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Best SGS2 deal with UK mobile carrier

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BetaAddict    107

Bloody hell! The time is almost here. I'm leaving Chicago this Friday to Newcastle upon Tyne, UK for a 10 month study program. I'm due for a long awaited upgrade and figured I might as well get my Samsung Galaxy S 2 while I'm there.

Been doing some research lately on what's the best approach to get my hands on this goodness and covered two options. Given how the mobile economics are very different in Europe compared US,it seems to be more costly to buy the phone separately (£499) and then go the prepaid route. The alternative is to sign a 12 or 18 month contract and get the phone for free or at discount and then pay an early termination fee (ETF) when I cancel after 10 months of use (total cost less than £600).

I've found good offers that I'm considering £30/mo plans:

TMo UK: Phone= free, ETF ~ £200-275 (?) with 8 months left on contract

TalkMobile: Phone = £119.99, ETF ~ £50-75 (?) with 2 months left on contract

But the main factor that decides which is the best deal is how much the early termination fee. I'm leaning towards the talkmobile deal. Any insight?

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jakem1    1,610

You might not be able to get a contract if you're only going to be in the UK for 10 months. If I remember correctly, there are certain residency requirements that you need to meet before a mobile phone company will sign you up. Somebody else might be able to help but I think you have to have been living in the country for a certain period to qualify or something like that.

You might also find that the termination fee makes the whole thing more expensive than just buying the phone outright and getting a cheap SIM-only contract (if you can get any contract).

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