfect conditions.

I bought a Jato 3.3 the other day off ebay at a bargin I paid about $200 for it and it hit up to speeds of 65+ mph. Im mainly into truggys , buggys, and trucks...

How about you or did you never know about this hobby?

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Dotdot    322

I have..

Firestorm 10t stock,

Micro T - Full Alloy / Carbon Fibre. 2s Lipo + Brushless Motor

RC18T - Same as the Mirco T just bigger, have extended arms and few others mods

D8T - My Race Season truck. .21 engine. Fave car by a mile

X1 Buggy - RS.30 Nosram engine and more torque and top end than you can shake a stick at, Easy 65mph on this, tho burns tyres etc fast.

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alphamale    15

I have a fast buggy and a truck. it has been at least 7 years since i mothballed them. i think new tires and new batteries and new fuel would wake them up. i think about them often. i had a buddy and we had great fun running them. my business grew and my time to play went out the window. i am almost retired and waiting to find someone to run with and i am going to fire them up.

its great fun.

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