UFO Found on Ocean Floor ?

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Bit of an Update:

Is that a crashed flying saucer on the seabed?

This week, the mainstream media is reporting an undersea radar image of a "saucer shaped" object on the seabed in Baltic Sea's Gulf of Bothnia, between Sweden and Finland. The discovery was made by Swedish oceanographers who say it's nearly 200 feet across and lies 300 feet down.

The same object caused a stir last summer when it was originally spotted.

These most recent reports have renewed a firestorm of news reports and blogs saying that scientists have found something resembling a "classic flying saucer," and that further investigation is needed. A sonar image of an "object of interest" (pictured above) shows what has an uncanny resemblance to Han Solo's starship the Millennium Falcon from the film "Star Wars."

Mankind has always been fascinated by the unknown, especially unidentified flying objects. Are they alien aircraft, acts of nature, or simply hoaxes? Here are some images to help you decide.

The mystery was compounded later in the week by the report of a smaller disk-shaped object nearby. Both images are interpreted to show a rigid tail or drag marks more than 1000 feet-long. Some people have speculated these skid marks suggest that the object might have moved across the floor as it crashed.



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