Need help picking out a tv

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So I remember when size was all that mattered. Now I actually need assistance in shopping for a tv. Wtf. Ok so requirements are listed below:



Quality picture(bright whites/deep blacks)

500$(including tax) usd limit

I intend on hooking a laptop up via hdmi and using it that way for web browsing, watching movies, and I think hats about all you do with tvs lol. It does not need an Internet connection but that's a plus.

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So... I didn't get any help from here so after several hours of research I went to local stores and compared further. I ended up getting a Vizio XVT323SC FOR 385$

Specs are 32", 1080p, 120hz, Internet ready, razor 'led' so thinner at the edges, so it looks significantly more appealing. 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio.

The picture on this tv is astounding for the price. At sears it looked better than any other tv it's size including those twice it's price. I don't have any complaints except the Vizio logo that always stays lit up. No biggie though. A strip of black electrical tape took care of that and is virtually invisible on the tv. I have a wall mount coming in from amazon that only cost me 25$ but had over 200 ratings leaving it at 4 1/2 stars. To think... My parents pair 390$ for their wall mount for their tv.

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