Yes, there are viruses for Mac's


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I am writing this because in my search for a circuit board image on Google Images brought me to a legitimate site however, it was infected with the iFrame-V malware.

I use Sophos Anti-virus on my Mac as a precaution and virtually instantly, it popped up with an alert saying that it had quarantined the file which was trying to infect my system. Out of curiosity, I looked in there and hit the link to go to Sopho's site.

First the mini-detail found from this page:

Mal/Iframe-V is a small or hidden iframe within a web page that attempts to load further malicious content from a remote website.

Pages blocked as Mal/Iframe-V will often be within legitimate websites that have been compromised by malicious hackers. This technique is used to funnel web traffic from many compromised sites to the attack sites that are controlled by those attacks. At the time of writing, Mal/Iframe-V is loading malicious scripts that Sophos products block as Troj/ExpJS-BM and Troj/ExpJS-BO.

And then, which systems are affected which to my surprise included Mac as stated by them here.

In all the time I have used a Mac and anti-virus, I have never had one pop up from browsing a site, or otherwise using the computer which was made with Mac in mind. It is fun though, to see it catch Windows viruses out in the wild from time to time.

So, is it wise to use antivirus on the Mac? I think so. For you? Maybe not, but for me, I am glad to say I did in this case. :)

I don't think I want to include the link to the infected site here, but if you do a Google Image Search for Circuit Board and then look for the risingsunofnihon as the source, you are in the right direction. GO AT YOUR OWN RISK!

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It looks like the malicious scripts it downloads (Troj/ExpJS-BM and Troj/ExpJS-BO) will not run on a Mac. Only Windows.

I have an Antivirus software (ESET Cybersecurity) but I use it on my Mac not to protect my Mac but my work/office files I work with at home. This way I don't spread any viruses at work which uses Windows machines.

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