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The oceans produce more CO2 than volcanoes and man combined, many times over. That is the main reason for the higher CO2 levels. Start doing some research. Stop blindly following government.

Dude, if you actually knew ANYTHING at all about the carbon cycle, you'll know that oceans absorb it, not produce it. CO2 is an acidic gas that's highly soluble in water to produce carbonic acid. The entropy for the chemical process does not favor carbon escaping from its soluble state under natural conditions. Oceans absorb almost 30% of what's in the atmosphere. In fact, the ocean produces oxygen from plankton photosynthesis, not CO2. That's basic high school chemistry and biology. Have you ever received scientific training before? Do you even have a formal school education? What sort of "research" have you done that trumps what scientific organizations all across the world have been doing for decades that you feel qualified to offer your opinion?

Why are you so stupid? Why are you so completely, utterly stupid that you're stupid enough to believe you're part of some elite insider secret that only smart people know because they do "research" instead of "blindly following" the government? Why, being so stupid, you insist on throwing your ignorance everywhere and campaign against people who are actually trying to solve the problem? Why do people who are trying to save the climate constantly get their hands tied by ignorant, scientifically-illiterate idiots like you who try to compensate for god-knows-what by fantasizing that they're in on some huge conspiracy and it makes them smart and mysterious and important? Why?

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The Sun is turning into a Red Giant -- no need to worry, Mom. :shiftyninja:

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