Question about sRGB color temperature

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Not sure if this thread is in the correct place, but I'm quite newbie to the whole monitor calibration and color temperature affairs.

But lately I've found the colors way to saturated in my ASUS monitor (VH242H) and I've decided to mess around with the settings. I always heard that the color temperature should be close to 6500K (Usually the warm preset)

But when I messed around with my monitor HW settings, there was this option sRGB which locked in place every other setting (Brightness, Contrast, etc) except for Sharpness.

And... well, it resembles something close to the theater mode, but colors seem true to themselves, but everything seems to be very grey now... but very easy on the eyes, colors are clearly differentiated, and I can see details I could not see before in images (Like different shades of black or grey). It both feels the colors are corrected and at the same time, I lost a lot of color and brightness.

So what I ask is... what the heck did I do? Is this optimal? Is this even close to what a calibrated screen should show?

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